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Branch of Jewish New York in Israel
Tali Farkash
Published: 09.09.13, 13:40
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1. "Editor of Channel 10 " & vulgar pop culture
CorruptMediaCulture ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.09.13)
That explains a lot about channel 10 and the other Israeli channels as well all "edited" by Jews with no knowledge whatsoever of Judaism no feelings for it or its past instead the government gives them high profile positions and allows them to create through the most vulgar pop culture of the West more Jewish ignoramuses and one of the most vulgar cultures in the world !! This country and its media elite single handedly corrupt and destroy its young and the nation as a whole all done via our "leaders"
Suzy Doob ,   NY, USA   (09.09.13)
Welcome! Welcome! But I'm so curious. Barring an extraordinary career opportunity that would be hard to match in Israel, like working in the arts, why would a homesick Israeli choose to stay in NY, far from the culture s/he misses? I know at one time the standard of living was higher in NY, but I don't believe that to be the case, today.
3. I've traveled to NYC at least 100 times in my lifetime
Al   (09.09.13)
I can honestly say, that were you not to have a very high salary or a very profitable business, life there is at best difficult. Filling a house full of toys and eating most of your meals outside of the home does not make for a terribly happy life. The average New Yorker works like no tomorrow, lives in a filthy crime filled town and in many cases does not feel real personal safety. Its not all that great. Most Israelis living in NY would agree, however they wont as they would be admitting defeat. NYC is great if you are visiting Times Square, aside from that its a hell.
4. in Shlomo ha-Melekh's day...
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (09.10.13)
Hebrew people were already all over the world, from Britain to Singapore, carrying out the business of the Court. PS: AS A TRAINING GROUND, Harvard is average, no better than Fordham. PPS: Nashville is more authentically American than NY City. AND has a bazillion times better quality-of-life.
5. Oy Veh!
Yoni ,   Shomron   (09.10.13)
Last Purim he went to a Megillah reading on Purim for the first time in his life??? How old is this guy? 30 something? And this is a representative of the State of Israel to the world? Sad statement!
6. She is definitely a shiksa, the one in the picture
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.10.13)
In New York the majority of Jewish boys marry women from other religions. I think I know why, do you?
7. Jew or not, I have more respect 4 woman trying to keep Torah
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.11.13)
than for a racist zadon who calls her a shiksa!
8. "Shiksa" is a compliment: a kind woman, gentle, smart.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.11.13)
On the streets of Neu Yauk the word "shiksa" is often heard in a complimentary connotation. And, they would not accept sitting in the back of buses.
9. "Shiksa" means detestable woman & synonym for idol(atress)
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.11.13)
"Neu Yauk" Jews support Satmar rabbis abusing young girls too. Some of you are a messed up and sicko bunch -- especially if you think "shiksa" is a "compliment"
10. fanatic people
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