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NY bat mitzvah girl donates gifts to Israel
Published: 18.09.13, 08:26
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1. Wonderful young girl... wouldn't be safe in Beit Shemesh
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.18.13)
She dresses more normally than Na'ama Margolis -- the eight year old Orthodox elementary school girl who was spit on and called prutza (whore), zona (prostitute) and shiksa (detestable goy girl) by the sons of darkness in Beit Shemesh
2. So much for loyalty and appreciation ,...
split ,   US   (09.18.13)
Born and educated in US, donation to Israel - Are there any shortage of less fortunate kids in NYC? ,...
3. 2
k ,   US   (09.18.13)
with all the anti-semites in the US and around the world, supporting Jews and the Israelis should be the only thing the Jews should really care about
4. To #2n the Split-brained'
Steven ,   Rockville, MD USA   (09.18.13)
I know one less fortunate person you mentioned: yourself. But nobody can help you, not even mental health professionals.
5. #2 How do U know what they do in US?
Arrogance&BlindHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.18.13)
6. #2 Look who's talking
Logic ,   Israel   (09.18.13)
I bet you've never done anything for anyone other than trolling.
7. No. 1
NYC Girl   (09.18.13)
What the hell does the contribution made by this young girl have to do with the knuckle-dragging fanatics in Beit Shemesh? With all the crap being heaped on Jews these days, why was it necessary to bring up something so nasty, which had nothing whatsoever to do with this story in the first place? Also, the term "shiksa" only refers to a non-Jewish female....nowhere does it imply that she's detestable. In fact, when I was a child, my best friend's uncle used to refer to me as the "little shiksa" because of the way I looked....and it was always said with great affection.
8. Hers is a secular charity.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.18.13)
It is shameful that she had to have an association with the UJA, with something called a "Mitzva." There is absolutely nothing religious in what she did, just pure love of humanity. I am sure she will stay away from the oppressive elements in Jewish religion and will grow up to be a fine and universally loving human.
9. Thank you, Charlotte Sack!
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.18.13)
Donating to the needy is always a good thing, especially if you come from a well to do family and learn the lesson of selflessness early on. Unfortunately, their are many non-profit organizations out there which mainly benefit the ones running them. Before giving blindly, I recommend studying a non-profit's Form 990 as well as the background of those running the organization. This is true for US non-profits as well. Fundraisers can make as much as 50 percent of what they pull in. For an extreme case of profit from charity, look up what goes on in the Kids Wish Network. The JNF for example provides a lifetime driver and car for their ex-CEOs and donated $500K to have Bill Clinton attend Peres's birthday party. Not the way most people want to see their hard earned donations spent. For those who truly want to help Israel, I recommend donating to organizations with extremely low overhead who do not pay for fundraisers, advertising or telemarketing.
10. #7
kelly ,   toronto   (09.18.13)
I get your point, but come on, be honest...calling an actual non-jew a "shiksa" is not as benign as you say. It is clearly a derogatory word, so let's not downplay it for the audience, ok?
11. To all you punks pointing a finger at me ,...
split ,   US   (09.18.13)
A loyalty and appreciation to the host nation that provided you a safe haven, a roof over your head an education and opportunity to improve your life is not exactly your trademark, is it ? Not to mention joining IDF instead US Armed Forces.
12. # 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.18.13)
Perhaps they join the IDF because they don't want to fight so that Haliburton and others like them can make a lot of money from it. Perhaps they give to Israel because as nice as America is it is not the be all end all. Our own government gives billions of our dollars to people around the world that hate our guts and you have the nerve to complain about a fine young lady and her family for giving a few dollars. You are the punk here dude, you are all mouth. You need to put a sock in it.
13. split #11, to what are you loyal?
Jake   (09.18.13)
I have seen no evidence in any of your posts of the slightest loyalty to the US on your part. You are loyal only to your antisemitic, anti-Israel ideology, even it it means siding with America's enemies. And for your info, 12-year old Bar Mitzvah girls are not eligible to join the IDF. Seriously, get a life.
