What took you so long?
Caspian Makan
Published: 29.08.13, 20:05
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1. syrian chemicals n ot israel's business
alexi   (08.29.13)
peres ought to shut up urging intervention. This bill clinton acolyte is making israel sick with this pathetic peace shmease in your rear ends and dead bodies. Doen't bibi have any guts to tell him it is not his ceremonial role to advocate policy. I don't care if he is 90. katzav was proper in his role yet peres abuses it because bibi is a bloody weakling, it all makes sick, bibi, beilin, livni, the whole bloody haaretz, no wonder so many jews did not run away to the forests. How else do you get 2 rabbis who tell their flock that they don't need gas mask, that torah study will protect them. It didn't do the 6 million any good. Youwant to study torah fine. In the meantine, take a haircut, protect yourself with a gas masks, and know how to fight. otherwise torah study is just another religions cult without any meaning. And quebec is correct, no religious garb in public. No differences, no advertising , I am a jew and then get pummelled by arabs. No public identification is correct. israelis should not say a word about syrian chemicals unless tranferred to nasrollah. So peres, shut up you old lout.
2. Good question, Caspian, not sure you want to know the answer
Shachar ,   Eilat   (08.29.13)
The west doesn't care about Iranians or Syrians being slaughtered. It likes to talk about human rights but is horrified by the thought of getting it's hands dirty. Slaughters that don't make the news(Congo,Sudan) are completely ignored. Slaughters that make the news receive words of regret and horror until they slip off the front page. Slaughters that are splashed all over the front page for two years may get a lukewarm response from a distance to show we are serious. But if oil is involved, no problem we'll be there asap.
3. Want to know why the world does not care?
Karl ,   Sacramento, CA   (08.29.13)
The groups doing most of the fighting are violent Muslims. The countries who decide not to get involved and let the killing continue are the real winners.
4. "What took you so long?"The world sees that it has no
Moshe ,   Usa   (08.29.13)
economic interest in soooria & doesn't care about the arobs because arobs are so much moral & economic trouble in the world & arobs make the world so drastically unsafe & the arobs are a hateful people. So why bother to be involved ?
5. excellent article
Ilana   (08.29.13)
I have been saying this, as many others have as well, for nearly two years. DIsgusting that the Human Right groups are not really that, they are Bash Israel groups mostly, so Syria, Iran etc do not interest them. 9 Turkish terrorists on the Marmara created the fury that 120,000 in Syria could not muster. Sad, but true.
6. Arab Muslims are doing the killing. Nuff said?
Carl ,   USA   (08.29.13)
Assad has butchered far more people in a mere two years than Israel has killed in defensive wars spanning nearly 100 years! Yet the 90,000 who died while trying to exterminate Israel from the map are much more valuable politically. Many more were killed in Darfur, Sudan and countless other Arab/Muslim wars, none of which garnered any attention from the world. It seems that Islamic blood-lust is to be expected. Only when Israel is involved does the interest level skyrocket.
7. Wrong address: go to the UN and the NAM
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.29.13)
Why are you so upset at the "civilized" countries? If the west could, it would have done something. But we are beholden to a corrupt and dysfunctional United Nations that is dominated by the NAM...the non aligned movement. Who are they? Mostly despotic and decrepit regimes that abuse their own people - they are the MAJORITY of the UN. They don't care because what you see in Syria is their s.o.p. Why are the most repressive regimes the controlling members of the UN human rights commission? Why don't they ever, ever, throw a country out of the UN or the UNHRC? Becuase they don't want to set a precedent that criminal regimes with war criminal leaders would actually be held to account. That is the legacy of the UN. That is you correct adddress to complain.
8. It's A Red Line, Man.
Brett ,   Florida   (08.29.13)
obama shot off his big clueless mouth and now certain wannabe U.S. policy makers are try to goad him into something he regrets saying. He is an amateur for sure at world politics, not to mention domestic politics. He is such a loser that the U.K. and everyone he thinks are allies, told him "hell no" you jerk! We'll laugh at you while you dither about which empty depot to attack. Also, they know it will be an excuse for Israel to be attacked. and they don't want to see the fury of Israel unleashed. While obama hopes Israel will be destroyed. That is his real plan, how to stay blameless.
9. Caspian Makan: liar.
Daniel   (08.29.13)
This sleazy author takes everyone who has died in the Syrian war and talks as if Assad killed them. All the kidnappings and suicide bombings and mass murders committed by Al Qaeda affiliates are Assad's fault according to him. And no, Caspian, serious and sober people do not believe Assad used chemical weapons. He has nothing to gain from that and everything to lose.
10. Be careful for what you wish for!
JMK ,   NYC   (08.29.13)
11. Hear O Israel
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (08.30.13)
This could be a harbinger of what Israel can expect should it need international help. Israel must strive to remain strong and able to defend itself.
