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Obama faces high-stakes week on Syria
Published: 08.09.13, 11:13
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1. Why not ask the Zulu's too, Mr BHO ?
hmmm   (09.08.13)
Would be a great opportunuty to water down every reasonble action ! And you could even blame the Zulus then :'' Its the Zulus fault - not mine !'' Man, this president is just a tragical joke......
2. Admit defeat and float back home...
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.08.13)
Do not leave all hurt and dejected, just leave. Obama, you bum, you deserve to be impeached. A dozen or more scandals at home and you look to start WWIII... Save it, we know what you and your criminal administration and buddies are up to. You will face the people for your crimes and betrayals against the Constitution and basic American Freedoms. Go home and face the music. The bells are about to tole for you...
3. Sweden is giving all Syrians EU passports can Syrians enter
Alan ,   SA   (09.08.13)
the Eurovision Contest next time round?
4. I need to correct spelling
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.08.13)
before Sarah B. throws a hissy fit, toll of the bell not tole of the bell.
5. Notice how Obama turned blind eye to
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.08.13)
protesters and went to play golf.......Doesn't he have to work in his office ?
6. This reeks of George Soros
Devorah   (09.08.13)
As do all things Obama. Both the Center for American Progress and the New America Foundation are Soros-funded organizations. Obama's Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, was a Senior Fellow at Soros' Center for American Progress. Samantha Power was one of the architects of the Libya bombing in the name of Soros "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine. Cass Sunstein, Samantha Power's husband, is active with a Soros-funded project to develop a new "progressive" U.S. Constitution by the year 2020. Susan Rice, liar extraordinaire re Benghazi and another proponent of Soros' "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine. Add to that Obama's frenzy. It is the same behaviour we saw prior to Mubarak being ousted so that the MB could come into power. And add to that the fact that there is no hard evidence against Assad. There is only appearance, conjecture, smoke, mirrors and the waving of false flags by Obama and his monkeys. This has nothing to do with laws nor compassion for the Syrian people. It is a setup, and it will harm both the U.S. and Israel.
7. Devorah you are a good Jew...
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.08.13)
Astute and accurate analysis. I like your honesty and courage. Soros admitted to conspiring with the Nazis in Hungary in his youth, he was a weasely kapo that sold condemned Jews posessions before they were shipped to the death camps. What is most horrible about it all is that he says he was proud of what he did and that it was a time in his life when he felt most alive. This guy is pure evil. Soros is a louse. He gives money to Israel to buy off the Jews derision of him. God is watching. The time of the Erev Rav is over. Soros your time time is up. I hope he lives to see his downfall. If he dies before then, may he be Judged very harshly by the Beit Hadin Hagadol Sh'bashamayim.
8. The Only Groups In USA Backing This Attack Are ...
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.08.13)
AIPAC, the Jewish Neo-Cons, Jewish politicians, John Kerry, John McCain, Linsey Graham and the fundamentalist Christians who think they can start Armageddon to force Jesus to come back. More than 80 percent of the American population do not want the USA to get involved in another proxy war for Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. My advise to Bibi and all the other warmongers and armchair generals on this site is to pick up your rifles and go fight you own war for Israel.
9. Don't get why should we get involved.
Odayah ,   Maryland, USA   (09.08.13)
Why should we risk Israel & USA with war just for the sake of protecting a country that is pretty much an enemy.. Obama listen to your people.
10. What happens when Congress doesn't sign off on it?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.08.13)
Will he just ride quietly off into the sunset and call it a day?
11. just to get wet does not mean you did swim...
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (09.08.13)
What did the world no 1 leader is trying prove? An act without a meaning. Prove nothing and achieving nothing but producing fear within the congress. No real objective, no concrete plan but have a high chair above the world. Desperately trying to and believing that by splitting Jerusalem (the meek one) will make a great name for Obama and his cheap European gang. God bless Israel and 1 Jerusalem.
12. The Coming Golden Age
Abenhoreb ,   n.a.   (09.08.13)
The man has fallen into a trap set by his predecessor when he invented the "red line" that couldn't be crossed, namely, chemical warfare. It's a credibility trap. He claims that the line was crossed and it's no "fabrication" of his, so now, if no one does anything about it, U.S. credibility will weaken, and North Korea and Iran will ignore the ultimatums that have been aimed at them, having to do with nuclear research, so now he'll have to fire something physical at Assad that will release smoke when it explodes. It will be a face-saving device. Then ex-KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin will fire a tactical nuclear weapon that will explode 20 km. off the coast of Hawaii as a warning shot. At this point the space aliens will arrive in order to avoid W.W. III and a Golden Age will begin. What about the Second Coming, they will be asked, and they will reply with a question: Whose Second Coming? Jesus's, King Arthur's, the 12th Imam's or Haile Selassie's? This will confound and offend and they'll have a hard time coming up with a good explanation. However… (to be continued presently)
13. SURVEY Results & Polls Sway Opinions
ltrail ,   United States   (09.08.13)
Here is a good example: "Recent opinion surveys show intense American skepticism about military intervention in Syria, even among those who believe Syria's government used chemical weapons on its people." This was copied in a news site that I follow. However when I learned that the Associated Press contributed to this story, I immediately discounted what it said; rather, I discounted what it intended to portray. Wouldn't you like to learn how the survey was taken? What are the demographics? How many were surveyed to produce the poll? Or the results manipulated to produce the desired effect? My opinion is that the Associated Press is loaded with writers having a an affinity to Muslim interests and wish to persuade its readers with their beliefs.
14. #7 - Dror
Devorah   (09.08.13)
HaShem is, indeed, watching. Thank you for your very kind words. Shana Tova, Dror.
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