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Jewish Agency completes effort to bring Ethiopians to Israel
Meir Turjeman
Published: 30.08.13, 09:49
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1. Israel the lo Africa!!!!
2. Are they Jews?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.01.13)
3. They are not..
David ,   Netanya   (09.01.13)
They are not Jewish by law if they arrive in Israel. They still need to convert before they are registered as Jewish. While any other person of Jewish descent have to give tons of papers they don't have to do anything to enter Israel. So who is actually discriminated? Certainly not them.
esther Bester ,   Polokwane, South Afr   (09.02.13)
Dear Sir/Madam Can you let me know why the Ethiopian Jews will not be brought to Israel again. I am from South Africa and would like to know is it only Ethiopian Jews are is that for the world. Thank you Esther Bester +27829311418
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