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Senators push for attack as White House ponders Syria strike draft
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Published: 03.09.13, 00:07
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1. If Assad is indeed intelligent, he would
Israeli 2   (09.03.13)
not allow his country be submitted to Iran. He seems to be smart enough not to scratch the ire of Israel. All he has to do now in order to be forgiven for humanity's crimes and avoid WW3 is to forego the Golan to Israel and make genuine peace with it. He can do it. He is after all intelligent.
2. Congress needs to support Obama
CJK   (09.03.13)
on this particular issue the us congress needs to support obama. first, it is unacceptable that in the twenty first century a mass murderer be allowed to use weapons of mass destruction in all impunity. second, the credibility and the prestige of the united states and its power of deterrence are on the line. third, if this authorization is denied, then iran will definitely become a nuclear power.
3. AIPAC are working overtime
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (09.03.13)
apparently, and Netanyahu has given the $100 million to spend.
4. Fire Ariel Immediately Bibi
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (09.03.13)
Lets admit something, the Jews were hated in Europe and Rusia long before WW2. Hitler used this loathing as well as other divisions to spur his Reichfolk and suppoerters into a world war," A New World Order" w/o Jews.and sub humans. Germany back to Frederick the Great. In Issrael, the Charedi wont fight or work, they have protests in Manhattan NY too. Yet the locals hate them..ask them for proof. In Europe, after WW2, there was some gone. Israel is seen as the occupier, the aggressor, the killed of Palestinians. Bibi said there should bve a strong response..but h is the P.M. What whould he have said? Cabinet miniswt4er should keep quiet..and defer to him. Avi Lieverman typically is controversail, refuting his boss. No wonder Israel is in such a mess. Whomever Syria, whatever the US limited response. Israel gains nothing. Sunnis are Muslim guys, but Assads forces are mainly Christians. Pick your poison.
5. Prudence
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (09.03.13)
First - "If the Congress were to reject a resolution like this after the president of the United States has already committed to action, the consequences would be catastrophic," - I think that's exactly what SHOULD happen. Maybe then Obumbler would learn to keep his messianic ego in check & defer to the Constitutional provision that he has no war powers. Secondly - Instead of Israel looking to the US about what to do with Syrian, I think it should be the other way around. Israel, I love you & will always stand behind you, but it's time you take the lead in your own back yard. You take whatever action YOU deem necessary and the US will have your back, you KNOW this. But waiting for the US to make a move only damages your image with the American public. The typical US leftist already believes Israel is the tail that wags the US dog. You've got to break that image.
6. 2 Senators who sold out
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.13)
Benghazi hearing ; McCain groveled to Hilary Clinton knowing she was lying after both the two had led campaign to DISCOVER Cairo, sent by Obama to intercede with Burns on behalf of the Muslim butcher Morsi who wants to exterminate Jews McCain, Graham you are full of wind Time you both retired; Little wonder Congress has such a miserable approval rating.
7. Reminds me of when i was 11!
Ilan ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.03.13)
i stole something from another kid, and when i was confronted by the teacher, i tried to use the same tactic as Al Assad! But why would i steal it, if i already have one at home! which i did, but i still stole it from the kid anyways! anyways the point is, how are people falling for this? " I'm winning, why would i need to gas people.? " Really? winning? that is a first in world history! winning against armed rebellion against civilians hiding among other civilians in under 3 years! you just did in a flash what the Israelis have been trying to do for decades, and america in Iraq and Afghanistan for Over a decade! What! meanwhile in Canada! Syrian youth holds a knife up to a cop, and gets shot dead! The kid's sister went pallywood on social media, and Now the dead kid is a Hero! how does that work?
8. 1 Assad is not intelligent
CJK   (09.03.13)
he gave an interview in which he threatened france, mocked obama, and asked for proof of his own culpability. he also threatened a conflagration in the middle east. the man is clearly a sociopath who cannot be left in power.
9. 4 Assad's forces
CJK   (09.03.13)
assad forces are mostly alawite, especially among the officers. among the conscripts, there are sunnis. beside that, assad has the iranian al quds forces and terrorists of hezbollah. your comments on why jews are/were hated are most unwelcome. furthermore, the minister only spoke the truth. he said what most people think but cannot say.
10. "the bad guys" bombed Syria 5 time this year, unprovoked
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.03.13)
11. McCain is a RINO and a suspected Manchurian candidate.
Rivkah   (09.03.13)
He needs to leave office for the good of the nation. US warships are now in the Red Sea where Nostradamus saw hundreds of years ago in a vision from HaShem that a fleet of iron ships will be destroyed in the Persian Sea (Red Sea). Iran has Sunburst missile that fly under radar like Cruise missiles that if nuclear tipped will destroy a ship with one hit. Syria likely has them, too, since Russia is the supplier. Get the Nimitz and US fleet south of the Red Sea to protect them. They can launch from that area and not be in the prophetic scenario of destruction. There is much evidence that the rebels who are worse than the Assad regime used chemical weapons on their own people to blame Assad to get the West to help them. It is a trap. Don't do it. Let them fight it out for themselves. As Sarah Palin said, "Let Allah sort it out."
12. Uri Ariel is right and , as usual, PM
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.03.13)
is wrong. One can expect a large degree or total US abandonment of Israel sooner or later. Time though Israel looked to itself and not others for it's own protection and acted..
13. #10 You are misinformed. US cowards have yet to attack.
14. McCain
fact: the NSA has recorded each and every communication, including personal communications, made by people like McCain and his family. fact: as the IRS scandal shows, Obama uses confidential information to attack his political opponents. fact: Everyone says and does things they regret and would rather not have known, and as Snowden revealed, it isn't even difficult to make an innocent person do some minor infraction that can be blown out of proportion and destroy the person's life. Now the question: can anyone tell me why McCain supports Obama's war?
15. America is the real bizaroland not Israel
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.03.13)
The American people are growing wiser and more informed thanks to the alternative media.. Alex Jones is the driving force. Do not underestimate his influence and sway with the people. Israel needs to wake the hell up and realize the bigger picture of geopolitics and geoeconomics being played with us. IF WE DON'T, history will repeat. Luckily these are End Times. Either way it goes, we will see God's Salvation and Redemption in the Coming Days of Moshiach Ben David... (not Jesus folks) this time it is the Hand of God and his Messiah... I repeat, not Jesus..
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