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Video: Rebels execute Assad loyalists
Roi Kais
Published: 29.08.13, 20:45
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1. "shabiha" are the regime's torturers
CJK   (08.29.13)
the shabiha's are the worst of the worst of the assad regime. they are the ones who carry out all the tortures and rapes, including that of children.
2. HRW and Amnesty will fix this
Carl ,   USA   (08.29.13)
I'm sure there will be an enormous uproar from the human rights community protesting this barbaric extra-judicial execution of prisoners of war.
3. 1
anton ,   istanbul   (08.29.13)
and these are the ne who eats heart
4. Leftist people in the west are silent !!
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.29.13)
Actually the do not tell or report ANYTHIN that could stain the reputation of their freedom fighters, actually terrorist and no humans. Some norwegian Islamic followers have also traveled to Syria to do some killing, and who knows, maybe they were the shooters in this videoclip.!!!
5. When syrians tortured IDF POWs,world disbelieved
now they know   (08.29.13)
6. i thought qunetra was
arne ,   chicago usa   (08.29.13)
in the control of Israel. I guess I was wrong, but what-ever one things for certain. there's animals on both sides of this "conflict" let them kill each other.
7. 3
CJK   (08.29.13)
1 person, compared to hundreds of thousands.
8. Obama's Friends
Badbob ,   NYC USA   (08.29.13)
Yup these are the guys who Kerry said the U.S. supports. I can care less what Assad dose to sub humans like these cold blooded killers.
9. 8 the shabihas are Assad's thugs
CJK   (08.30.13)
10. #6 Arne
Non-Jew ,   England   (08.30.13)
Quneitra (and the rest of the supposedly demilitarised zone between Israel and Syria) is supposed to be under the contriol of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF). Going by their regular 'newsletter' (which is on available online, if you're innterested), and the observations of Israelis local to the area, up until the past couple of years, life as an UNDOF member in Quneitra seems to have been mostly been mostly a 'beer and skittles' affair, with nice little trips to go skiing in the Hermon, and frequent coffee mornings, stopping off for drinks at the local kibbutzim, etc........However, on the few occasions over recent years where there have been incidents, (like Syrians trying to storm the border on Nakba day, or the recent Syrian incursions into the demiilitarised zone , this UN group have done precisely zilch to maintain the peace - in fact they rather appear to have made themselves highly 'conspicuous' by hiding somewhere until it was all over!
11. Are there any good options?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (08.31.13)
One side seems worse than the other. If any force can either remove or detonate the WMD's in Syria, although brutal for the people ( but, what isn't ? ) it is far more advantageous to do so than have them removed and be in full control of those who will certainly try and use them against either Israel or American interests. No good options made worse by a President who can't make a decision and is made to look more weak by his own inactivity. obama shouldn't have brutalized Israel with the Saudi plan meant to destroy Israel. All his "demands' that 'israel end all settlement activities' have come back to bite him in the butt. ( not to mention his okaying spying on Israel and, again, why? and for what purpose ?) BUILD MORE AND FASTER !!!
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