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Kerry to Senate: Iran is hoping you look the other way
Yitzhak Benhorin, agencies
Published: 04.09.13, 00:32
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1. stupid aipac
jeri   (09.04.13)
aipac should stay the hell out of syrian affairs. US decision based on obama and chemical weapons, not to attribute it to israel which has kept low. Jews continue to take on world problems and act stupid. That is why jews become the centre of so much hate. Just stay out of syrian affairs and concern yourselves with israeli affairs.
2. majority
john ,   toronto   (09.04.13)
There is a majority in those who want to strike. AIPAC, adl , US , Turkey, some middle eastern countries. But some of these places, may be funding the terrorist groups. It may be about arms trade and resources.
farrokh ,   IRAN,usa   (09.04.13)
No country in the world can attack Iran,Hazballah or Syria.
4. Geopolitics and the Syrian civil war
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.04.13)
PNAC = Project for a New American Century. There are NWO motives to destroying Syria and then eventually Iran. Our problem is that now Syria has become destabilized thanks to these plans being implemented. I do not like Obama, I don't trust him. Assad is being played by the west. The Saudi led rebel Al Qaeda forces employed a false flag chem weapons attack against Assad. Despite knowing all of this, I believe Assad's chemical weapons option should be neutralized. So I reluctantly support a limited bombing campaign to neutralize as much of Syria's chem weapons before Assad becomes really desperate or before the rebels get their hands on these weapons.
5. AIPAC should shut the F up
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (09.04.13)
Great, now all the anti-Semites will point to AIPAC as pushing the US into another unnecessary war to serve Israel's interests. They will only be half wrong this time.
6. IRAN,IRAN, who will bomb Iran?
CJK   (09.04.13)
in the midst of obama's seemingly chaotic foreign policy, the issue of iran is being largely ignored. the shia terror entity and its nuclear weapons program should have been obama's top priority. had iran been decapited, assad would have become irrelevant. however, it is a hope and a prayer that obama will ever have a strategic vision or care more about others than about himself.
7. Kerry forgot to mention Saudi Arabia
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.04.13)
The Syrian civil war is a Saudi run operation. The agenda is driven by the Saudis. Despite the strong opposition against direct intervention by bombing Syria, I am beginning to change my mind on taking out Assad's chemical weapons stores. If a short term bombing campaign can take out most of his chemical weapons caches than it should be done. He was caught trying to transfer these weapons to Hezbollah, and that is enough to convince me.
8. Start mass producing Chemical Protective Suits Fast.
Zechariah   (09.04.13)
9. syrian gas attack = iranian decoy
Philippe ,   Raanana   (09.04.13)
Once more Iran orchestrated the gas attack as a decoy to draw the west into another operation while leaving its nuclear arm race in the shadow.With impressive stupidity Obama and his liberal-grotesque-humanitarian clique of snobbish billionaires felt into this trap.It's a long time now that Iran runs the show in Syria and Assad is a mere iranian pawn on the mideast chessboard. By provoking the west ( US and poor little France ) with the gas attack , Iran has won another 3 to 6 months of tranquility to reach the nuclear arm.Assad serves as the iranian punching-ball , it diverts attention towards him , while iran covers the final steps of his mass destruction weapon.the assad provokation also shown clearly that Obama is an amateur with fragile nerves, Kerry a grandiloquent snob with no strategic thinking, Dempsey a little certified accountant who prefers to see the economic costs of an intervention rather than the military gains.Poor USA , poor western world , poor Israel: the next test is the iranian bomb
10. 9. Wake up smell the Coffee, Putin is no fool!
lydia ,   Brisbane   (09.05.13)
This bit of US brinkmanship is pure theater. Putin is begin to look like the bigger Statesman. He recently turned down the Saudi's Bandar bin Sultan, and the 'bundles of goodies' so Obama is going to have to make Putin an even bigger 'offering' to get him to turn his back on Assad.
11. 9 If its Iran then they are only following Israels lead
lydia ,   Brisbane   (09.05.13)
Israel who has used numerous wars to circumvent the implementation of some 250UN res. to vacate the illegally occupied territories.
12. 7 Syria/Hezbollah has repeatedly outfoxed Israel
lydia ,   Brisbane   (09.05.13)
Note the recent strike by Israel on an empty warehouse after the Russian missiles had already been moved. Just like the CW were supposed to have been smuggled from Iraq to Syria my bet is they have already been smuggled to Hezbollah.
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