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UN: Gunmen shoot at weapons experts' vehicle in Damascus
Published: 26.08.13, 14:40
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1. next time, wait till ashton enters the car
geroge   (08.26.13)
what couuld be more fitting than this israeli bashing duo of pillay and ashton who distort international law if you check with baker and levy, getting gunned down by the arabs the old british empire loved. Now they are shot at. In england's case, mobs of moslems threaten peace in the suburbs and some of them law degrees to tie up the british courts. Pillay has been single mindedly scathing about israel to the exclusion especially in proportion of arab murders of murders(500 in gaza vs 102,000 so far in syria). may the 2 of them rot in hell along with goldstone, that self-righteous shmuck. Ban ki moon, a lying weakling is not far behind.
2. Who has the Most To Lose?
tehran, basiji snipers have been in syria for how long?
3. delay so the evidence gets rotten?
ric ,   texas. usa   (08.26.13)
anyone could advise whether there is a time where the effect of the gas is erased by the bodies decomposing? that is the only reason for Syria's effort to delay the UN inspectors for so long.
4. no 1- Have you ever heard of capital letters?
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.26.13)
5. #3 please explain
About 120000 people have died in mutual warfare, more than half on Assad's side. Why is it that Obama insists on attacking the Christians, and supporting the people who gave us 9/11?
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