Syrian rebels' senior official says Israel must urge intervention
Roi Kais
Published: 25.08.13, 23:36
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31. Arab duplicity
Chaim   (08.26.13)
Would not be surprised at all if this statement was made by Assad supporters claiming to be opposition. The hope is If Israel intervene against Assad the rebels will join Assad and turn against the common enemy. No good can come from an Israeli intervention in Syria.
32. #5 Bartley Kulp , Haifa, Israel
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (08.26.13)
Well said and to the point! If these 'REBELS' which we do not know clearly who they are, would like Israel to intervene, they must first make a statement that they accept the Jewish Homeland of Israel with Jerusalem as its capital as their neighbour. As a neighbourly gesture they please request the help of Israeli and Jewish people in particular so that peace can prevail in the area. IF NOT: Israel should not get involved in any shape, form or size apart from what it has been doing on a humanitarian level.
33. None of our business; EU & US enough
We ministered to the sick and wounded, and kept out. In return, the least we expect is some missiles against our civilian population.
34. And this from those, who a short time ago...
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.26.13)
were shouting ‘just wait, Israel, just wait Jews, you’re next’! It boggles the mind.
stude ham   (08.26.13)
who are they? and why did they mislead so many under the false pretenses of the so-called arab spring? would the Syrian people have massed in such great numbers at the beginning of all of this if they had known about the drop of the other shoe and the war lords behind this crumbling effort? Israel has been very wise to take no sides in this blood bath and to look only after its own security interests.
36. sign referendum relinquishing golan...
lemmings hotline ,   sd usa   (08.26.13)
Israel would be happy to help
37. Quid Pro Quo, Sonny Jim.
David ,   Tel Aviv   (08.26.13)
Israel doesn't *need* to do anything that doesn't have material benefits for its interests and security. What is the opposition leader offering in return for Israel expending diplomatic capital to further the Syrian rebels cause. Are they offering normalized relations without a return of the Golan? They aren't because they can't. Indeed, their fractious ranks include a significant number of militant Israel haters. Its the rebels who need to prove their bonafides to Israel. What he's asking is for Israel to back his cause knowing the odds are the Jewish state will get nothing for its effort. A response is likely coming anyways, why would Israel waste energy and capital on it when it needs it to spend on the Iran situation? After all, Israel already has over 100 Syrians in its hospitals - many of them rebels. That isn't a sign of goodwill?
38. non sense article
Maroun ,   Lebanon   (08.26.13)
i have just simple questions, what is the name of this genius? which terrorist party he belongs, Quaeda or Nosra or...? Does he likes the taste of hearts and livers? how many civilians he killed and raped (raping after killing also)? I do respect Israel (our enemy) for doing everything to secure the Israelis life and i feel shamed from the Arabs because we only kill each others and seek Israeli help. it is like sleeping with the enemy. I wish my comment will be accepted and published, not as usually after one day.
39. 13
the only smell is emanating from arabs, like you.
40. Israel does not need to prove anything !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.26.13)
It already has the last decades holding its peace albait Syrian hostility. This demand for proving Israels good Intention, is a proof of Hostility, in the same manner, as the so called Palestinian preconditions for Peacetalks. Further - The West should cripple Assads military force to the extent that, the Syrian opposition can defeat what remains. Arn.
41. #38 We are not your enemy
Tahl   (08.26.13)
This is what your leaders brainwash you with, but in reality all of us in Israel wish to have peaceful relations with Lebanon. We know what your country is capable of, and when we cooperate instead of fight, the possibilities are endless. But for this to happen, Lebanon must purge itself from the influence of Hizbullah and the other militant factions who are opposed to normalization with Israel, and adopt a more pragmatic leadership. We are not the devil you know. We are simple peace-seeking people just like you.
42. "Syrian rebels' senior official"?? even the title is wrong
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (08.26.13)
There's no such thing as Syrian rebels. There are some jihadists fighting for a Taliban state, there are jihadists fighting for an Iranian-style state, there are fighters fighting just to get rid of Assad, and there are the shia groups fighting against the alawites. So everybody is killing everybody else.
43. Very easy to commit American money and resource
Zionist forever   (08.26.13)
What I find so annoying about all these foreign governments and individuals is they are not funding any multi billion military operation or risking their soldiers. Countries like the UK & France, they know if there is a military operation whilst they will be praised for dong their bit 99% of the work was done by the US who also bared 99% of the costs. Neither Israel or anybody else has a right to demand Obama intervene in Syria especially if the majority of the American public us against it. American money, American resources, American lives DECISION FOR OBAMA TO TAKE ALONE WITHOUT OUTSIDE PRESSURE
44. #41 you are not my enemy
Maroun ,   Lebanon   (08.26.13)
When i said enemy i didn't mean the people but the state which is till now a fact we can't deny. We also seek peace and live normal life with our neighbors (noisy neighbors :)). My friend you can't look from just one angle, the IDF and Hizbollah are just action and reaction. we all need to have reasonable leaders free from religious taboos and ready for accepting others, please don't tell me that in Israel you are all angels and we are the demons.
45. to 15 Rachel
Marian ,   Romania   (08.26.13)
How could a terrorist prove he is not associated with terrorists ?
46. #44 Our state is not your enemy either
Tahl   (08.26.13)
The state of Israel and the Israeli people are the same thing. Israel is a democracy, and as such represents pretty accurately the sentiments of the Israeli people. Everything I told you in my comment (#41) you will also hear from our leaders. And the fact is, that since the year 2000 Israel has never done anything against Lebanon without prior provocation, and has tried several times to reason with and talk peace with the Lebanese government, but in Lebanon nobody was listening - instead your leaders kept their belligerent rhetoric against Israel, in line with what was dictated by Syria. Now that Syria is falling apart, is your chance to break free and act on your own best interest. Israelis are not all angels, and the Lebanese are not all demons... The only real demon in here is Hizbullah, which does bad for both of our countries. Kick them out, and we'll have peace and prosperity.
47. to Tahl
Maroun ,   Lebanon   (08.26.13)
What you said my friend is good but it is close to poetry. Lebanon and Israel didn't sign a peace armistice so officially we are still somehow in war or not in agreement, anyway let us not fall into definitions. I really respect your positive approach and intention however i believe that you are taken by your media, please look to the history and let us stick with the facts. You are saying that the "state of Israel" wants peace with Lebanon, I will ask you one question: can you put in your non existing civil constitution the borders of Israel from North is Lebanon. If i see that in a constitution i will fight Hezbollah and support your army. we can't kick Hezbollah because simply they are Lebanese like me even if i don't support their religious thoughts however i still do believe they should keep their arms until the final solution is settled in middle east (a bit related to the Palestinian in Lebanon). and to be honest with you, the history we had with Israel is not good before the presence of Hezbollah. if i want to use your logic, can i ask you to kick the extreme radical parties in Israel because they reject any peace agreement? Let us build the future together, we say in Lebanon you won't have a good friend before a big fight. We already fought, let us be friend now. cheers
48. Don't let the rebels fool you
Jbo ,   Rockledge Florida   (08.26.13)
I don't believe the Syrian gov used chemical weapons, I would say the rebels did to get other countries involved faster. That would allow the radicle Muslims to take over like they did in Egypt.
49. #9 over 30 years late
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.26.13)
We did annex the Golan in 1981.
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