Lieberman: Erdogan following in footsteps of Goebbels
Ilana Curiel
Published: 21.08.13, 14:37
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1. its ironic
anton ,   istanbul   (08.21.13)
this man reminds me of erdoğan in a way :)
2. Well said, MK Liberman! Nu Bibi?
Israeli ,   The Galilee, Israel   (08.21.13)
I don't often agree with Lieberman but this time he is absolutely right! Its a pity that our Prime Minister is allowing Erdogan to vilify our country and has adopted a "business ass usual policy" while Turkish Airspace is closed to Israeli airlines but our airspace is open to Turkish Airlines and other airlines flying the Turkish flag. Israelis who want to go to Antalya should have to fly to Cyprus and then fly to Turkey!
3. Bibi is for new elections...
Dina ,   USA   (08.21.13)
4. Good for Lieberman. Spot on ! Any
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.21.13)
minute now Netanyahu will be apologising and crawling and being treated with the contempt he deserves as PM
5. Lieberman is right
Brod ,   USA   (08.21.13)
Erdogan is a Nazi stirring AntiSemitism in the region and the world. Blaming Islamist-Jihadist upheavals in the region is nothing but Nazism that ultimately led to the Holocaust in WWII. The Freedom-loving people of Turkey and the professional military should defend Turkey from Tyrants like Erdogan. Erdogan has been imprisoning Generals. It is time for payback.
6. Bravo Liberman
Mark Bernadiner ,   Pearland, USA   (08.21.13)
Erdogan is genetic Nazi; his government is a copy-cat of Hitler's one.
7. Israel and the Jews must not sleep......
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (08.21.13)
In the 1920s -1930s Jews in Europe was slumbering till deaths came prematurely to many. Many Jews who was in the army survive better than the civilians Jews. If I'm a Jew today I will condition and prepared myself to fight to the last drop of my blood. And I will not trust on others to decide my fate! They are all out trying to destroy you the Jews!!! Be prepare!!! With today technology 1 can fight against 1,000!!!! I have to ask God why must it be that way for the Jews? And Avigdor Lieberman is right! May be he will agree with me that there are many "mr Erdogan Goebbels" in EU and UN too! God bless Israel
8. Erdogan Mixtureof worst of Islam & wo!rst of Germany!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (08.21.13)
It is to do with him being too thick to realize that the Turkish Past as Islamic Ottoman Empire has long finished and also as an Ally of Germany in 2 World Wars they were crushed both times. He should go back to school and take some medication to help him calm down!
9. Hot dog legs are more credible than Erdogen.
Ypip ,   Canada   (08.21.13)
10. Erdogan's Brain oes not comprehend basic LOGIC!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (08.21.13)
Here is an example in his daily life: ============================ Erdogan meets a friend (A). Erdogan to A: "What have you been up to lately?" A: "I have been attending LOGIC Classes." Erdogan: "What is LOGIC?!" A: "It is difficult to explain, however, I will give you an example." Erdogan: "Ok." A: "Do you have an aquarium in your house?" Erdogan: "Yes!" A: "Logic tells us that you must have FISH in your house!" Erdogan: "Can you give me another example please so that I fully understand it?" A: "Sure!; Are your children well looked after and you have a happy home life?" Erdogan: "Yes!" A: "LOGIC tells us that you have a Good Wife!" Erdogan says: "NOW, I do understand, thank you!" =========================== Sometime later Erdogan meets B who is a mutual friend with A. =========================== B: "Have not seen A in a long time!" Erdogan: "He is attending LOGIC classes." B: "What is LOGIC!?" Erdogan: "I will give you an example; Do you have an aquarium in your house?" B: "No!" Erdogan: "LOGIC tells us that your wife must be a whore!!!" Have a nice day our Turkish Friends! Get rid of this clown!
11. Erdogan is showing that he fears he is next in line.
Yanky Pipchick ,   Baltimore   (08.21.13)
I gave Morsi 1 year. I was right. -- I give Erdogan 1 more year and the Turks will have their uprising and dispose of this Islamo-Fascist.
12. Erdogan knows he's next
Dan   (08.21.13)
The Turkish people and army are watching Egypt and realizing they too can undo the Islamist takeover-by-elections perpetrated on their country. Erdogan is preparing the world for a brutal response by portraying his opponents as Israeli agents. No one buys it, Recip, so wave goodbye.
13. Turkey forfeited its European entry pass option...
Andy ,   Manchester, UK   (08.21.13)
it just does not belong here. It merely is a levantine country. Re; Goebbels, maybe. But Turkish style, Turkish efficiency. Nothing to worry about...
14. 10
anton ,   istanbul   (08.21.13)
with that logic we are not friends son of cyrus :)
15. Give Erdogan a break all he is doing is his job
zionist forever   (08.21.13)
When he blamed Israel for the fighting in Egypt he was just following regional policy. When the arab & muslim governments have had problems in the past they have said that Israel is behind it in an attempt to deflect attention from their own failings. Erdogan has got alot of political problems at home and he is fighting to keep his job so he is doing what is expected of him and blaming the fighting in Egypt on Israel in the hope the people will focus their anger on Israel rather than him. I am wondering how long it will be before Zouabi supports Erdogan and agrees Israel is at fault.
16. #7 Can You Do Me a Favour?
Bob Cassidy   (08.21.13)
Can you make aliyah permanently?
