Disarm Israel of nuclear weapons
Yuval Eylon
Published: 08.09.13, 10:10
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1. Disarm Israel of nuclear weapons
Adam ,   London   (09.08.13)
Hyperbole and conjecture.
2. A nuclear armed Iran...
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.08.13)
What this typically arrogant or very naive Israeli columnist fails to mention is that a nuclear Iran is a greater threat to the Saudis than it is to us. The Americans won't be able to threaten Iran as easily for not cooperating with their petrodollar scheme. This is at the heart of the issue. The Saudis, the Americans, and fools like this writer prefer the issue remain between Israel and Iran only. The Americans and Saudis in typical fashion are hiding behind hostilities and tensions between Jews and Persians this time, instead of Jews and Arabs, as in the past.
3. Israel occupies lands built by Jewish kings.Check yr history
Adi ,   Zurich   (09.08.13)
Israel occupies lands built by Jewish kings. Check yr history
4. To No. 3
Bertram ,   London, UK   (09.08.13)
You can invade a land, occupy a land, settle a land. Didn't know you could build one. My basic geographical knowledge suggests the land was always there.
5. finally
anton ,   istanbul   (09.08.13)
i never thought i would see such a balanced article in israel well written
6. Cow disease in Israel? Help this poor fool.....
who cares   (09.08.13)
Thought that cow disease happens in England only.....Please send Mr Eylon to England quickly, there they know how to treat this disease.....
7. 'Disarm' people such as this author
P ,   Israel   (09.08.13)
Dangerous and irresponsible argument and article. Comparing apples and oranges. Unlike Iran, Israel has never threatened to 'wipe Iran off the map.' Israel does not threaten its Arabic neighbors on a daily basis. The author needs to be 'disarmed' of being able to publish such atrocities.
8. Mr.Elyon's position at the Philosophy dept. makes it somehow
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.08.13)
easier to understand his lack of grasp of basic, fundamental facts of real life on Planet Earth. That would be the only excuse for this type of futile and deeply disturbing musings of a vacuous mind....."philosopher" indeed (cringe)
9. would have been good
As a parody this would be funny, but it isn't. This is how Leftists think, the same Leftists who imported Arafat, gave Lebanon to Hezbolla and gave Gaza to Hamas. As the Leftist narrative drowns in blood and anarchy both in the US and Israel, we still hear these psychotic musings. Eylon is right that Israel could never survive the post attack political fallout (though he forgets to mention that this is thanks to Obama and the Israeli Left). Eylon then somehow decides that Israel disarming herself is a good idea. The psychiatric illness that allows him to reach such a bizarre conclusion also explains how Eylon missed the only solution for Israel's problem. An Israel that surrenders Judea and Samaria to the Arab occupation as Eylon dreams about cannot survive, certainly not a nuclear attack. Such weakness will draw an attack. Ensuring Israel's sovereignty over liberated Judea and Samaria (like before Rabin imported PLO) guarantees that Israel can survive even a nuclear attack. Such a guarantee will reduce the chances of attack on Israel.
10. "villa in the jungle"?
A ,   Belgium   (09.08.13)
More like a lion surrounded by hyenas and vultures..
11. Disarm Humanity First
Zechariah   (09.08.13)
An opinion piece naive dangerously so about human nature.For the Great Danger is A PsychoSect of WMD pyromaniacs .The Jews ought maximise their defensive and attack Capacity .Catatrophic History but Enormous Resilience ought be our Doctrine.
12. It appears
PaulD ,   Jerusalem, ISrael   (09.08.13)
that the staff member of this Open University is so open, his brains fell out. A perfect example of constricted political consciousness, disguised as an educated critical analysis.
13. No 4
JtC ,   Jhb / Nir Eliyahu   (09.08.13)
The reason you didn't know that is simple: you didn't build Gibraltar, you didn't build the Falklands, as well as Australia, New Zealand, etc etc. But you did occupy them as you had no previous claim to them or right to them whatsoever. You still continue to...
14. How this made it to print I do not understand
Joe Fraser   (09.08.13)
15. Israels survival.
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.08.13)
The author feels safe of being in Israel. But why this educated person do not understand the nuclear capacity of Israel has helped him feel safe, is strange!!. Israel has been able to win the earlier wars. But the neighboring islamic states have also renewed weapons and any new war could bring uncertainty, and eventually stop Yuval Eylon writing his articles. The neighboring islamic states will NEVER start an all out war against Israel, when they know their capitols and cities will be removed and their countries will be uninhabitable for hundres of years. And even an islamic follower would not like to become a camel..
