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Syria sends fighter jets to Cyprus
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.09.13, 08:41
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1. Assad is a lunatic
CJK   (09.09.13)
what is he trying to prove?
Orestes ,   Seattle USA   (09.09.13)
Coming at ya? You know, the fog of war, confusion of the heat of battle, etc.
3. Have the SIR Trio ANY idea?
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.09.13)
It seems that SIR (Syria, Iran and Russia) seems to be bumbling along with no idea how to respond They seem to FORGET that the CENTRAL issue here is the use of Poison Gas Thus far there has been NO direct intervention but the use of Poison Gas is ONE ATROCITY TOO FAR. But SIR just DONT SEEM TO GET IT. Instead of trying to reassure the world community they resort to bluffing, threats, lies...and more lies The absurd SIR Trio instead of UNDERSTANDING the gravity and trying to negotiate just end up running around in ever decreasing circles - proclaiming Assads 'innocence' and defence of Assads actions to the end As they say in the world of Tennis..the Ball is in their Court
4. I hat to clue you in - but we have another Gaddhafi here !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.09.13)
5. #3 Tim
Ivor EVenbiggergun   (09.09.13)
The British people have consistently stated that what occurred in Syria 3 weeks ago is not a reason for war. I agree with them
6. Tim, don't talk rot.
Austin ,   Canada   (09.09.13)
You're talking a lot of nonsense. Out of 120,000 killed plus perhaps a million wounded there have been 1400 killed from gas.. So suddenly that's too much already. What's the difference between being blown to smithereens by high explosive and gas??? They are both lethal, and as well, H.E.bombs leave the most ghastly mutilations in many wounded. Yet this is "legal'... The reason these is so much crap about this is becuase the US has failed in every war it's ventured in, since WW2. And Obama stuck his stupid, incompetent nose into the Middle East by trying to enforce on a completely alien culture the norms and expectations of western Civilisation. Just plain stupidity, and you are following suit. McCain, has become a buffoon, accusing Assad of slaughtering 100,000 of "his people". In other words the Jihadi rebels haven't killed anyone, only Assad has...... This from a"responsible" senior Senate member and former presidential candidate..... Assad is better for Israel because he has kept the boder peaceful for as long as he's been in power, the rebel jihadis will try to stir up trouble if they ever win in Syria. The Golan peace will be gone.
7. Assad should follow Saddam hussains tactic
Zionist firever   (09.09.13)
During Desert Storm in 1991 Saddam sent some of his best jets for safe keeping in Iran. In this case Iran is Assads ally and I am sure they wold be happy to take care of some of Assds jets so if Obama does attack he cannot destroy the entire Syrian air forces. Another benefit is if Assad does fall Iran can keep the jets for themselves.
8. You have a point of course
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.09.13)
A death is a death is a death Yet you seem only obsessed by numbers So here are some numbers to swallow Your question - why have JUST only 1400 been killed by Chemical Weapons - isn't because Assads Chemical Weapons aren't as destructive as his Conventional Weapons Its simply because that Assad has unleashed NOWHERE near the equivalent in Chemical Weapons to the conventional weapons used that have killed 120000 people To put it in context his 1000 Ton DECLARED stocks have the potential of killing over 1 million ...yes 1 million people Sounds to me Austin if left unanswered we could be seeing mass murder in Syria on an industrial scale Are you proposing for the sake of your 'numbers not adding up' we should simply IGNORE it...? Shame on you
9. #8 Tim
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (09.10.13)
Tim, there are more reasons not to act than to act. Yes, Assad is a butcher just as his dad was, but the "rebels" are no better. So whose' blood shall we jump in and protect? The Sunni Al-quaida sympathizers or the Shia/Alawaite/Christian and Druz? Someone will get slaughtered. Intervening on behalf of either will put the blood of the other on our hands. Just because Russia has chosen sides (And therefor has Sunni blood on their hands) doesn't mean we (The West that is) needs to choose the opposite side. IF the "rebels" win, the blood of hundreds of thousands of Shia/Alwaite Druz and Christians will be spilled. Don't jump in unless your are OK with that outcome. Bottom line, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey need to do what they have been doing, sit cautiously on the side and monitor for dangers to their population and react if necessary. The United Stated, France and UK should do the same to the extent they wish to protect their allies and support their humanitarian missions in providing for the enormous and growing refugee population. Sadly, death is inevitable, it is just a matter of who's death it will be.
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