17. It is True
Bob Cassidy   (08.21.13)
The fact that Israel and the US are denying it and condemning Erdogan so quickly means it must be true. Lieberman is a funny man-he spits out funny things
18. Anton take one and slam to the other
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (08.21.13)
You know what they say - al birini vur otekine - this applies to both Erdogan and Liberman. However there is a big difference between Turkey and Israel about how to deal with them. In Israel people (at least most) are better educated and eventually drop them in elections while in Turkey Edogan has been in power for 12 years and it seems to me that he will be in power in one form or another fr another 10. (If not PM president, if not both then will find way to be the party elderly leader who dictates his ways to the PM and President.) I hate to say that but the logic that Son of Cyrus mentioned indeed applies to Erdogan.
19. Erdogan's REAL target
Anadelfos ,   Athens, Greece   (08.21.13)
Everybody can understand the importance of Morsi's goverment for Turkey.The use of Israel as supposed to be responsible for Morsi's overthrow, aims to incite more hatred against Sisi.In this way Morsi's fanatic supporters will have an extra reason to protest and fight against the current egyptian goverment.Neither Erdogan believes his accusations, but he focuses on the Muslim Brotherhood members.
20. Erdogan
Michael ,   Toronto,Canada   (08.21.13)
..but he is BOgus's friend and Turkey cont. to be a member of NATO.Isn't it disgusting and saying something about his friends?
21. #2
Dennis ,   NJ   (08.21.13)
Israelis who want to go to Antalya should have their heads examined. Granted, we are not loved (as Israelis and as Jews) in many places, but being an Israeli in Turkey, in my opinion, is asking for trouble. It may be a cheap vacation, but every time i hear Turkey, I think of Midnight Express......
22. Eir Dog An only friend is Venezuela's president.
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (08.21.13)
Not long time ago we saw him kissing Ahmadinajihad, Nasrallah, Assad and Haniya from Gaza. Now all these left him and the only friend supports him is Venezuella's president. Wake up people in Turkey you are led by a lunatic.
23. #21: Yes, I agree but thousands of Israelis don't!
Israeli ,   The Galilee, Israel   (08.21.13)
Many say "Well, I could could get killed in a terrorist attack in Israel or in Bulgaria!"Many of the Israeli tourists in Turkey are Israeli Arabs. Israel is a free country and we freedom of choice. Israelis are even going to Sinai at the moment in spite of the warnings. We just hope they will come home in one piece. As for Jews and Israelis "not being loved in many places" well are the Jews in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the South America and countries "loved" or are just tolerated? I think we all know the answer but close our eyes to it.
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion.   (08.21.13)
25. #14 Anton
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (08.21.13)
Dear Anton, I am sorry you feel that way, nothing personal. It was more in the way of humour than anything else! I have been to Turkey 3 times and really liked it very much over there. I have a couple of Persian Turkish Friends from Azarbijan with whom I have been friends for many years. I also have a Turkish friend from Istanbul in Los Angeles who is a University Professor over there and we met through our mutual interest which is Chess and I love Mustafa as he is a wonderful human being and we still keep in touch although I am back in UK. The fact remains that Mr Erdogan has been acting irrationally and playing dirty politics. Turkey is a very important country as the gateway between Asia & Europe and has to find the right balance between the 2 cultures. Turkey should be advocating Islam as preached by Moulana Jalal-e-din better known in the West instead of supporting the likes of Morsi and MB ideology. Please take it look at this link to know what I am saying:
26. 25
anton ,   istanbul   (08.21.13)
those 2 poems were inspiring and really beyong beautiful, cellaettin rumi as we call him in turkey was a man ahead of his time appearntly even ahead of us now:) i was alitle sarcastic in my comment and urged caution is all ,thats why i put smile at the end i dont know how many times i have told here statements of erdoğan or davutoglu will always be in same kind people of turkey has their own opinions of arabs and israelis,as a turk even im laughing to him somtimes for such statements the day u guys stop payin attention to him will be the day he will keep quiet and his words only binds him even thou he is head of state , politics itself is drty everywhere in world liess deception its what they r paid to do, erdoğan is opportunist guy for his personal agenda he ll do and say many things, turkey is one thing erdoğan is another this very important to remember if you knew turkish i would send you a video about yunus emre with many poems in it absolutly brilliant poet cheers :)
27. #17 Yeah, truth is funny sometimes
A ,   Belgium   (08.21.13)
but it still remains the truth.
28. Erdogan worst Ataturk dream
Ariely Shein ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.22.13)
NOT ATTATURK LEGACY! Islamist Iran revolution – Erdogan Turkey Islamist evolution. -- 1: Reporters Without Borders report : “Turkey is the world’s biggest prison for journalists — a sad paradox for a country that portrays itself a regional democratic model.” 2 :During the Turkey 2013 Massive demonstrations against Erdogan Islamic government, Erdogan blamed the Jews of orchestrating the demonstrations. 3 :Erdogan said that Hamas, Hisbullah terror organizations are his sister parties. note what is included in Hamas charter: ”The day of judgment will not come until Moslems fight killing the Jews." 4:Erdogan supports the Turkish IHH organization. *Danish Institute for international Studies and French intelligence report. IHH is connected to Al Qaeda.In IHH offices in EU countries explosives, terror instruction manuals, weapons, explosive documents and money funding terrorists have been founded. *IHH was connected to the Islamist terror attack attempt at Los Angeles Airport *Erdogan was funded several times by IHH. 5:Erdogan blames Israel of being responsible for the turmoil in Egypt 6:Erdogan wrote, directed and played the lead role in the play Maskomya, which presented Judaism as evil. 7: Erdogan blames PKK are subcontractors of Israeli supported international media. ----- Tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who are you!!! Zig Hail
29. Place in Palestine called Israel
peter vojta ,   czech republic   (08.22.13)
Fact is - and most of people around the globe know, that it is israels regime acting and perfecting Goebbles propaganda day by day..... When people like Lieberman, Netanyahu open their mouth, World is only waiting for another ....
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