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Russia sends missile cruiser to Mediterranean
Published: 04.09.13, 13:51
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1. Folks what you are witnessing
Robert ,   farmington   (09.04.13)
Folks what you are witnessing is the dumbness nation on earth , no I'm not talking about Syria , Russia , Iran or my love Israel , no I'm talking about the country I live in the United States now you are talking about a deadline strike , no boots on the ground , and by the time America strike we are going have the Russian navy right next to us who is no friends to America or Israel. who thought up this plan... The Russians complete suicide. may the Lord forever bless the State of Israel.
2. Russians
Ronnie ,   Australia   (09.04.13)
Do not like Liver Eaters. They will join in with America in bombing flat all and every Nerve Gas Dump. They may do a deal on bombing the crap out of the said liver eaters while the Syrian Airforce takes over from Assad and then bombs the Syrian army unit that fired the gas rockets in the first place. Putin is not stupid and has seen little Russian children mass murdered on by Islam. Putin has more brains then Obumma, and pound for pound, bigger balls.
3. Russia & villainous Putin. incubating terror
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.13)
They have an old pact with Iran allowing access to the Arabian Gulf; They have leased a port from Syria, giving them a foothold on the Mediteranian. Shameless imperialism coming up against a naive president of the USA. Nevertheless, It is Russia who is morally responsible for the acts of terror by Iran Syria, Hezballah, Hamas R%$ussia is incubating Terror
4. Russia has nuclear tipped Sunburst missiles that
Rivkah   (09.04.13)
fly below radar and can destroy an aircraft carrier in one hit. Don't attack Syria. Let Syria resolve its own problems. PRAY FOR PEACE IN JERUSALEM SO THERE WILL BE PEACE IN THE WORLD.
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.04.13)
The Eastern Mediterranean waters are attracting more and more warships from both sides , Obama`s and Putin`s. Political frictions may start military sparks leading to hot war.
6. #5
Harold ,   USA   (09.04.13)
I smell World War III. If that happens many Middle Eastern countries will be flattened i.e. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel. Never forget Russia is Syria's buddy and the US is Israel's buddy.
7. #3 Norbus How do think putin and russia
Will be judged for there Incubating of Terror??? Shalom
8. our hope is that
arne ,   chicago usa   (09.04.13)
congress will vote the"action" down. Let the Syrians kill one another--we stay the hell out--take our ships and move out--we have nothing to gain by Obama's error in judgement. we can punish Russia at a later date in more ways than one.Let's pull back NOW!
9. Strategically it's an ecouraging sign
Miron ,   USA   (09.05.13)
but we are in a tactical phase now. An test of ICBM into Mediterrenian would be more convincing with regards to Russia intent than sacrificing safety of own borders for the sake of showing to fascists your resolve. Use what our fathers created to defend self and friends. And don't worry about what anyone says. Just use it, hard, fast, and silently. The safety of own borders for Russia may not be compromised. So, again, instead of ships send missiles, for now test missiles. Daily.
10. #6, Harold
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (09.05.13)
Harold, Russia won't nuke Israel. Well, not if they don't want a full nuclear retaliation that would erase Russia's big cities and render it uninhabitable for a long, long time. MAD still applies.
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