Syrian official: Israel 'will come under fire' if Syria attacked
Roi Kais
Published: 26.08.13, 16:47
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1. syrian threats
mofti   (08.26.13)
if syria fires game changing weapons at israel following a united naitons mission against syria, israel will destroy syria. Forget about the rebels, israel will go out to obliterate assad. Israel has nothing to do with events in syria, united states does what is it wants and israel has stayed out of your affairs short of providing some humanitarian aid. Keep this in mind- if you throw weapons at israel, she will go out to send you back to the stone age, you and all who support you.
2. What a cheek from the Syrian war criminals.
3. Bluff
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (08.26.13)
Syrians are desperate and try to bluff. They have no ability to strike against USA or Israel. Only throw stones. The russians are clever. They know that their armed forces are obsolete and so refrain any threaths.
4. And in future news...
mb   (08.26.13)
...Syrian military destroyed.
5. Idiot Bath member
X'   (08.26.13)
If Israel "comes under fire", the moron speaking for the Syrian Ba'ath party should tell his fellow party members to stick their heads between their legs and kiss their butts goodbye
6. The U.S. already has backed off
Tom W ,   USA   (08.26.13)
According to Sec.o. Defense Hagel, the U.S. won't act without international support. I posted yesterday that "O" won't dare to challenge Putin because this buffoon knows that he can only fool the "Low Information Voters" (trade word) but on the international scene he's only a light weight teleprompter reader. So chill off, nothing serious will happen.
7. The US threatens but its Israel's fault!
David ,   The Galilee, Israel   (08.26.13)
The Syrians, like all the terrorist countries, scream, shout and threaten Israel with war and annihilation. Maybe they should have a very good look at what has happened to Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon after starting with the US. OK, Obama is not Ronald Regan or either of the Bushes but the people in those countries are still being blown to bits by their OWN kind and Hezbollah still remembers its favorite warship - the USS New Jersey! Israel, doesn't and scream and shout but the huge hole in the middle of Beirut, which could have been a lot bigger if the USA, the UK and the wimpy EU had let us finish the job in 2006, serves as a very good reminder of what happens when you f*ck with the Jews! Teddy Roosevelt said "Walk softly but carry a big stick". Israel walks very softly but has a very big stick and will use it! With Russia supporting its puppet in Syria, I hope that the "pro-Russian" element in Netanyahu's Government have realized that all Lieberman's trips to Tzar Putin were a waste of time and the taxpayers money!
8. This would be extremely stupid from Assad
Mira ,   Vienna   (08.26.13)
and the beginning of his end. israel would feel free to strike the very same time the allies would start.
9. Why hasn't Sec.Council banned weapons to Assad ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.26.13)
10. This time it will happen
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.26.13)
Obama and Cameron won't back off. They need this war. They need a distraction from the financial collapse guarnateed to arrive very very soon. This time they will strike pre-emptively. GUARANTEED....
11. #5: A cornered cat make strange leaps.
Israeli 2   (08.26.13)
Not to forget: The Gazians attacked and Israel did zilch.
12. Syria will not attack Israel in response
Stephen in New York   (08.26.13)
to the coming attack because to do so will end the Alawite regime in an afternoon.
13. Syria
Walid ,   Spain   (08.26.13)
How naive the Syrian spokesman is using the typical threat of setting the whole world on fire if Syria is attacked. If Assad sends one chemical rocket to Israel, Syria will be flattened and returned to the stone age. Arabs are known to have big mouths when it comes to empty threats.
14. Galilee is going!
WAS ,   UK   (08.26.13)
Hezbollah is going to capture large chunks of the occupied Galilee region. Be prepared for this fate.
15. i'll huff and i'll puff and i'll run for cover
nyc usa   (08.26.13)
firstly - if syria tried something like that it would be the end of assad and the so-called rebels. secondly, the united states is not going to do a damn thing. you need only look at the mess obama has made in the middle east to know that. what's happening in syria now is a direct result of the incompetent fey feckless non-leadership in washington d.c. obama, "we can work with assad" kerry, "what difference does it make" "and assad is a reformer" clinton, hagel, brennan clapper, mccain, the list goes on and on know less about the muslims and the middle east as the illiterate man on the street in any town usa. this pissing contest will not end well for the arabs. i guarantee that with no help from the western world at large. as far as the europeans and un and nato are concerned, the arabs and jews can kill each other with impunity and no one will give a good god damn.
