Syrian rebels' senior official says Israel must urge intervention
Roi Kais
Published: 25.08.13, 23:36
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1. What Israel needs to do.
Uzziel   (08.26.13)
As a jihadi "israeli" arab said in this same web, once the rebels establish a Syrian state under the sharia law they will turn their attention against Israel. So all Israel needs to do is to seat quietly and watch how both criminal factions bleed each other to the oblivion. Lets hope the Kurds will be safe in this arab-muslim orgy of blood.
2. How to improve ratings for dummies..War
Pasquinel.Canada   (08.26.13)
3. syrian opposition leader
i truly believe, as an israeli, that jews and israel never had any death intentions or hate for arabs in syria. to the contrary, jews in israel suffered continuously from syria, it's proxy hizbullah and the hand that rules it all, iran. not to mention the wars that syria aggressively started against israel. israel is not a super power in any way and is not in a position to defend any of the syrian people. they do the little that they can by treating your wounded on the israeli border as well as wounded refugees and accepting some into the galili. apart from that, which is meager, israel is in no position to intevene in syria at all because if it does so, the outcome won't be good. you arabs have a damn if israel does and damn in israel doesn't mentality. why don;t you ask your arab brothers to help. i'll give you a clue: saudi arabia, egypt, lebanese army, iraq, jordan, uae, kuwait, etc... etc....etc... after all, all the above were very useful in you arabs attacking israel in its first year of existence. for once, practice it on yourselves as well.
4. my uneducated opinion
nyc usa   (08.26.13)
is that the world (western world) is sick of the middle east, arabs and jews alike. they will not lift a finger to help the arabs - since they are a garbled mess of humanity, and they will subsequently not lift a finger to help the jews. well that part is evident based on recent history. now it's a joke that the syrian rebel forces - whoever the hell they are- are asking israel to intervene on their behalf. so the jews should help the sunnis so that afterwards they can concentrate on destroying israel. all this while obama, kerry, cameron, hollande sit and watch and say oh my isn't that just a shame.
5. The rebels must also show good faith.
Bartley Kulp ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.26.13)
For starters from declaring from the get go that they wish to live in peace with the Jewish state of Israel. Yell it from the roof tops so all can hear.
6. World powers always suit own agenda
I believe it is too dangerous for the west now to appear a pushover, after Obama put up a white flag , and kisses King Abdulla's hands and the MBs arse, so they will act. That is the reason to go to war, not 1300 Syrian. If they let 120,000 die with no action, why have a conscience for 1300???
7. Rebels hate Israel too
American Hindu ,   USA   (08.26.13)
The Sunnis hate Israel no less than do the Shias. They just want the West to do their dirty work. Why do the Turks, Qatris, and Saudis not take care of the mess they began?
8. lot of chutzpah for any arab to ask
Barney ,   USA   (08.26.13)
anything of Israel who they preach death to all day long. they aid Israel's enemies. now all of a sudden Israel should help. I agree with number 3. if the arabs can ever agree on anything besides hatred of Israel let them to agree to seek a helping hand at the end of their arm. Israel has much to lose but the outcome of this conflict makes no difference. There are no Israel lovers in either camp so the best thing is to sit tight and let the Israel haters take care of each other.
9. ANNEX BABY ANNEX! Israel's best response.
ANNEX BABY ANNEX   (08.26.13)
Annexing the Golan is the most powerful message Israel can get across to all factions in Syria and beyond. This would be our best response, a political one. No one in Europe or the US would utter a credible peep. Now is the hour when we must say goodbye to any conceivable negotiations on the Golan.
10. What's in it for Israel?
TINSC ,   Fairbanks, AK   (08.26.13)
Will the rebels make peace with Israel unconditionally? I think not. What makes them think that Israel can convince anyone to do anything on their behalf? If they aren't willing to announce their intention to end the war between Syria and Israel, they give no motivation for Israel to do anything on their behalf. OTOH, if the rebels were to say that they would end the war against Israel without any preconditions, they might prove to be a force for peace in the region. I'm not holding my breath. These "rebels" need to get with the program and demonstrate that they're willing to BUILD instead of destroy.
11. Hey Sure, No problem!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (08.26.13)
would you also like some Hummus with that? how about a nice pallywood movie to go along with it, so you can watch something while enjoying your Hummus?