14. 11
k ,   US   (09.18.13)
Jews were loyal to the US, then around the 1920s the US basically did all they can to prevent the Jews from coming to the US, and they worked extra hard to keep Jews out during the 1930's-40's when the Germans and their friends were killing the Jews in the Millions After that the Jews realized that supporting the Israelis should be the only thing a Jew is really concerned with
15. #2 and #11 Split
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (09.18.13)
We get where you're coming from: You're an anti-Semite,and probably proud of it. So why do you spend so much time reading the Oppressive Zionist Press? only to feed your hate-mongering? get a life, and go back to reading Der Strumer
16. # 12 - "the world that hate our guts" ,...
split ,   US   (09.19.13)
That's what do you want us to believe but we all know that most of them hate us because 'our' unconditional support (read the spineless lawmakers) of the ME little bully.; They didn't hate us when Eisenhower told you to get lost during the Suez Canal Crisis. I don't know why do I even bother because the terms loyalty and appreciation
17. Ooops !
split ,   US   (09.19.13)
It should be ; I don't know why do I even bother because it looks like the terms loyalty and appreciation are absent in your state of mind and conduct. By the way every donation going thru UJA-Federation is tax deductible, it doesn't do any good to US taxpayer and must be replaced by an additional taxes imposed on six-pack-joe to replace the amount donated to Israel.
18. NYC princess: make aliya or shut your crass mouth!
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.19.13)
It's easy -- though typically American-Jewish self-obsessed -- for you, far away in NYC, to be uncaring and push aside what even you describe as "nasty... knuckle-dragging fanatics" we have to live with here in Israel Shiksa, FYPI (for your princess information), is Yiddish deriving from the Hebrew shiktsah, meaning detestable idolatress! We cannot ignore it here! It's a travesty that we -- WE, Israelis -- must overcome so that such girls will be welcomed here, FEEL welcome here, and make aliya. So that Israel becomes the country it was supposed to be, that welcomes Jews instead of driving them away.
19. # 4 RIGHT ON!!!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.19.13)
20. No. 10 Kelly
NYC Girl   (09.19.13)
There are a lot of words that have virtually been turned into epithets by certain groups of people. However, that doesn't change the fact that "shiksa" is a benign term which denotes nothing other than a non-Jewish female. The problem is that we can't help how some people have chosen to use it, in the same way there are people who use the word "Jew" or "liberal" as an epithet.....but the fact remains that it's not a derogatory term, and claiming it is only impugns those people who use it innocently. For instance, have you ever heard the term "Blonde shiksa goddess?" It's frequently used to describe the so-called ideal woman who, supposedly, most Jewish men want to marry.....but that hardly sounds derogatory, does it?
21. Split #17, you're no "six back Joe"
Jake   (09.19.13)
You're 5th column split. Your agenda is not an American one, but a foreign antisemitic one. Just so you know, even your donations to Polish-American "charitable" societies are tax deductable. The Jewish community enjoys no special privileges.
22. No. 18
NYC Girl   (09.19.13)
To begin with, nobody despises religious fanatics more than I do because I happen an atheist...and a militant one, at that. In fact, for my part, they can round up all those Haredim, who would spit on young girls, and ship them to Brooklyn or Monsey where they can't get away with what they do in Israel. Why do so many of them not hold jobs in Israel? They do in the US....and, apparently, god hasn't struck them dead so far. And why don't they serve in the army, or at the very least do some kind of national service? It's because you Israelis have allowed the situation to exist and to continue to get even more out of control than it was in the past. Also, while I may not live in Israel, my husband is Israeli and his entire family lives there, so I'm not just a disinterested bystander when it comes to what goes on in that country. Now, as far as my being a princess, that would almost be laughable if it weren't such a pathetic ad hominem attack against somebody you've never even met.. But there's just one more thing I would add. Mercifully, the Haredim are not a majority in Israel, and as one of my husband's relatives said when I asked him why the hell Israelis put up with their shit, he admitted that the seculars are at fault for tolerating perhaps that includes people like you. And while I'm at it, I would suggest that, next time, you try to engage in a civil discourse if you disagree with somebody..... instead of coming off sounding like a nasty, judgmental SOB.
