Israel to deport African migrants to Uganda
Omri Efraim
Published: 29.08.13, 20:24
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1. Uganda?
Wasn't that where they wanted to resettle the jews before it happened to be the ME?
2. Hey Rights Groups
Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.29.13)
Focus on Syria- people are being gassed there. This is our country and we should have the right to decide who lives here and who doesn't. These African infiltrators are unwanted and unwelcomed.
3. Please just do it already!
4. We have to pay to get them out?
The most absurb, cowardly deal. Syria is gassing its own civilians and the world does nothing, yet we cannot deport illegal migrants, we have to PAY to get them out. Money that should go to our citizens.
5. # 4
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.29.13)
A hard pill to swallow but it may be worth it in the long run.
6. Why Ynet why?
LB ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.29.13)
Why must you always dedicate at least one article per day to African infiltrators? Most Israelis do not care or have any sympathy toward them by now. Let Uganda, Congo, Nigeria or whatever other African country wants them, take them. Report on news that benefit Israelis, not piss them off. I will be thrilled when you publish an article saying that 40,000 of them have been deported, until then....
7. Any room in those jets for Mexicans?
Cameron ,   USA   (08.29.13)
More peons than we know what to do with. The heart of Africa does sound like a fine dumping ground. Cut us in on this deal.
8. Hey Cameron, guess what?
mea   (08.29.13)
Mexicans may seem like they are "everywhere" in America, but guess what genius? Mexican Americans are standing on their own native ground. Just as Israel is the ancient home of Jews, western and southwestern America is the ancestral home of Latinos. Sure there are illegals but guess what again? They built America's agricultural empire. Take a look at what happens when we limit entry-->farmers scream loud and hard. This is because they rely upon these "illegals" to harvest the food YOU eat. For decades we have benefited from immigration that turned a blind eye to migrants while profiting handsomely off offering them little compensation. Many, many other countries cut the same deal; and when economies get squeezed and people need those burger flipping jobs, the media stimulates your ignorance and you howl like somebody took YOUR money. As soon as the economy improves, believe me, the issue of immigrants will grow quiet, just as it has since I was a girl. There is little correlation between the two nations and their issues on migrants. Israelis hate black people. That is extremely evident, and the bottom-line.
9. To #7
M ,   Israel   (08.29.13)
Count your blessings, Cameron. Most Mexicans are not infested with HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis and G-d knows what other diseases, you don't need to hold your breath on the streets and wash your fruits and vegetables with alcohol before eating them like we do.
10. Equipment.....
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (08.29.13)
Equipment = Guns. Lots of them presumably. Mamash boosha. But not really a surprise.
11. #'s 7 & 9
You get delicious Mexican food, beautiful landscapes and cheap labor. We get rape epidemics and polio. I only wish we had Mexicans in Israel.
12. 7 I also wish we also only had Mexicans
13. Thank you Olmert
14. Deport them already!!!!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (08.29.13)
We are sick to watch them everywhere in every street in every city. Africans to Africa! This is Israel!!! Israel for Israelis!
15. well came
dani ,   israel   (08.29.13)
Ow jews most sin is with you so you well came to deport us start to day sons of pics and monkeys
16. To number 14 and you other racists
Sharon ,   Tel aviv   (08.30.13)
I feel like revoking my Israeli citizenship than to live in the same country as people who say 'Africans to Africa' and that Africans are unwelcomed. It's Shoah talk. If the country is too small for more migrants, that's one thing but I wish I could track down you pure racists and educate you properly. It's no wonder that Isrselis are not welcomed worldwide, it's payback
17. Right groups?? LOL! Hypocrites
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (08.30.13)
What about when France deported thousands of Romanian Gypsies not long ago... and they were not illegal immigrants...they came from EU country...and yet France deported them. So what right groups talk about? These are illegal immigrants...they were silent when France deported EU citizen Gypsies!!!! Hypocrites of Europe.
18. Deportation, yes; racism no
Neal ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.30.13)
From here in the galut, I agree that the Africans who fled to Israel or came for economic reasons need to be sent back somewhere, if for no other reason than the revolting racism evident in many of the talkbacks. ("Israelis hate blacks?" No wonder Ethiopian Jews have a hard time!) No use being host to people who'll get little but hate. I don't think Israel is required to support or absorb these people, no matter what outsiders say. My question to the critics is: OK, so is your country willing to take these folks? Yet through all of this -- even my own words -- I cannot help but flash back to what I know about Jews in 1935-1939 Germany. They were hated, reviled and humiliated in Germany, but almost no one else would take them. (Thank you Bolivia, little credited for its taking in 10,000 Jewish refugees.)
19. 11.
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.01.13)
For your information, the ''polio'' you are babbling about, came from Pakistan. Not Sudan.
20. 16.
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.01.13)
Very bad comparison. Do revoke your Israeli citizenship & return to where to came from. Dont let the door hit you on your way out. Count yourself lucky in that you havent been raped or mugged yet by one of your beloved illegals.
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