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Tom Jones target of BDS pressure
Itamar Eichner
Published: 27.08.13, 07:49
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1. Enough with the crappy singers in Israel!!!
Pet Shop Boys, Paul Mc Cartney, Madonna, Roxette, Tom Jones... Only commercial singers Dai kvar with crappy singers !
2. bdSS = 1000 online signatures only. A joke
3. BDS - You are insane...
Jonathan   (08.27.13)
Seriously. Stop involving artists with your dark agenda... Israel is under a lot of pressure. You see what is happening everywhere. Hypocrite BDS.
4. BDS liars
Andi ,   UK/Israel   (08.27.13)
The BDS petition is so outrageous. It talks about Israel's "harsh blockade" of Gaza whilst it is Israel that is delivering trucks full of aid each week and Egypt that has closed its borders, but they have nothing to say about Egypt. They talk about "ethnic cleansing", whilst the Palestinian population just grows and grows. I really hope Jones doesn't fall for this cr@p, and visits the only free country in the ME , that particularly at present stands out like a beacon of civility. BDS shouldn't be allowed to get away with this, and the Israeli Consulate deserves our support.
5. An ode to William Hague
Moshe Pisher ,   Kalqualia   (08.27.13)
Oh brave brave warriors for Palestine Hypocrites showing courage asinine Rwanda Darfur,Syria,are just benign None really worthy for attempting to BDS Jews, well now ? Let's try & get rid of a mess ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Obama's America and Merkles Europe : pushing the Jewish people to a second Holocaust
6. Boycott Israel Israel - boycott Palestine!
David ,   The Galilee, Israel   (08.27.13)
An Israeli boycott, including FIRING EVERY PALESTINIAN who work for Israeli companies and employers must become law! Then BDS can raise the money to support the out of work Palestinians. The boycott of Israel must include all electronics and of course, medication and medical research. Let these boycotters find the cures for cancer, ALS, MS and other debilitating diseases in Palestine and the other Arab countries which are more interested in killing their own people!
7. tom jones has it all-great songs, good looks,& a decent guy.
debra ,   usa   (08.27.13)
he will rock Israel !
8. Even Tom Jones would not come to Israel
Expat ,   Adelaide   (08.27.13)
It would not be a real win for the BDS movement, as it is clear that he would do so not as a form of criticism against Israel, but only because of the fierce bullying and intimidation which have become a trademark of this movement. The same uncivilized and obnoxious lot who disrupt an opera show or shout out at a guest speaker and not allow him any freedom of expression. Just because Roger Waters is an idiot to fall for their insipid arguments and hatred, doesn't mean all British artists are.
9. Correction to self: "Even IF..."
Expat ,   Adelaide   (08.27.13)
10. We love you more Tom jones!
11. MYM
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (08.27.13)
Whoever heard Tom Jones singing "My Yiddishe Mamma" knows he will come to Israel.
12. BDS clowns
Eldar ,   Haifa   (08.27.13)
Syrian citizens gassed, Chinese rights activists rot in prison, gays hunted in Russia, Christian churches burn in Egypt, and these clowns spend there time writing to a Welsh singer who wants to give a concert in Tel Aviv. I'm the first to admit, Israel has many, many problems. But these "activists" have a completed demented moral compass.
13. The BDS thugs should boycott real apartheid,the Moslem world
PETER SM ,   MELBOURNE   (08.27.13)
14. Holocaust Denial and Dhimmi
Zechariah   (08.27.13)
As long as Holocaust Denial and Dhimmi Persist in Arab and Islamic Consciousness Progress will be slow .BDS if a truly progressive movement ought condemn Holocaust Denial and Dhimmi .
15. BDS=Nazis
CJK   (08.27.13)
they want to destroy the sole legitimate sovereign jewish state. chomsky is head kapo.
