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Iran's Rohani tweets Rosh Hashana blessing
Published: 05.09.13, 08:19
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1. I'd fire that "expert" immediately. Just like Obama's empty
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.05.13)
gesture at Stockholm Synagogue this primitive propaganda shouldn't even be reported on.
2. First Obama's New Year greeting.Now Rohani too!Wonderful.
Alan ,   SA   (09.05.13)
I am overwhelmed.... Awaithing Kim Jun Un and Assad good wishes
3. nice but very suspicius on the eve of a syrian attack !
max ,   paris   (09.05.13)
Ok, the new president says shana tova...thank you. Does that mean he will not ask Hezbollah or Syria to shoot Chemical or Conventional missiles on highly jewish populated area (Israel)...of course not. But thanks to that tweet, nobody will say he's a new Hitler"s boss...I found that very very worrying. Ok maybe i'm paranoid...hope so.
4. President Rouhani, thank you, now would you please
CJK   (09.05.13)
stop supporting assad, stop sending al quds forces to Syria, stop supporting hezbollah, above all, would you please give up your nuclear weapons program so that we can all live in peace.
5. Don' t fool us Mr Rohani president of THE terrorist State
6. Hitler said in 30's that he wished peace for Europe...
7. #2, Anyways Shana Tova :)
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (09.05.13)
8. deception and stupidity
milson   (09.05.13)
rohani is quite deceptive but greetings are smart. On the other hand, bibi is dumb, cowardly dumb. He is so weak that he is unable to say, israel will be sovereign on jordan valley, instead sending idf brass to talk to pals about a long term stay whereas the pa wants 10 years of nato and no more. We already see that nato, US and EU are unreliable. If bibi agrees to a rental on security points, then israel should get the hellout of tel aviv entirely and go back to camps in cyprus to await their next location. What a bunch of cowardly shmucks, especially bibi who is in a class with olmert and ehud barak, weak, weak shalits, the whole bloody pack of them.
9. 4
anton ,   istanbul   (09.05.13)
and iranians replied"would you also fancy for a cup of coffie"? give and take is two way street
10. Nice words with some new hopes
Joe   (09.05.13)
For better future.
11. Masha Allah
12. Coffee
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (09.05.13)
So what's next? Does Israel sit down with Iran and negotiate over coffee? I don't think so. There will be a day of action. It's coming. Count on it.
13. To #1
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (09.05.13)
An expert is a person who is not interested in any new ideas or thoughts. Otherwise, he would not be an expert. Harry Truman said that when he was president. He was right.
14. Most Dangerous happened:Your received a peace kiss!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (09.05.13)
Role of israil is aggression based on some grounds Unless Israel keep its aggressive role going on, it will not be eligible for military aid or other support. So you may soon discover all support from USA was contingent upon your aggression and attack around, to rise oil prices thus US speculators may make money. Thus US death oil wells may be still working.
15. 14
are all turks so stupid, or is it just you?
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