Europe's institutionalized anti-Semitism
Yuval Canfi
Published: 02.09.13, 10:36
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1. Worry about young immigrants streaming in not Right
2. Mmm...
Jerome ,   AKL   (09.02.13)
keep them polished and ready to launch, just in case. Some say we have 250 of them....... Happy New Year
3. When English speaking press finds
Miron ,   USA   (09.02.13)
a way to talk to Jewish people without resorting to profanities we might start dialog. For now, this article, from title: "Op-ed: Jews chosen as scapegoats of extremist leaders who gained power due to economic crisis in Europe " to broad stroke fear mongering is an obscene insult to intelligence.
4. The writer does not know europe
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (09.02.13)
antisemtism is the realm of the intitutionlized socilist and christian parties, who brought in the muslims for the dirty work... salon antisemtism adided by court jews in all kind of socialist parties hs always been there and grows stronger every day!
5. Jews caught in the middle... again.
nadav ,   tlv   (09.02.13)
What is happening in the EU today is not exactly the same as during the Great Depression. The economic reasons for the recessions in some of the EU countries are different than those that caused the Depression. Also, the Jews, who are not immigrants in Europe, but fully integrated, working, tax paying, and loyal citizens - for centuries of not millenia, are indeed caught in the middle of the anti-multicultural struggle lead by the (far) right-wing parties and movements. Immigrants, many if not mostly illegal in the EU, are usually unemployed, unassimilated, and a sizable minority among them have loyalty to other- sometimes even enemy, countries. This is especially the case for some Arab and other Muslim immigrants. Unfortunately, the struggle against this nefarious minority of jihadists has caused many Europeans to frown upon all "non traditional" conceptions of their citizenry, which unfortunately includes the Jews among them.
6. Jewish stolen fortune ill invested
Raoul ,   FR   (09.02.13)
Europe stole the Jewish money, why not keep Jews alive and employed to teach EU how to turn thousands to Billions? Instead they kept the stolen money and threw the brains out. To handle money dear Europe you need brains. You can't buy them nor steal them. Good luck with your collapsing block.
7. #1 is right
most danger to Jews comes from Islamic immigrants and Leftists. The uneducated nationalists Canfi is talking about are an unimportant minority, and at worst, a reaction to the Islamic/Leftist dismantling of their societies.
8. where it's heading?
tiki ,   belgium   (09.02.13)
To where it's always heading! Blood & tears! After a few more murders on Jews in Europe and most will leave because, contrary to the times of the Spanish inquisition, Communist pogrom's , Nazi Holocaust & European tolerance, today there is a strong vibrant Jewish country who will defend itself against barbaric aggressors and who has proved it knows how to do it! The European will again read the map of preference from the wrong side because this time their collective enemy will come from the religion of peace, who will bring the Syrian/Arabian street onto their doorstep....including the right wing doorstep! Europeans are a very dumb lot who haven't learned anything from their history. That's what makes them so dangerous!
9. Oh, please!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.13)
Face facts. Europe is the present-day equivalent of the Roman Empire. Dying. No loss. Europe is reaping what it has sown for a thousand years. The G-d of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. I think the Europeans are recognizing this now. What a pity there aren't enough Jews left in Europe for the Europeans to rail against. Whomever will they blame now? Let me guess.
10. constant victimhood
anton ,   istanbul   (09.02.13)
is not nice strategy
11. To nr. 9, Sarah B.,U.S./Israel.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Our big planet Earth   (09.02.13)
Well written down by you. Europe is not one land and one people. Europe is just a geograhical continent, divided in several countries, with each an own people just as, for example Africa and Asia. Salute,
12. What Utter Drivel by Yuval Canfi.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (09.02.13)
What utter and complete rubbish, Yes there are problems with fringe right-wing extremeist political parties in Europe like Jobbik in Hungary and Golden Dawn in Greece who target Jews, Gypsies and Muslims and blame them for Europes economic woes but to suggest that the people of Europe are some how becoming raving anti-Semites crying out for some sort of suedo-Nazi Fascist Dictatorship on the basis of the extreme fringe is completely rediculous. To criticice Europe for extremeism is Hypocritical in the highest, perhaps Yuval Canfi could look also at Israel and the United States who have plenty of extreme right-wing Jewish and Christian religious fanatics who despise religious and racial minorities and try to impose their extreme right wing religious political agenda on the moderate majority who live in the United States and Israel who like Europe reject these extremeists for the nuts that they are. The fact is that Europe and Europeans are naturally tolerant and progressive in nature, and proudly reject the fascist anti-Semites and Islamophobes at the ballot box every time we elect our leaders. Europe is a bastion of liberty, rationality and tolerance for its minorities in a world filled with religious fundamentalists and right-wing extremists and I for one am proud that we are not like the racist bible thumping fanatics in the United States and Israel who regularly post on ynet.
13. Our house is burning and Yuval is worried by a whiff
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.02.13)
of smoke at the neighbors place. Israel is packed with extremists, racist parties and xenophobes. How about we tackle the flames engulfing our home before worrying about that very mild smoulder in our neighbor's yard?!
14. EU goes not learn from History.
Esterina ,   Brooklyn NY USA   (09.02.13)
The ignorant Europeans do not read History. Whatever country expels the JEWS or persecutes them, Their countries economy falls to depth of desperation. Does that say anything about the CHOSEN PEOPLE that G-d blessed!!
