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More than 110,000 dead in Syria conflict
Published: 01.09.13, 15:54
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1. The World Does Not Care.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.01.13)
110,000 Arabs are dead. I cannot even name one.
2. the numbers
The numbers published by the pro-Sunni organization show the real story. Only 22000 Sunni troops have been killed compared to 45000 Assad troops, a veritable massacre. If these numbers were all the truth, Assad would have lost long ago. Also the civilian deaths make no sense, 4000 woman and 6000 children, leaves almost 30000 others. If we assume the same number of men as women are dead innocent civilians, that leaves 26000 fighting age Sunni to add to the official 22000 Sunni soldiers. Such a low number of civilian deaths implies that both sides are intent on killing combatants and that civilians have time to flee. Then 45000 dead Assad troops compared to 48000 dead Sunni makes sense.
3. above
moishe   (09.03.13)
well, they cant blame Israel for the misery they suffer...and will continue to suffer until they realize they are the problem, not Israel and the West. they have much in common with previous dictatorships that its people support only to suffer in the end. it should be 'wake up' time in the Moslem ME but I don't think it will happen soon. pity!
4. Re#1 - Caring
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.03.13)
The world can - and many do - care. I hate seeing that many people killed. I don't care what group they belong to -they're human beings & I hate to see one group kill another. However, I'm very hard-pressed to think what can be done to stop it short of an invasion of that country. There are other countries around the world where one group is killing another. If I thought there was a way to stop this - short of invasion - I'd be for it. Inaction doesn't necessarily mean not caring. It can mean the necessary action is too extreme to take.
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