16. Just morons
Peter ,   france   (08.27.13)
A p├ętition on facebook has gathered"already" 1000 signatures? So what , we are 7 000 000 000 of humans (not all infortunatly) So 1000.... Of morons.. Wat does it mean ? What does it reprsesent? Just nothing, just the old soviet "agit prop "
17. Apartheid only exists in islamic countries.
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.27.13)
Those BSD activists should be granted refugee status in Saudi Arabia, just to taste the apartheid!! Any islamic country would do some repair in those twisted minds.
18. its not unusual...
er der   (08.27.13)
19. Prosecute BDS thugs as criminals they are.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.27.13)
Legendary Ex-Beatle Paul McArtney admitted BDSers threatened his life over his performance in Israel. It is ludicrous to let these thugs get away with such criminal conduct. They should be prosecuted to the limits of the law. BDSers are no different than Nazi thugs who guarded Jewish stores to assure nobody did business with Jews.
20. If he performs he will be in good company
Ron ,   oc us   (08.27.13)
Dylan, BB King, McCartney, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Eric Burdon among others. Many want to but are under pressure by the Jew haters. Those that cancelled or would like to have cancelled: Roger Waters, Elvis Costello. Dianna Krall, Costello's wife did perform in Israel. Tom if he has brains and guts will perform in Israel the only viable country in the mid east.
21. This is what will differentiate Men from boys, Tom! You have
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.27.13)
amazed me with your latest Blues & Gospel music (go on!), don't surprise me by pulling out now!!! Let Roger Waters reap fruit of his lack of "education", that he so vehemently advertised for in the 70's. Somehow you seem like a reasonable mensch/bloke, so I am betting on you.
22. disgusting racism
nadav   (08.27.13)
It's appalling that governments, celebs, intellectuals, and politicians are not speaking out this egregious racist, anti-semitic campaigns. The BDS movement has ZERO legitimacy and comprises of an alliance between far left "prgressive" leftist radicals, neo-nazis, and islamofascist jihadists- and what they all have in common is hating Jews. There has never been and currently there is NO apartheid or institutionalized racism in Israel in any form! The hate campaign of the BDS movement is deliberately disseminating false information and claims against Israel to discredit and demonize it. That is just NOT acceptable and courts should censure them for slander and libel!
23. Hopefully Tom Jones is a mensch
benjy   (08.27.13)
enough to make up his own mind. BDS idiots dont seem to be doing much about anything other than Israel bashing.....they are the apartheid racist sociapaths. Bad Demented Sociapaths.
24. changing activism
tiki ,   belgium   (08.27.13)
It's about time that the online community starts TARGETING the BDS! Expose them for what they are! Expose their lies! Expose their dubious agenda! Expose their success/ FAILURES! Expose their money sources! Expose their friends! Expose their contempt for the real victims of apartheid!!!!!! With them out of the way, simple Arab Palestinians might get a chance to a better life because of a just political solution!
25. BDS self-appointed Police
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (08.27.13)
This is how leftist/liberals like BDS show us their "love of mankind" by bullying those who do not ascribe to their hatred and prejudice. Tell us your names, oh Enlightened Ones - identify yourselves - show us your faces so we independent thinkers can laugh you off the stage.
26. #25 Why should they identify themselves to you
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.27.13)
whilst you choose to remain anonymous?
27. Musical Performance in Mecca
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (08.27.13)
featuring Waters, a specialty dirt dance # by Miley Cyrus, a speech by Alice Walker, and is complimentary via the Saudi Kingdom. LOL jus foolin'! Who's ever heard a Rock concert in Mecca? Gaza? Ramallah? BUILD MORE AND FASTER!!!!
28. to 1 : enough with morons like you in Israel. Respect them !
29. Hooray for Tom Jones !
karmel usa   (08.27.13)
I have just one question for all of the BDS phonies and Jew/Israel haters around the world: "What's New Pussycat?", Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Yasher-koach, Tom.
30. What's new, Tom Cat?
Yonatan ,   Givat Shmuel   (08.27.13)
Hmmm...what can they do, send him a 'Sex bomb?" Well, "It's not unusual."
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