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Venezuelan Jews: New year, new home
Associated Press
Published: 06.09.13, 08:45
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1. Medlesom Jews
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.06.13)
Jews of Venezuela meddled in the affairs of the goyim too much and so they were kicked out. This is the fate of America's Jews. Prepare yourselves. You will be blamed for the coming economic/financial collapse. Do not say you were not warned. If there is a war in Syria, you will be blamed. AIPAC has outgrown its usefulness. AIPAC is taking care of its own butt. Without US hegemony AIPAC is not worth squat. They are not looking out for Israel or the Israelis they are looking out for themselves.
2. #1 I agree 100%..The only future for the Jew is Israel
Al   (09.06.13)
now if only the Jews in Israel would start electing qualified people to lead them, then things would really turn around. Your leadership is poor, schnorrish and lacking in understanding. Happy New Year Dror and to all our beloved IDF soldiers, I pray for your continued well being.
3. another prophet
samuel ,   Jerusalem   (09.06.13)
in the long list of false prophets, you are the most idiot of all. i wonder where is your crystal ball to see the future ?
4. From Venezuela to Israel
Marcos ,   Nahariya   (09.07.13)
I was part of those 25000 Venezuelan Jews, but 10 years ago I decided to come to Israel...Best desertion ever!
5. a jew is a jew, whether in the usa or israel. show some
debra ,   usa   (09.07.13)
respect for your jewish brothers and sisters wherever they live.
6. No4
Marcos ,   Nahariya   (09.07.13)
Decision not desertion
7. No. 6 Marcos
NYC Girl   (09.07.13)
Actually, you might say you "deserted" Venezuela for Israel, which was obviously a wise move on your part. Good to hear it worked out so well.
8. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.08.13)
The word is "meddlesome." Learn English, please. Moreover, the Venezuelan Jews did not meddle in the affairs of anyone. They happen to represent a fairly wealthy segment of Venezuela's population, and that made them distasteful to Chavez, who was too busy gathering up as much graft and corruption payouts as humanly possible. The Jews refused to donate to the Chavez Personal Wealth Enhancement Fund. But Venezuela's loss is a gain to both the United States and the State of Israel. It is now possible to get a delicious -- and kosher -- arepa in both Tel Aviv and Miami. I call that a win-win. For the first time in years, I actually enjoy going to Miami.
9. #1 ,...
split ,   US   (09.08.13)
Why Florida not Israel, because of generous handouts. - Subsidised section 8 housing hood otherwise they wouldn't be flocking there, food stamps, free medicaid and other perks not available in Israel. There're low income Goyim families waiting in line for that housing for years, this people are keep coming, cutting in, pushing them back and pissing off. Other Latinos have to wait for amnesty to legalize their status, this strays come and go whenever and wherever they wish in US. I wouldn't want to be one of them in Florida when something goes wrong and ugly. How long it's going to take them to turn this place to Williamsburg or Boro Park alike Jewish ghetto, that's another subject ,...
10. we sent chavez back.
ironguy   (09.08.13)
and there are plenty more assholes on the way. targeted. scumbags hahahahahaha !
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