Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at north
Ynet reporters
Published: 22.08.13, 16:50
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1. Hizbolah desperation
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.22.13)
Soon there will be a no fly zone in Syria. They will get their asses handed to them on a platter. They are testing us to see if they can cause a distraction.
2. Talahoon hASSan Aji Aji, Kifuk?
are you out of your rat hole to take charge and teach those Pesky IDF Soldiers a terrorists dream? If I were you hASSan i would be looking over my shoulder, even in your Safe Little Hole In The Ground!!!!!
3. israel invades Lebanon,
USA   (08.22.13)
Lebanon responds to jewish invasion
4. To the Lebanese we say: Watch it! Otherwise we'll do, as we
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.22.13)
have done with Gaza: we'll mercilessly build BIGGER & Better shelters for our brave citizens!! That'll make them think twice, don't you agree?
5. diversion
yair ,   rehovot   (08.22.13)
any time the world reacts at the cruel acts of the Assad regime, the puppets in beirut create a diversion to swift the world's attention to the Israeli reaction which will undoubtedly follow this attack. Brotherhood??
6. And so goes the saying
Chaim ,   Arad   (08.22.13)
You give us prisoners for piece talks, we will give you rockets.
7. Talks continue as "Palestinians" try to mass murder us!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.22.13)
Let nothing stop "peace talks" aimed at turning Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Not unleashing mass murderers against Israelis. Not even murderous rocket attacks against Israeli cities by "Palestinians". No other state, in all of world history, has had such pathetic leadership.
8. Whoever fired, Lebanon is responsible!
David ,   The Galilee, Israel   (08.22.13)
Lebanon is a sovereign state and must be responsible and held to be responsible for these rocket attacks! If Israelis have to go into bomb shelters and secure rooms the there is no reason why the people in Lebanon should not have to do the same! Of course the inevitable will happen. Obama, Kerry, Cameron and Hague will call for restraint! After all, its only Israeli lives, ARABS and Jews, that are being threatened! Yes President Obama, Arabs!
9. Proportionality
We should reply with 4 dambuster rockets aimed at Nasrallah shelter
10. Cowards strike again
Sam ,   Canada   (08.22.13)
Israel's enemies consist of a bunch of girlie-men who fire at civilians, run for their lives and then brag about their accomplishments from their bunkers. No wonder they get nowhere.
11. A second Assad Threat after Sarin
12. the Roger Waters of the world is to blame
k ,   US   (08.22.13)
any blood that happens to the Israelis is on the hands of the Roger Waters of the world, these people make it so that the Arabs and all of the Israelis enemies are allowed to do whatever they want
13. Just how the 2006 war started!
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.22.13)
14. #3 Jews?
Hate to break it to ya, But there are druzes, arabs and Christians in the IDF? Loser Wrong Again!!!! Yella abu zib
15. A foreign country attacks Israel...
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.22.13)
and the world yawns. Rockets rain down on Israeli towns and the EU and the UN have nothing to say. One would think the IDF would have something to say.... You know where Nasrallah is hiding, just go do it.
16. Nothing to see - move along
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.22.13)
What's another Arab war crime or thousand. The world will ignore this too. Now if the JOOOOSSSSS!!! build an apartment in their capital - the EU, US, and UN will be all over that. Lebanon is not a sovereign country, they have three governments and at least 3 different armies
17. Lebanese non-sovereignty
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.22.13)
You have rockets being fired from "Lebanese" territory, and the Lebanese head of state condemning it! This is not even the pretense of sovereignty anymore.
18. It was my house....
Avril ,   Western Galilee   (08.22.13)
that was hit by the Ketusha rocket this afternoon - windows, doors, garden and car were damaged in the blast which was a few steps away from the front door. The missile fell on the road between an apartment building and my house - Baruch HaShem no one was injured and damage to buildings do not count. They are just buildings but these bricks are our homes and we are not going anywhere. The cowards who shoot rockets at children playing in the street, are not human - IDF time to get rid of the vermin.... Yesterday, we were playing with the children in the very same lounge at the same time as the bomb blast today - the same lounge today without doors, windows and bomb blasts in the walls and by the Grace of HaShem the children were visiting Tel Aviv today. Thank you HaShem for this miracle. Afterall, it was only bricks, glass and cement that was damaged in the blast........
19. #15, Agree
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.22.13)
And it might be time to test the bunker-buster on Nasrallah's bunker...
20. I am sorry, Israelis
Ana Lubnani Rhakour ,   Beirut Lebanon   (08.23.13)
Please, we Lebanese want peace but some crazies among us want war...
21. It's 8 years since Iron Dome was designed, 5 in production
Miron ,   USA   (08.23.13)
The only reason Israel has only 1 single battery to meet the rockets in the North is not evel Jee - Hoding or Jee - Flying It the Yahoo - yeeing in PM seat, who blocked single handedly viable Israel defence measures for the sake of... nothing. Because safe Israel makes poor play for dividing Ierushalaim ( his pension fund ). Mistakes are made to be corrected. Remoe Netanayhoo, now.
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