16. Excellent article
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (09.08.13)
Yuval Eylon's piece is a rare example of a balanced argument. It makes sense to seek nuclear disarmament, but as he points out Israel is not willing to relinquish the occupation and the Jabotinskyite iron wall ideology. The logic of this dictates that Israel will have to attack Iran an thereby threatens to ignite a powder keg and undermines peace and stability in the Middle East. Never forget, who was the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East theatre.
17. Author obviously living with his head in the sand
Joe Fraser   (09.08.13)
I do not get how so called intelligensia are so easily duped by Arab/Muslim liars.
18. While it is good to kep in mind all options
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.08.13)
there is little chance for disarmament to work in present day middle-east. Iran is spreading it's doctrine by force, it has no interest in peace or disarmament. Accumulating power is a basic necessity for survival for most regimes in the area, they are not about to disarm. The Palestinian issue is irrelevant to the issue, Iran and the other countries don't really care about the Palestinians.
19. 15
anton ,   istanbul   (09.08.13)
you dont see the dept of his argument and talking out of fear just like the reast of people here israel having nuclear weapons worries arab and iranians naturally, who s to say your country wont use it against them so in order to balance this threat they have right to acquire nucs as well, united states of america did not threaten anybody with wiping out look what happened second most moral army of theirs nuked civilians twice, i have seen here many times people suggesting nuking iran or lebanon even russia :D either middle east is gonna be nuke free or armed with nukes you cant have it both way
20. Are you guys serious?
Golan ,   Israel   (09.08.13)
Let's press Israel to disarm itself and continue selling all the other countries in the area all sorts of "harmless" chemicals that are "honestly" just for fertilizing. Let's make Israel totally defendant in the rest of the world, after all we can trust them, see how well it works in Syria.
21. Not logical
Peter ,   Greiz   (09.08.13)
Iran - after its own declarations - is not working on an atomic bomb. So it would not change anything, if Israel would disarm (hypothetical) atomic bombs.
22. To No.13
Bertram ,   London, UK   (09.08.13)
My memory is not that good these days but I don't personally recall occupying any of these lands.
23. Israeli suicidal disarmament?
Yoel Larry ,   New York City   (09.08.13)
Naive and suicidal self-flagellating utopianistic psych-babble if I ever heard It! To the authors of this nonsense: Please throw yourselves on your own swords first before asking six million Israeli Jews to do so. Dreams are for poets and madmen.
24. It takes 2 to tango
Sam ,   Canada   (09.08.13)
Where have Palestinians said they will accept a Jewish majority Israel for the long term? What Palestinians want is a state for themselves including Jerusalem without any commitment and then the rest of Israel. The pacifists and Western diplomats would rather stick their heads in the ground and have Israel take all the risks and give all the concessions.
25. #19
Dagan ,   Israel   (09.08.13)
You're being silly, naive, and uneducated. Israel has never, not once in history given reason for its neighbors to fear an unprovoked attack, unlike the rest of the Arab world's dreams of the annihilation of the Jewish people. We have these weapons to make sure the dogs of the uncivilized Arab world don't touch us - unlike what they'd be doing with nukes should they possess them! No third-world hate-filled country which spreads and educates racism from kindergarten should be allowed nuclear armament, or the United States and Europe would find themselves in just as much trouble as us once we're done for!
26. All world must surrender their Nukes to Israel!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.08.13)
Peace will only prevail on Planet Earth if and only if all countries in the World surrender all their Nukes and other WMD to Israel voluntarily!
27. Disarm Israel?!?!?
John ,   Phila PA USA   (09.08.13)
Are you really SERIOUS?? Disarming Israel will mean the death of this state-especially with Iran in the background. I really think you need to re-take the course on reality at your University...
28. Harakiri
Anshel ,   Canada   (09.08.13)
This guy Eylon is certainly a descendant to Neville Chamberlain. G-d save the student form such misguided person, advocating practically a harakiri for the Jewish State.
29. Death penalty
Quebec observer ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.08.13)
Death penalty for extreme criminals. Settle this question first before discussing other issues like yes or not nuclear capabilities.
30. In which world do you live?
Ibrahin al-Awal ,   Dearborn, Michigan   (09.08.13)
This article that is written while gas bobs explode in Syria and Iran prepares an atom bomb for Israel does not deserve an Op-ed position in a newspaper that want to appear legitimate. Both the author and YNET live in La La Land.
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