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Russia says 'won't intervene' if Syria attacked
Roi Kais
Published: 28.08.13, 21:09
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1. Syria should be left alone....
peter vojta ,   prag   (08.28.13)
Attack on Syria should be avoided until fully investigated, Israel was not attacked for White Phospor use /WMD/ against civilians during Gaza massacre 2008 and other human rights violations and crimes against humanity....Those who may inherit destroyed Syria will create much bigger problem for Israels current rulling syndicate...peter czech
2. wrote today that Putin warns of horrific consequ
Rivkah   (08.28.13)
consequences if the US attacks Syria. Whose source it right?
3. Assad himself may just swallow the US pinpricks
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.28.13)
And live to fight another day.
4. Russia says 'won't intervene' if Syria attacked
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (08.28.13)
In this article the main US argument for action against Syria for using chemical weapons is "What does it say to the world if a government can get away with using the most heinous weapon, chemical weapons, on its own people?" Well, what does it say when the US compells israel to release terrorist who are guilty of murder just to get PA to talk to Israel? What hypocracy!!
5. I said this a few days ago
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.28.13)
Russia is willing to fight to the last Arab. They know that they have no ability to do much nor the will to do it. To America and the West - STAY OUT!
6. Of cause Russia will not interviene -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.28.13)
- on the other hand, Russia may well Swallow up Balticum again. Arn.Sweden.
7. #1 Syria should be left alone...
Raoul ,   Israel   (08.28.13)
Someone who refers to "Israel's current ruling syndicate" cannot be expected to be objective or truthful, and therefore cannot be taken seriously. The comparison would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic. Suffice to say that NO CIVILIANS WERE TARGETED in Gaza. He uses the words *massacre*, *human rights violations* and *crimes against humanity* as if the very use of such inane cliches could bolster his monstrous "argument".
8. #1 You Are Badly Misinformed To
Say the least. Regarding your knee jerk response, could you please provide proof of your statements? I doubt you will because you and your ilk are Truly Ignorant and Blinded by your Hate and Bias!!!
Damien ,   Tel aviv   (08.28.13)
Don't forget about Iran. This is the whole purpose all this is happening with the gas attack , so we forget Iran.
10. Of course. Russia has been colluding with US since WW2
Jake ,   USA   (08.28.13)
50 years of staged nuclear standoff between Russia and the US, resulted in almost every nation on the planet getting sucked into the Russian or US sphere of influence. Never a shot fired. Greatest hoax perpetrated on humanity. The permanent members of the UNSC are in collusion. "America-Britain-France VS. China- Russia" is a ruse. They won the world war, and now they now run the world.
11. If Iran intervenes
Maurice ,   Montreal   (08.28.13)
If Iran intervenes it will give the US the excuse to attack and put an end to its nuclear ambitions. This is long overdue, and the Syrian conflict may also resolve the Iran problem. So, the Iranians should think twice before intervening.
12. Lies.
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (08.28.13)
13. Anyone notice that Egypt is suddenly not on the news?
Jake ,   USA   (08.28.13)
14. 4. What does it say when the US vetoes UN res.
lydia ,   Brisbane   (08.29.13)
Israel has no legitimacy for its illegal occupation and land theft, hence some 250UN res. against Israel which s why the US uses it ONE veto to circumvent. the wishes of the Int, Community. Now Russia and China is using their veto the same way US used its ONE.
15. 9 Damien, IRAN: "don't forget about Iran."
CJK   (08.29.13)
yes indeed, all of this with the chemical attack happened so that we forget about iran. YES!!!!
16. Russia not only did not give such assurances.
Miron ,   USA   (08.29.13)
Russia will strike at US if she dares to break international law and murder peacefull nation under siege with full might of its nuclear weaponry. Whoever wants to start world war 3 should have this responce in mind before they push the big red button.
WILL NOT INTERVENE. why should they? if the entire syrian army is destroyed together with all the air force, russia stands to make even bigger bucks resupplying all the future needed hardware to syria. russia removed its citizens from syria. they don;t give a damn about anything except making money off of the dumb arabs.
18. Because he knows Syria will not be attacked.
Israeli 2   (08.29.13) least not like Iraq. This will be a pussyfooted 3 day exercise in the park thing.
19. Putin is reported to have said, "Obama is like a monkey with
Rivkah   (08.29.13)
a grenade." Scary. IMPEACH BHO NOW!
20. Just arm these rebels properly and let them kill each other!
Brett L ,   JHB South Africa   (08.29.13)
21. than why are they sending two warships?
an anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser into the mediterenean?
22. #1
isaac ,   toronto ont   (09.02.13)
Change your medications!!!!
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