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Obama tells nation that Syria is 'not another Iraq or Afghanistan'
Published: 07.09.13, 13:36
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1. So What Happens?
Bob Cassidy   (09.07.13)
What if the USA does its "surgical strike", and the the "rebels" do another chemical attack, will the USA say "Whoops! We were wrong?" Will they then do a "surgical strike" on the so-called rebels?
2. Ma fellow Mericans.We cant turn a blind eye to Saudi $$bilsl
Alan ,   SA   (09.07.13)
Saudi and Gulf States offered to pay for whole war! according to news reports!
3. The American people couldnt care less
Al   (09.07.13)
As for Netanyahu, never a very bright man, he spend a lot of political capital pandering to Obama. This will come back to bite us all in the ass. Obama and Kerry are pressuring Israel into a false 'peace' with the Pals, all the while leaving Israel to deal with Iran by itself. Syria is not the issue here. The real issue is Iran which America refuses to deal with. Netanyahu put his bet on Obama to deal with Iran and he lost. Its time for real leadership in Israel. The current slate of leaders are failing the country.
4. finally Obama grew a pair
and is not allowing the the 3rd world tyrants and Islamists, who have Putin as their ringer leader, to bully him around this time. Bush would have never taken this crap from the 3rd world, and he was a horrible person and president, but at least no ones prison b. From a guy who really regrets voting for Obama, right on Obama.
5. What if Congress turns him down as expected?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.07.13)
Just have to wait for the next chem attack or some other kind of unconventional false flag op.
6. Obama; diplomatic failure
Adam ,   Israel   (09.07.13)
As it stands the only body capable of making an actual decision is the u.s.. The useless nations (UN), seem to think that dictatorial states can be controlled through diplomacy meanwhile all the laws that they created in the geneva convention are being mocked by theses exact states. What does it mean to have laws if noone can enforce them? Unfortunatley after this incident the UN has belittled itself and further lessened its strength by its inactivity. The U.S. has managed to do the same through obamas flinching. Its ok though obama, pretty soon russia and its goonies will have their way with you.
7. No sale
spyguy ,   seattle   (09.07.13)
Between the racist that hate Obama for being black to the liberals that do not want war, a clear MAJORITY of Americans will say "no sale."
8. I say no to war
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.07.13)
I actually live here. All you armchair general blowhards need to actually have something to lose before you make your obnoxious comments. Al has a son on the front lines. I am sure he does not want to endanger his son's life for a pointless war that Israel should NOT get sucked into. I have a one year old son, and we live in the North. The IDF has proven it cannot defend the North 100%. This war should remain as a Proxy war between the Saudis and the Iranians. Bibi better find a way to keep us out of it, otherwise he really is useless.
9. #8 - Sorry Dror, but anti-projectile weapons
spyguy ,   seattle   (09.07.13)
have a terrible reliability history in the real world. As you noted, the only way for you to be somewhat safe is for Israel and the US to avoid escalating things. Any escalation will just cause lots of missiles to rain on Israel. Note that the missile will not all be from the Syrian army and Hezbollah, but also the rebels. Remember that NONE of the rebels like the US or Israel (they are funded by Saudi Arabia). There is no way the US and Israel can "win" in this conflict, only lose or lose very badly.
10. President Hussein
Arturo   (09.07.13)
Hussein needs to do whatever the Saudis require him to do.
11. The message is clear : Us et all eyes
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.07.13)
closed tight on Iran so stop talking Netanyahu and get going. We are on our own.
12. What Happen
Lebanese 2 ,   usa   (09.07.13)
Iran successfully drag USA and Russia face to face in middle east .
13. Gog U Magog
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.07.13)
We are here and it is now....
14. stay calm and vigilant
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (09.07.13)
Israel must maintain a watch on ham, hiz, Syria, Iran. Israel can not commit our limited energy to ALL these threats at once. This time it should be obvious that we must maintain a close watch. The IDF will eventually have to stampout the most dangerous of these threats...but ONLY at the last moment. Stay calm and vigilant. moshe
15. Amazing how quickly American people forget 9/11 .
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.07.13)
For that was the reason for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I pray Americans do not have to experience another 9/11 - but if they keep showing their weakness and apathy to the world's problems, then I fear for them.
16. #15 - Neither Iraq nor Syria have anything to do with
spyguy ,   seattle   (09.08.13)
9/11, which was a done by ... SAUDIS! Which just happen to be the same folks attacking Syria right now. Americana remember well how they were lied to about Iraq and the badly botched retaliation on Afghanistan, so they are justifiably very skeptical of anything the POTUS says. A bad response to 9/11 just made things worse for Americans not better. As for the world's problems, that is NOT the responsibility of the US, but the individual countries. The US does NOT have the resources nor the ability to make the world better.
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