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Iran: Terrorist attacks in Lebanon play into 'Zionist' hands
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Published: 24.08.13, 10:17
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1. Since when Tripoli is in Lebanon???
TC   (08.24.13)
"n the Lebanese city of Tripoli" Hey Ynet, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Who's writing this article and also who checked it before publishing??
2. TC you idiot there are two Tripolis
Sassy geographist   (08.24.13)
TC you idiot, open wiki before trashing editors with way more knowledge and expernice then you FYI, from wiki, there are two tripolis: "(Libya's) Tripoli is also known as Tripoli-of-the-West , to distinguish it from its older Phoenician sister city Tripoli, Lebanon known in Arabic as Ṭarābulus al-Sham meaning "Levantine Tripoli". "
3. "S, UN urge calm, condemn Tripoli, Lebanon attack"
David ,   The Galilee, Israel   (08.24.13)
WOW! I am sure that those who did this and kill people every day, be it in Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries where Martyrdom in the name of Islam is worshiped, are shaking in their boots! The UN has become a useless and corrupt body which, in all its history, has NEVER prevented war. All it has done is encourage "Militants" to kill, maim and destroy because of its ineffectiveness! TIME TO SHUT THE UN DOWN!
4. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.13)
Tripoli is in Lebanon, asshole. Just the same way there is a "Bethlehem" in Pennsylvania. Wake up and smell the coffee, can't you?
5. Civil War
LJH ,   Canada   (08.24.13)
May AQ and Hez duke it out to the last man standing. They deserve each other.
6. To: 4
What could possibly justify your crude words?
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