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Rights groups: Gaza justice system broken
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Published: 21.08.13, 18:07
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1. Traditions call for executions?
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (08.21.13)
Same with religious, say ideological traditions? Because their ideology also demands murdering Jews. And with such palestinian personalities Israel should discuss peace?
2. Mohamad was sick and so are his co-religionists
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (08.21.13)
3. It is not only Gaza. The death penalty is applicable in the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.21.13)
West Bank under the Palestinian Authority, and the most disgusting element of it is the penalty for selling privately owned land by an Arab to a Jew is punishable by death. Yet, the "rights" groups are silent about the racist nature of the law and its deadly aspect. I suggest the "rights" group check the land laws of the Palestinian Authority if they question my observation!!
4. wild beasts
5. Religious tradition from the religion of peace
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (08.21.13)
6. Nothing costs Hamas more abroad than its executions
Bitcoin Li ,   USA   (08.21.13)
Many people in many countries support the Palestinians but are unable to support Hamas as long as it executes its own citizens.
7. If Human Rights Watch is watching the Middle East
Mark ,   London, UK   (08.21.13)
They'll need to employ a lot more staff! Are there any examples of good practice with respect to human rights in the Arab world?
8. #3 but to be fair
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.21.13)
unlike the State of Israel, at least they get a trial before being killed. For many Palestinians the first they know they have being accused of crimes is when a rocket falls on their heads
9. Who's watching Texas?
Daniel ,   Tel aviv   (08.21.13)
Or for that matter any number of US States. Who is preventing the "honour killings" across Muslim culture? Who is watching Russia and the murder of gays there? Human Rights abuses abound. No reason to single out Gaza
10. Torah calls for capital punishment
Devorah   (08.21.13)
but we sit on our hands instead of dispatching evildoers to their rightful place in hell.
11. split, Jarda, World Citizen, Cameron, Non-Jewish Immigrant..
...Elsie (the non Jewish woman in Gush Halav), Salma, Edithann, John R, Dave (from Brazil), snag, Tomek (from Poland), Konrad (from Poland), Bertram (from UK) - where are you guys? Will you protest the injustices in Gaza? Will you protest the fact that Gaza is "Judenrein" and that Arabs of Gaza kill each other in hundreds every year? I guess not - it's not possible to hate Jews in this case since no Jews are involved.
Mordechai ,   Manchester, UK   (08.21.13)
Israel and Hamas-run Gaza are de facto at war. They both commit acts of war. The article is about the Hamas justice system. Compare that to the Israeli justice system, if you will.
13. #6 - or bombs their own citizens when qassams fall short
William ,   Israel   (08.22.13)
or use money for weapons instead of building infrastructure, or commit war crimes against israeli citizens, or.... not many supporting Hamas these days, is there? Except those who are really Anti-Israel.
14. #8 Evenbiggerclown
Tahl   (08.22.13)
Let's compare apples to apples shall we? The Palestinians' “justice” system executes its own people, and often these barbarians parade with the dead bodies in the streets. How would the Palestinians treat their equivalent of Vaanunu, or Anat Kam? One would shudder at the thought. In sharp contrast, the Israelis do not execute anyone (there is no death penalty) and certainly do not engage in such barbaric acts. As for execution of the enemy without a trial, then yes – indeed Israel eliminates rocket launching terrorists and gunmen without a trial, as they are about to shoot at Israelis. But interestingly enough, most of these good folks take extreme precautions and hide themselves – maybe they do it because they know they have a good reason to hide? Now let’s look at the victims on the other side. Was the slain Fogel family charged with any crime, let alone convicted – before a Palestinian murderer butchered them in cold blood?
15. Public Executions and Gazan High Culture
HZ ,   USA   (08.22.13)
And exactly who is surprised by these results?
16. to #8 rockets fall on sderot, your rang is off.
ghostq   (08.22.13)
17. Hamas praises Human Rights orgs when it suits them
Jrebecca ,   Modiin   (08.22.13)
and ignores them when it wants to. And the Human Rights organisations dont know they're being used.
18. Nothing is wrong with the dead penalty, if only
jdl   (08.22.13)
it is really sure that the executed person is guilty of crimes that justify this punishment. Death penalty is NOT in the first place a matter of deterrence, but of pure Justice, in the case of capital crimes. Sadly, justice is often distorted at the hands of the human rights advocates. By the way, in the past Hamas executed its political opponents, often after false allegations (such as collaboration with Israel) and a mock trial.
19. No,pubblic only are helpless,i do not agree..
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.22.13)
Sorry,but like for the Nazi e Fascism regim,people do not agree,but are fearfull and hopless of a " few bad man" ruling people life with terror and foce,the power of weapons and arrogance.Like in many regimis,the people do not like what they see day by day,but there is not much you can do about.In Nazi e Fascism Germany and Italy,people did not like it,they had to submitt becouse they were helpless
20. to #19 not in Gaza, they r not afraid of Hamas
ghostq   (08.22.13)
they have other choices, but they chose hamas, this isn't Europe, most of them r bedouins and nowdays they have bad time due to Egypt policy of terrorism caused by the same bedouins in Sinai, in Egypt they would be even poorer - no food no selter and there is anarchy, so they immigrated to gaza at least there Israel gives food as humanitarian aid. in Egypt they got nothing and even less. so now and again pro pali blured out that they r bedouins, it doesn't stop them from calling themselves paletinians. for real.
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