Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox tourism flourishing
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Published: 28.08.13, 08:04
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1. Is this the time where they train to harass the seculars?
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, ON, CA   (08.28.13)
Vacation time is also the time the Hareidim practise their stone throwing, their display window breaking and their harassment skills, all to prepare to go to war with the seculars. With the holidays coming up soon, they will need to be ready to protest vigourously when the archaeologists uncover something and the frummies say it's a body. They will have to stock up on red paint for their super soakers to spray paint secular girls who dress immodestly. Vacation time is very useful. I'd love to uncover their secret training camps in order to shut them down.
2. #1 Don't know if that's when they train
Howard Crane ,   CA, USA   (08.28.13)
But it surely must be when you get to practice your hatred for fellow Jews. "The Hareidim Are Our Misfortune!" - Right?
3. #1
Sane   (08.28.13)
You sound like a most unpleasent person
4. I am not a hater
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, ON, CA   (08.28.13)
There is a saying: love the sinner, hate the sin. I am not a Hareidi basher. They can be as religious as they want. But (and this is crucial) I do not want them preaching to me about how imperfect I am. There are bad Hareidim (or possibly Hareidi wannabes) who do bad things. I am against them. Guys who spray paint other people's property, who break plate glass windows, who riot at the drop of a hat, who harass women. I am also against their silent sympathizers, the folks who wouldn't commit violence or vandalism themselves, but secretly admire those who do. Recently on an Israeli bus, a secular belted a Hareidi who harassed a female passenger and gave him "what fer". I'll shut up when a fellow Hareidi stops a bad Hareidi from vandalizing property or harassing a woman and is willing to stand up and be counted. I have yet to see it. If any of the above makes me a "hater", then I'm proud of it.
5. #1 and #4
Dennis ,   nj   (08.28.13)
Fortunately, the nasty ones are in the small minority.While many orthodox despise us non-orthodox, most of them are happy to live their lives as they do, and dont bother me. In fact, many of them are genuinely very nice folks. I had the privelege of serving in the IDF with MANY "Yeshiva buchers" who were wonderful guys. As tolerant towards us "Chilonim" as we were to them. And I learned a lot of Yiddish from them to boot!
6. Watching Harediot kicking back, dancing and singing.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.28.13)
I derive great pleasure from it. I hide under the bed in the room where Harediot do it. Some of them can actually move and hold a tune, wow. I even stop my Torah studies for the time I watch those women, could you believe?
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