23. Split, we are hated because.....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.19.13)
we poke our noses into everyones business, tell everyone how they should run theirs, and because we were founded as a Christian nation. We are hated by Islam because we are the most free nation and we as a nation do not embrace Islam. Islam is not compatible with freedom and Islam hates all who do not follow it. They can't even get along with themselves. Our bond with Israel is just an excuse for why they hate us, the Great Satan. They will never love us because they were born to hate. Tax money going to Israel provides jobs here. Tax money going to Islamic countries just goes down a rat hole. Your comment on six pack Joe is absurd. Our taxes are to support a bloated government that has no desire to control spending our money.
24. 22 NY princess
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.19.13)
First of all, I'm not secular Second, I fight the Dark Ages Ultra-Orthodox extremists -- harder than anyone else I see here in Israel, or anywhere else, for that matter. "And while I'm at it, I would suggest that, next time, you try to engage in a civil discourse if you disagree with somebody..... instead of coming off sounding like a nasty, judgmental SOB." Oh yeah, you must mean starting off a message "What the hell..." Spoiled Twit princess!
25. #21 ,...
split ,   US   (09.19.13)
There're a few Polish-American charities but unlike the countless Jewish ones their donated money stays in US used for scholarships in US educational institutions for gifted Polish students, sponsoring writers and poets or to finance medical treatment in US hospitals some cases of Polish children that can't be done in Poland. I can assure you that no penny goes to illegal settlements or to support occupation.
26. "Shiksa" is a compliment, an affectionate term.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.19.13)
It's been like this in Yiddish for hundreds of years and is likewise in English today. To most Hebrew speakers the word shiksa means an "admirable beautiful woman."
27. No. 24
NYC Girl   (09.19.13)
Obviously, we were both mistaken, because you're not secular.....and I'm not a freaking princess.
28. spit
DavidR ,   USA   (09.19.13)
Have you ever broken an egg and found it to be rotten? Remember the horrible smell? Each time I open one of your comments it gives me the same effect. You are without a doubt the most hateful anti-semite I have ever encountered. Before you start in on me, you should know that I am American and Irish, not Jewish.
29. # 23 ,...
split ,   US   (09.19.13)
Google "Letter to President Clinton on Iraq", "Letter to President Bush on the War on Terrorism" and read the signatures to establish who's behind the crap in the M. East we're in and on who's behalf it was done. "Tax money going to Israel provides jobs here" - Why don't we give this money directly to the parents in a form of reduced taxes and ask them to spend some time with their latchkey kids instead of holding two jobs to make ends meet. Tell me something pal, if this is a such a good business opportunity why don't I see any business oriented country to line up for contracts? Ther're over 200 000 homeless vets in this country, we're cutting entitlements for our vets the old and sick but we have the money to keep afloat little bully.
30. 11
the great lifestyle and wealth of this family was not provided by the usa government. these folks worked hard for what they possess. possibly unlike you polak and your polak family that sucked off the usa government tit for eternity and have shown nothing for it. sorry to tell you, oh idiotic one, the father of this jewish family is educated and he educated his children by spending HIS OWN MONEY IN PRIVATE JEWISH SCHOOLS NOT FUNDED BY THE USA GOVERNMENT. the safe haven he provided for his family doesn't come from the government either. he would have been as safe and financially comfortable anywhere else in the world because he ACTUALLY WORKED FOR A LIVING HIMSELF AND TOOK NOTHING FROM THE GOVERNMENT. the roof over his and his family's head was built by him using his own finances and and cash, not rhe government cash. unlike you, he is not on the government dole. the opportunity to improve the life of this jewish family was done via smarts, integrity and high values of judaism, not based on extended hand for government dole and perks. just because jews succeeded in the usa in all very high professions and business and inteligentzia, compared to the blue collar polaks is not reason enough to hate successful american jews or say that they succeeded because of the usa government dole. also remember that all these jewish "punks" you accuse of pointing a finger at you may very well be doctors, lawyers, wealthy businessmen and engineers, not blue collar polaks immigrants who have never been as successful as jews in the usa.
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