Sa'ar: Thousands of migrants will be deported after holidays
Omri Efraim
Published: 28.08.13, 21:23
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1. Won't go well with business owners
Gilad ,   Tel Aviv   (08.28.13)
Last week I was brave and asked the owner of a produce shop if the Africans working with fruits and veggies I was purchasing are illegal. I told him I wouldn't buy from him if they are illegal. He started cursing me and told me to get out of his store.
2. This is a positive development
David ,   New England   (08.28.13)
Would that America could be so flexible. I wonder what the Ethiopians think of the Eritreans and Sudanese?
3. Amen!!!!!!!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (08.29.13)
We are Sick of these savages!
4. Amazing news!!! Finally a sigh of relief.
5. 1
Zionist forever   (08.29.13)
What you did was great and its obvious from his reaction he is hiring illegals although at the same time if your a business owner and somebody asks you if his employes are here legally and you won't buy from him if they are not I would have thought most owners would just say they were there legally. What I would suggest Is you report the guy for illegally hiring these people. Good for making the effort.
6. Why wait? Nothing like the present.
Talula ,   Israel   (08.29.13)
7. They mean: TENS of thousands..??!
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.29.13)
8. At least if they won't need to worry about getting gas masks
Zionist forever   (08.29.13)
9. Black people are not savages.
mea   (08.29.13)
10. It's a good thing
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (08.29.13)
Israeli's overwhelmingly support this measure. Only so much room for Jews to build Israel... Ask obama Israel's ally, he 'demands' an end to all settlement activities' yet, is silent on this subject. Muslims, have so much land, Jews have so little. BUILD MORE AND FASTER !!!
11. A chance to perform a real mitzvah.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (09.17.13)
This is truly great news, if true. In addition all those people who want to help these poor African migrants are more than welcome to go with the migrants back to Africa and help them in their resettlement. Better idea, they can go with them and remain in Africa permanently. This would truly be a great mitzvah.
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