15. Come on Mr Canfi..........
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (09.02.13)
Enough of your revelling in this victimhood already. Jews thrive in Germany, England and other European countries. The real targets of hatred there are the Muslims who are much more visible and much more numerous.
16. #10
Why is the Turkish army hiding in its baracks instead of saving tens of thousands of Muslims murdered by Assad? Is it because you guys can only kill unarmed Kurdish civilians?
17. Lies and distortion
Bikerwolf ,   London U.K.   (09.02.13)
The so-called 'right wing' parties and groups in Britain are neither anti- Semitic nor anti - Isarel (BNP, EDL). In fact they are quite the opposite. The anti- Israel and anti -Semitic rabble over here consist of the Islamists and their left wing myopic cohorts all feeding each other with one-sided propaganda and disseminating it through the liberal media. We are not stuffing from economic 'depression' either. Our problems stem from populist and socialist administrations falling over their own feet in the rush to provide unaffordable welfare 'rights' to anyone who turns up on our doorstep and all paid for by big government spending money it does't have. No one is starving in Britain. Even rough sleepers have places to sleep and eat - providing they leave their drugs, cigarettes and alcohol at the door. The article is ridiculous and self- defeating.
18. #10 anton
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.02.13)
Neither is always blaming Jews or turning a blind eye to reality as shown in the article. By doing so, you join those in doing what you say 'doesn't exist'.
19. #12 david
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.02.13)
Which fringe right-wing religious parties have been elected in the US?
20. History
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.02.13)
For the past 2,000 years the Eurotrash have worked on our genocide. Somethings never change. We work hard and the Eurotrash whines, steals what we have created and then blames us for their mistakes and misfortune. This is the history of Eurotrash
21. Antisemitism in Europe is normal
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.02.13)
Antisemitism in Europe is normal but they will deny it like all antisemites do.
22. antisemitism i n EUROPE
23. As Others Have Pointed Out ...
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.02.13)
It's the far left aligned with the Islamists in European countries (and in the US) where anti-Israel/Jewish attacks originate these days. In the US this can be seen especially on US' College Campuses. The rise of reactionary groups in Europe is because the native Europeans feel their countries - and cultures - are being taken over by Islamists with the help of their own left-wing citizens. Read some of the European blogs, newsgroups, and news comments. (The non-left wing ones.) You'll see where the anger is directed. It's not directed toward Israel or the Jews.
24. No, not ONLY jews, but basically...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (09.02.13)
...the somewhat heterogenic group "everyone but ourselves" are being blamed for the crisis. If we look at southern Europe (because the lousy economy is a south European problem), everyone from the EU, the IMF, the World Bank, immigrants, scientists, media, gypsies, Muslims, Jews, Merkel etc etc etc are being blamed. The European, or more correctly the Southern European disease can be summed as follows: "Whatever it is that is wrong, it's someone else's fault. Always!'
25. Anti semitisim
Jack bender ,   Palm beach fl.   (09.02.13)
The Jews in eruope need to move to Israel....to few in numbers to fight,although nothing dissuades an Jew hater more then a baseball bat
26. 16,18
anton ,   istanbul   (09.02.13)
16 irrelevant, 18 nobody is turning blindeye to anything, i have seen many aricle like this in israeli press the more its exagrated the less its gonna be taken seriously, one more thing if you dont want them europeans to get "anti you" stop your anti others reactions and shape their opinions in your own liking its in ur own hands
27. Solomon, Brooklyn.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (09.02.13)
There is one giant Right-wing religious party in the United States, its called the Republican Party and its entire dominionist ideology is based on imposing an extreme brand of right-wing evangelical fundamentalist protestant Christianity on the population whether they want it or not. On top of that there are plenty of extreme right-wing fringe political parties and lobby groups, such as the Tea Party who advocate an extreme dominionist agenda.
28. church history
eddie ,   cape town   (09.02.13)
Church libraries in europe are bursting at the seams with volumes of anti jewish poetry and writings from the middle ages- just waiting to be used when these "spiritual" savages are ready to publish them by using contemporary language to apply them to the 21st century--(but they are still medievil) The question is, why do the keep such tombs and volumes of hatred in the church premises???-------- for later use of course
29. Sarah B, Laila, Esterina, Gee.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (09.02.13)
Oh get over yourselves we may have our economic problems but Europe isn't going to collapse or be smitten by god any time soon. Ontop of that Europe is Israels largest trading partner, Europe wants Israel to be prosperous and continue the economic partnership we've had for decades and it is in Israel's best interest for an economicaly strong Europe. Just because Europe doesn't support the bible thumping religious fanatics and the extreme right wing settler movement and racist Arab haters doesn't mean were anti-Semites it just means that we are friends of Israel who can criticise it constructively when it is wrong on certain issues. Oh and perhaps you all may like to visit Europe and get out of your West Bank and New York hate caves for a while and come see Europe and its thriving Jewish communities and their beautiful synnagogues.
30. #27 Baloney
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.02.13)
The Republican party is made up of a wide range of people from different religious and political backgrounds. You will find a growing number of former democrats among them. Tea Party members want smaller government, less spending and individual rights kept in tact. How is that an "extreme dominionist agenda"? Just shows how little you know about American politics.
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