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US report: Assad's responsible for nerve gas attack
Published: 30.08.13, 23:40
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1. There is no evidence
in this report, only empty claims by the US administration; not as embarrassing as Colin Powell's PP presentation though.
2. What hypocrisy!
Joe ,   US   (08.31.13)
the US and Israel supported Sadam Hussein when he was gassing Iranian troops and Kurdish civilians. Rumsfeld and Sadam are photographed being great buddies at the time!
3. #1, no one cares what you think!
Ilan ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.31.13)
You are not a judge with any power to do or not do something about it. So one one cares what you think.
4. Evidence
David Segal ,   Philadelphia USA   (08.31.13)
Sure quacks enough like a duck to my satisfaction.
5. Hear this all before
Joshua ,   Jerusalem   (08.31.13)
America needs a new catch line. Their lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction which end up never existing like in Iraq is a joke. Only idiot would believe the US government
6. To #1
JJ ,   London   (08.31.13)
The report is not the evidence itself, it is an analysis based on all of the evidence - that's why it refers to the sources for its conclusions all the way through. Dismissing such an analysis out of hand is the equivalent to closing your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears and going "lalala, I'm not listening". Such a view is symptomatic of a blind refusal to consider the issue, rather than an attempt to reach a conclusion. What a weak, amoral cop-out such an approach is.
7. We heard it all before!
Joe ,   Boston   (08.31.13)
We were lied to about WMD in Iraq. The Syrian rebels have gassed people before. They are alo cannibals! The choices are bad. The Syrian Gov, cannibals or Islamists. Hum.....
8. Assad's crime is irrefutable
CJK   (08.31.13)
as leader and president of syria, he is legally responsible for the use of weapons of mass destruction by any of his troops. it makes no difference whether he explicitly gave the order to use chemical weapons. those weapons are under his control as president of syria.
9. To all those demanding "evidence"
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (08.31.13)
We have all seen the pictures of the bodies. Were they real ? Were they made up ? Were they evidence of Arab "pollywood". The UN says there is evidence of gas being used so now the question is was it Assad or was it the militants ? In the meantime as far as I am concerned this is a job for the Arab League or Turkey to get involved ... not France or Britain , or the USA. The fact that the Arab League is not involved leads me to believe that killing one's own Arab citizens is acceptable by the Arab League to stay in power.
10. Hold on, so 120,000 people (including children and women)...
Jonathan   (08.31.13)
Were OK ? It's only these 1,500 dead that we are 'concerned' about? We are talking about over a year of crimes against humanity. The whole 'approach' of the American was, in my opinion, wrong. But their cause is just and right. That's why I do not understand Britain at all... they really don't care about the 120,000 people... (Another note to those who always try to 'satisfy' ban ki m, and the UN)
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