12. Arabs have no sense of real honor but lot of sense of humor!
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.26.13)
13. Syrian rebels appeal to Israel to intervene
Nadya ,   California, USA   (08.26.13)
Come on, this article so smells of Israeli hasbara.
14. syrian war.
Joseph Effiong ,   calabar - Nigeria   (08.26.13)
Is it good for the whole world keeping silence and watch thousands dying in syria because of russia, iran and china. Remember next could be you. But the opposition should know the long silence may be caused by the terror/violence nature of Islam who don't want to see Christians in particular or any other religious sects due to their Islamic mentality.
15. Israel does not have to prove nothing to the Syrian people
Rachel ,   US   (08.26.13)
This rebel is confused. He should be the one having to prove to Israel he is not associated with terrorists.
16. Sunni warriors on their knees begging the infidel
Cameron ,   USA   (08.26.13)
Wretched ME. Can you really blame us for keeping our distance from this running Arab farce?
17. Support the one without nukes
Dan   (08.26.13)
Israel must choose between undermining the current Shiite Islamist threat (Iran/Hezbollah/Alawites) by supporting the rebels, and preventing a future Sunni Islamist threat (al-Nusra/Al Qaeda) by supporting Assad. In this case, possibly better the devil you don't know. At least the Sunnis don't have nukes.
18. If would only we know
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.26.13)
who is who in the Syrian war. Who eats the human hearts, who gassed hundreds of civilians including little children, who wants what from this war?
19. Staying out of the internal affairs
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.26.13)
Of other countries is a great way to prove our good intentions. This is a Syrian matter and ever since over 99% of the Jews were ethnically cleansed from Syria we have no say and should remain out of the fray
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (08.26.13)
do the job. Why should our blood be spilled for bunch of confused bunch? How about queen Abdullah? Can she put her money where her mouth is? She buys American guns every month.
21. #4 Your uneducated opinion...
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.26.13) more educated than you imagine
22. message to syrian rebels
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (08.26.13)
you are asking for help of Israel, while at the very same instant, you blame Israel for what? "giving syria 'diplomatic cover.' " israel has never given syria any diplomatic cover. you must learn that the only way you will get help from israel is if you stop demonizing israel and if you accept jewish sovereignty. otherwise, israel will continue to do only that which is in her own national security interests.
23. stay out of it
milson   (08.26.13)
israel should stay out of syrian affairs save for weapons transfer to hassan. Rebel pleas for syria have backstabber written all over them. Bibi should shut up about syria period.
24. To #5
Corey ,   Canada   (08.26.13)
Agree 100%. Of course we all know that's never going to happen.
25. Who is going to kill all the "Hardened" Jihadi after this?
yeah and I can ,   Imagine   (08.26.13)
the horror of those days. Something of Biblical proportions. Oh yes this is going to prove that the Jews are really the light of the world and nothing but death and destruction will come from Ishmael. Praise the God of Israel! His ways are perfect! and his plans from before the foundation of the earth. Like fish on a hook they come. using a bait called anger and self righteousness. God will Kill all of those Jihadi. Blood up to the bridle of a horse... I never imagined in my life time.
26. No good actors in Syria
Shep ,   Memphis, TN   (08.26.13)
I agree with #1. Israel has an interest in what is happening in Syria, but Israel has no way to influence events there short of spending her scare political resources and there is no reason Israel should do that since whomever is the last man standing in Syria is anticipated to be antaginsitic against Israel. Better to keep a low profile and try to assist the winner.
27. Speak for Bin Laden and his friends...
Miron ,   USA   (08.26.13)
28. AQ false flag chemical ops dragging West into World War 3
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN   (08.26.13)
29. If Syrians want help they need to declare that Golan Heights
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.26.13)
belongs to Israel and that they have no claim to the area once they take control of the country as they have given up on the 3 times larger Hatay/Iskunder/Alexandretta province to Turkey.
30. Assad = Saddam
Ariye ,   Mata, Israel   (08.26.13)
Help the Rebels? Are you crazy?Remember Saddam? Think Assad will not copy and send his far more potent missiles into Israel? So keep out of it Israel AND the US. Best hope, is that the rebels and the regime destroy each other.
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