16. No Choice........
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (08.26.13)
Though we hope that war will be averted, it seems that an attack against Assad's forces is inevitable. Both the Rebels and Assad's stooges are trying to provoke Israel into a war. All of Pres. Obama's Red Lines have been crossed...he can no allow the US to sit this one out.
17. 14. The gallile ?
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (08.26.13)
No try the south. It is by foreknowledge that the IDF should protect the north with vigor.
18. Witless WAS #14
X'   (08.26.13)
Much more likely Israel will be occupying southern Lebanon and Syria with the rest of these two countries turned into radioactive lifeless parking lots. Hate to disappoint you but your terrorist criminal Islamonazi heroes are going to be obliterated.
19. #1 mofty
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.26.13)
Thou canst not kill that which doth not live. And you cannot send the Arabs back to the Stone Age. They are already living in it.
20. Dear Mr. Halef al-Muftah....
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (08.26.13)
Wrong. Your use of weapons of mass destruction against your own people has already ignited the larger war. You have already lit the fuse. It will be over before you know it has started. You have no notion of what comes your way.
21. Bingo !
Tommy HellFinger ,   Canada   (08.26.13)
Agreed 100% This is the perfect excuse to blame the collapse on the war..!
22. re: WAS - Syria is glowing!
HaifaGuy   (08.26.13)
Why you fascist little stooge! Why don't you bring your UK buttocks down to Syria and observe your entrails as they are being incinerated? Let Unkle Moshe give you something to remember. Oh, and we, Jews, unlike you, don't have a "fate". We MAKE our fate. You folk, on the other hand, have your fate sealed, in all senses. Allow a walk-bar, ya zalami :-))))
23. no 14
most probably Israel will LIBERATE the remaining Israeli land (Jewish Land) according to the bible.
24. Assad's threats
Simon ,   Burbank, USA   (08.26.13)
I take Assad's threats seriously. Israel is not involved in the Syrian conflict. The United States and ESPECIALLY England must not drag the Jewish county into this Arab religious war. Before London and Washington make any move on "defending" one side of this Muslim matter, I WANT TO KNOW the contingency plans regarding Israel, should Assad--unable to hit back at England or the U.S. -- turn his weaponry on Israel, and if you have no way of guaranteeing Israel's total safety, then DON'T rush mix into these Sunni-Shia skirmishes.
25. #14 WAS....that name tempts fate, you
benjy   (08.26.13)
and your fanatical murderers will be "PAST TENSE"!
26. Assad the coward will never attack
The Arabian   (08.26.13)
Even when Israel attacked him 5 times this year, even when his reactor got bombed in 2007 and his general got killed, he never defended himself. He is just a scared coward that kills his own people.
27. no doubt
Matt   (08.26.13)
Syria had a 1970's Army not capable of countering the IDF. So that is what the so called strategic assets are for. Otherwise Syria could get away with all the naughty stuff they have done in the past. It is not for a counter to any strategic weapons Israel does or does not possess. Although it is a general deterrent, not used in 2007 or recently as the Israeli response would be the, end of the regime and not worth the cost.
28. To Syrias Assad
Galut ia ,   Selah   (08.27.13)
Know is likely that by your hand that Isaiah 17 prophcey concerning Damascus will come to past...
29. Really?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.27.13)
First things first. Israel stood down when the United States BEGGED us not to retaliate to SCUDs being fired from Iraq. But Israel has no respect for the Moslem-in-Chief occupying the White House, and Syria shares a border with Israel. Here, succinctly, is what will happen should Syria dare to retaliate against a United States strike by firing upon Israel. Syria will cease to exist. And since we can get two for the price of one, Lebanon will cease to exist as well. Think we cannot do it? Think again. It would take around a nanosecond. Assad is an idiot, but he is not a fool. He won't dare. But if he does -- or if his Iranian puppet master forces him -- he will pay very dear consequences. And Israel will grow in size. Don't test our resolve.
30. Should Syria attack Israel ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.27.13)
.... Syria will disappear in a mushroom cloud. Lebanon, too, just to make the party hearty. You understand this, don't you? If you don't, go ahead. Test our mettle. Frankly .... I think Syria and Lebanon will look simply fetching. It will put a whole new meaning to the word "glowing."
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