12. Country's internal strife has to be resolved INTERNALLY.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.30.13)
The world does care, looking out for the weaker side, not allowing it to be destroyed by an overwhelming force which acquired weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction are considered illegal by the West. Checking out legalistic questions takes time, hence the delays. But irrespective of what the West does, the fighting within Syria will be resolved by internal forces, by the internal warring factions.
13. Human rights activists don't live in the real world
Zionist forever   (08.30.13)
Human rights activists expect the world leaders to obey a code of morals and make the morally right choices when deciding policy but fact is in the real world politicians couldn't care less about human rights and morals and are only interested in what's in their best interest and what's in the best interest if their country and that's why nobody has done anything about Syria. For the international intervention to stop the killing in Syria before the chemical weapons use would have and still would involve a huge and expensive operation that would involve thousands of men on t ground to act as policemen and they would probably be there for years until they could have brought calm an ended all killing. Before Iraq & Afghanistan there might have been a will but no longer. We don't live in an ideal world where human rights mean everything
14. @ 11
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (08.30.13)
Israel could change the situation in Syria in 1 week, but for some strange reason Israel feels it is not part of the world community. Israel never participates in any UN actions. It might send a few dozen soldiers on a humanitarian mission, however when it comes to getting down and dirty and sacrificing blood and treasure, it's not going to happen period and end of story. So when one day you put up, please talk, until then please shut up.
15. Why isn't the world involved?
Vered, Israel   (08.30.13)
There are no good choices, so why should anyone commit lives and treasure to help them. Assad is a world-class butcher, but the opposition is filled with terrorists of many a stripe, and Islamists. The regrettable, sad fact is that no one can help the Arabs unitl they mature as a culture. It will be ugly until this happens (and it has already started happening) but it is something they have to go through on their own. Right now, you can't trust that even if we did help the rebels, they wouldn't turn on us (the West) later. No real options of help. The only good news, is that Arabs are becoming less zombified as a culture and have a chance to really rise up and achieve their own human rights, but it may take 100 years.
16. We are next
Ghilmein ,   USA   (08.30.13)
The Syrians die today so the Jews can die tomorrow. Iran runs Syria and probably order the attack. Wait until they have nukes. Obama thinks pinprick strikes will cause them to change course. It won't the only issue is Iran and their nukes. Don't attack Syria, attack their Iranian paymaster terrorists. Know who your eme,ies are
17. Syria's use of CW doesn't make sense.
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (08.30.13)
Why would Syria, whose civil war is on the news every day, use such a controversial weapon and risk the wrath of the world? We should look into whether or not some rebel faction like Al Qaeda did it in order to bring in the US to in effect help them win. We may be being sucked into being pawns in this war. Are the rebels really any better than Assad, should he lose in the end?
18. lose-lose
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (08.31.13)
you really can't win whatever is done or not done in Syria. There's no proof that the rebels are any better than Assad regime... Still the use of poison gas should be a red line not to be crossed by any regime so some kind of intervention is called for....But I also understand that after Afghanistan and Iraq, the international community is hesitant to say the least....And there are so many variables that could turn a limited intervention into a big scale regional war....such as what will Israel do should an obviously crazy Assad decide to attack it....
19. For the next 1000 years: Nurture civility
AntiTyranny   (08.31.13)
An end to the tyranny of Putin, Khaminei and Abdullah may allow the world to nurture civil societies and leaders from Mongolia to Afghanistan, from Syria to Morocco. Let us embrace the morals of Hamurabbi, Zoroastrianism, Deakism, Lincolnism, Gandhiism, Dalaism......
20. Not The World's Cop
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.31.13)
I hate to see any group slaughtered in any country. However, short of physically taking over that country for decades, I'm not sure what can be done in situations like this. I doubt a few missiles will make much difference. Missiles won't end the conflict. There are groups of people in various countries who are at war with each other. The groups change but conflict has been been happening almost since the dawn of time. I don't want the US to be the world's cop. When the US, or its allies, are attacked military intervention is an option. Otherwise, we should just stay out of it.
21. Arabs could stop the slaughter!
American   (08.31.13)
I wonder why they don't. If they don't save their brothers why should we. We get blamed for not doing anything and we will get blamed if we do anything. Why do Syrians think the West should do something anyway? Why not the Arabs?
22. Makan - don't you know that "Human rights" people only get
You know the answer   (09.01.13)
involved when they hear the word ISRAEL. Otherwise they are silent.
23. good at pointing finger
elke ,   usa   (09.02.13)
at everyone but yourselves, eh, Israelis? If you're so sure action is needed, why don't you bomb Syria a FIFTH time?
24. The Truth Hurts
A Really Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (09.03.13)
The world doesn't care about dead Syrians (or Iranians) because mass murder is commonplace. Over the past 100 years there have been thousands of massacres all over the world, many far larger in scope. These Syrian killings are but a footnote in the bloody encyclopedia of human warfare.
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