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Syria says it will defend itself against attack
Associated Press
Published: 27.08.13, 12:54
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1. finish assad
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (08.27.13)
If you finish assad off you solve THREE WORLD PROBLEMS AT ONCE, hizbollah is done with no way to get arms, syria is done with the BUTCHERS of father and son, and iran has no friends left in the Middle East.
2. Let's face it, the Americans are pathological liars
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.27.13)
3. The so called West is climbing up a tree, it will have dif-
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.27.13)
ficulty getting down from. Al this puffed up, indignant posturing is making them act in irrational way. If they want to "punish", they'll have to get Assad himself & try him in Hague. If they want to overthrow one Arab dictatorship only to usher in even worse Arab dictatorship- that's another story. Idiocy on the highest level, but hey: something good may come out of it for us.
4. If This Incident Of WMD Is Not The First
Everyone knows It Will Also Be The Last, No more Butchering, No more chemical weapons, NO MORE assad!!! Then tehran Is Next!!!
5. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (08.27.13)
I shall make my comment short and sweet; Syria was unable to defend itself against the destruction of its nuclear facilities and other strategic assets in the recent past by the alleged dreaded Israelis, what chance do they have against the Western alliance of the US, UK and France. As usual a lot of fat hot air from an even more obese Syrian FM no slander intended.
6. Mr. Obama and 15 Saudi billions for chemo - done...
Miron ,   USA   (08.27.13)
7. what the hell is going on?
ky   (08.27.13)
there is simply not enough evidence to pinpoint the Assad regime for the gas attacks. The main beneficiary for US /UK intervention will be Al Qeada. The labyrinth of the forces active in this civil war scenario is so complex and information so hard to obtain by intelligence that there can be no absolute certainty of which group has done this. One can only look at who will benefit the most from bombing and this will be Al Qeada. Many lives will be lost , Israel will come under attack. What will be the result? This seems like Obama led insanity
8. #3 is correct
Michael ,   Israel   (08.27.13)
i agree with #3 - however I have yet to figure out what will good for Israel in this case? There will retaliation vis a vis Hizballah in Lebanon, I expect and possible rockets from Syria herself. I don't see that as good. I am not sure who is good for Israel amongst the options of fractured opposition (united by a common enemy solely) or a cruel dictator.... Where is the good in any of this?
9. Be really interesting
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.27.13)
If Assad responds to being attacked by just shelling the settlements in the west bank
10. Talk's cheap wars are expensive!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (08.27.13)
Arab dictators are famous for talking big and acting small. Any one remember their last significant victory??? Israel won a war over combined Arab states in six day. Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy. Remember the Arabs don't. BUILD MORE !!
11. Mualem did not learn from Sadam.
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (08.27.13)
Saddam promised a mother of all battles but ended hiding in a hole.
12. #7 One thing is sure Assad is best friend
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (08.27.13)
Of a terror group Hezbollah and the mother of all terrorist regimes, holocaust denier: Iran.
13. The attack on Syria should come from JORDAN
Ismael   (08.27.13)
and Turkey. The better idea is to form 2 large divisions in Jordan and Turkey (each 50,000 man), put them on on the tracks and send them to fight for FREEDOM. Saudi king will supply weapons and Turkey advisors. They can fight as they wish among themselves. NO WESTERN TROOPS IN SYRIA. Ismael
14. Desperation of Banksters and Gangsters
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.27.13)
Qaddafi was taken down in a slightly more sophisticated manner. Assad's take is looking sloppy, really sloppy.
15. How dp you defend yourself from G-d,,,
Max ,   Uti,   (08.27.13)
The country is already destroyed,,,,, the body,,,, we, the world are just waiting on Israel to fullfill some Prophecy,,,,,,,,,,,, CUT THE HEAD OF THIS BEAST OFF.
16. HEY Syria
Reza   (08.27.13)
That's what Saddam Hussein and Quadaffyi also said. It's a natural response of fear of coming destruction. We understand the words that come before this.
17. to think
Assad has been a murderous butcher and trouble maker since 1975. But, because he confronted Israel most of the world and the Israeli Left saw him as a hero and supported him, even after he pepetrated the Sabra and Shatilla event and murdered Lebanese leaders. This Leftist/Western love affair with Assad continued until just two years ago. Imagine how much better the world (and Obama's presidency) would look if Obama and the Left had supported Israel instead of Assad...
18. #8 Michael, I was just fishing for an answer, I too have no
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.27.13)
idea what good it may do us, but I was hoping someone would provide an alternative. :-). Oh well, we've been in deep manure before....
19. Sounds like Saddam's comical Ali
Dan ,   Israel   (08.27.13)
The Assad regime is finished and will soon end on the dustbin of history. Perhaps he can get into the David Letterman show.
20. Syria
Walid ,   Spain   (08.27.13)
This whole war drumming is going to be a farce. It is just like telling Assad ¨you have been a naughty boy and for this you are going to be spanked and then you can go on playing.¨ The US and its allies are just making a move to save face.
21. Islamic bedroom talk
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (08.27.13)
Sure they will defend themselves, the question is how long before they are annihilated.
22. Syria and Russia
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (08.27.13)
In all comments there was no mention of the role of Russia, Syria's protector (out of its own interest) if a military intervention from USA and EU countries occur! We should always be aware that in case of an attack on Syria, Russia , maybe even China (not to mention Iran) could enter actively into the conflict/war, which would enormously complicate the wished solution!?
23. obama has probably told assad secretly what to expect
zionist forever   (08.27.13)
The Russians know Obama is under pressure to do something so if he is smart he will only put on a show of strength and not try anything to serious. If that is the case its possible he will have explained that to the Russians who in turn will tell Assad warning him be passive, make speeches etc but don't fight back to much and the US will back off but if you start retaliating your going to take this to the next level which will be a major war and your downfall. What the politicians say on the record and the secret deals they do behind closed doors are two different things and Obama cannot afford politically or financially to get involved in another big war over WMDS so I would imagine if he can do secret deals so it looks like he is doing his bit but avoiding the need to do to much it wouldn't surprise me.
24. Syria and Russia
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (08.27.13)
In all comments there was no mention of the role of Russia, Syria's protector (out of its own interest) if a military intervention from USA and EU countries occur! We should always be aware that in case of an attack on Syria, Russia , maybe even China (not to mention Iran) could enter actively into the conflict/war, which would enormously complicate the wished solution!?
25. #14
Fool me once, shame on you... Putin wanted to improve relations with the US so when Obama asked for UNSC support to protect innocent civilians, Putin gave it to him. It turned out that the Community Organizer lied. He exceeded the UNSC mandate given, acted as close air support for Jihad, and ordered American/British boots on the ground to fight many critical battles. To add injury to insult, Obama was sending plundered weapons from Libya to Jihadis in Syria.
26. Fatty Moallem should not be boasting
Brod ,   USA   (08.27.13)
Fatty should not be boasting. They can't even stamp out the rebels. Now they want to take on the West and Israel. What the West needs to do is destroy Syria's rockets and Chemical stockpiles. That will end the Assad regime quickly. The West should also be prepared to destroy Hezbollah's rockets. If they fail to do it, Israel has to do it quickly. And if Iran joins the fray, its rockets and WMD should be destroyed.
27. #21 Second question: How many Israelis will
A ,   Belgium   (08.27.13)
have to die as a result of American/Anglo/Franco interference until they (islamics) ARE annihilated?
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