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Poll: Americans strongly oppose US intervention in Syria
Published: 25.08.13, 09:12
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1. It's a regional problem.
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (08.25.13)
Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia has more than enough military power to handle Assad. Why should the US spill it's blood and deplete it's treasure. Americans are tired of war and we are broke. We have to cut off all aid to all nations and re-focus that money on keeping the worlds strongest military and building up our internal energy and infrastructure. We should also cut our expenses to the UN that accounts for more than 25 percent of it's budget. Let the Russian and Chinese, Eurowimps, Israeli's fill the vacuum. Our standard of living and earning power is far more important than endless global conflicts. If the UN and regional countries don't act, why should we. The bottom line most friends and foes hate us, so why should we do jack shit for anybody. If we became a neutral and an isolated power, we would gain more respect. We need to go back to the days of speaking softly but carry's a big stick.
2. 1 why do you post on an israeli zionist site?!
CJK   (08.25.13)
go post on an american website and tell your president to stop bullying israel.
3. The empirical evidence
Devorah   (08.25.13)
against Obama's interventions in the internal conflicts of other countries almost assures a negative outcome regarding Syria. It is already bad enough that he is arming AQ rebels with weapons that he knows can be used against Israel. He needs to erase his red line, shut up and keep his nose out of the ME where he has done nothing but cause damage.
4. #1 you are right
You should stop intervening. Why did you guys invade Kuwait? Why did you topple Mossadeq, and later the Shah? Why did you destroy Libya? Why did you topple Mubarak? Why are you supporting Jihad in Syria? Why are you forcing Israel to surrender to PLO? The problem is that someone is paying your politicians to further their own interests and sacrifice American interests.
5. Syrian civilians need help desperately
Mike ,   London   (08.25.13)
Let Erdogan rise to the challenge rather than endlessly lecturing the world about morals. I agree - why should the US do all the dirty work whilst all the oil rich Arab countries hold the world hostage? Western world save your weapons for the two big evils in the world - Iran and north Korea.
6. These polls are saying:
Israeli 2   (08.25.13)
Obama does not interfere. Obama is happy and he will do nothing. That is America for you.
7. 5000 soldiers already dead in senseless conflict in ME...
miki ,   tampa   (08.25.13)
Fighting a war for all the wrong reasons for people who never asked them to come to pump up the ego of an American Presidents family- why not add another 5000? Ask the families of those who died. America has suffered enough dead heroes.
8. #1 The US is built on international conflicts
What was the US before WWI? It was like you say " neutral and an isolated ", but not a power. It is the constant interfering in everyone's business that makes a country into a power. " neutral and an isolated " will turn the US into a country of wusses pushed by everyone, and probably invaded by the Russians demanding Alaska back. Keep hiding under the bed - that's a very smart strategy. There was never a president as pathetic as Buraq in the history of the US
9. Yankees Go Home
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (08.25.13)
American military force is not welcome here at all...
10. Let The Israelis Fight Their Own Wars
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.25.13)
It's time for the United States to stop losing blood and treasure for the benefit of Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. And thankfully the Americans are beginning to see what is up. They've had enough of the madness and frankly they are broke. It's also time for Israelis to realise that all the trouble they are instigating throughout the Middle East will come back to haunt them. The general thinking is as long as they are fighting among themselves they won't come for us. Maybe it works today but this is erroneous thinking. One day a movement will arise throughout the Muslim world and they will come in mass against your nation. Your nuclear weapons will not save you. Neither will the rest of the world. Israel as a Jewish state was the biggest mistake of the 20th century. Not many will mourn its passing and Jews will have no one to blame but themselves.
11. # 10 Why don't you tell the USA.....
Ivan ,   South Africa   (08.25.13)
to bring the oil price down to $5 a barrel,then your Muslim brothers wont be able to afford any wars..
12. We must keep out
American Hindu ,   USA   (08.25.13)
This is a problem that the Arab and Islamic world must solve. We cannot help. We will only get blamed for what ever happens next. We should take care of US interests first. We need to take care of our veterans, and our economy. We have not the resources for another war.
13. Dear # 10
American Hindu ,   USA   (08.25.13)
Dear # 10, Are you blaming Israeli "instigation" for all the problems in the Middle East? You are really in denial, are you not? It is easy to blame Israel, than to blame yourselves for the mess. Israel is a very small nail from which to hang so many bloody coats, do you not think?
14. WC # 10
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.25.13)
If Americans are beginning to see what you are seeing they are idiots. Israel as a Jewish state is the best thing that has happened in the 20th century. Israel isn't going anywhere and will live to see your passing and mine easily. It's here to stay.
15. Good talkbacks from Americans...
TaylorT ,   Earth   (08.25.13)
...of course the Israelis are divided between half berating the US for getting involved and the other half berating the US for not getting involved enough. Typical. It is far past time for Daddy America to kick the kids out. And no immature child has overstayed her welcome more than Israel.
16. Nor would Americans support intervening to help Israel
bobk ,   orlando usa   (08.25.13)
Israel fights its own wars but if it ever happened that we needed the US the help would probably not be given if it required intervention. Americans would say - why is this in America's interest, there is no oil. Therefore all those who urge Israel to "take brave steps for peace" i.e. give land to Palestinians who refuse to accept Israel's legitimacy, should be ignored. Their claims, like Obama's, to 'have Israel's back' or the EU's supposed support for Israel are worthless. All of this is crystal clear to Netanyahu and most Israelis.
17. # 10 one word comes to mind
arne ,   chicago usa   (08.26.13)
when reading your comment. ENVY, and there is no greater hate then that.
18. Survey Polls Along the Yellow Brick Road
ltrail ,   United States   (08.30.13)
Reuters/Ipsos survey shows whatever you want the survey to show. Only 1448 people participated in the survey. The survey doesn't even show the demographics, the locales, nor what questions were really asked. Now that there is a "smoking gun", it would be interesting to see a new Reuters survey results.
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