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Assad warns of retaliation for US strike on Syria
Associated Press
Published: 09.09.13, 15:22
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1. Assad will have nothing to lose
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.09.13)
Obama is a hired butler front man for the banksters. He is expendable and disposable. The world needs to stop him now, before he starts WWIII for his bankster handlers. Impeach Obama now!
2. Assad's Threats should be taken seriously
Brod ,   USA   (09.09.13)
Israel must not take them lightly. Assad is a fanatical tyrant that will conflagrate the region. Why wait for a chemical shower? A chemical attack is like nuke attack. Israel should defend itself against these threats. Israel should also hunt down the suppliers of those chemical weapons in Syria wherever they may be. Those suppliers are worst than Assad. Israel must do what it did in 1967 and not be a sitting duck like 1973.
3. You can tell when Assad has lost the plot...
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.09.13)
When he is more concerned about protecting himself and his power base and it appears his Chemical Weapons than confronting the issue of his use of Poison Gas Whilst the region slides into potential conflict - The brave Mr Assad would rather AS HE SAYS see Syria go up in flames than try to resolve the Chemicals Weapons issue by negotiation. Assad it seems has truly reached the end of his tether and the end of his sanity Though not THAT insane that he hasn't stashed away a fortune....just in case...for a rainy day
4. Now The World Can Unite Against
Threats Of Regional Stability, by the Axis Of Evil Lead By: tehran (Worlds Largest Sponsor Of Terrorism), lebanese Terrorists hizbullah, hamas terrorists, mahdi army all threaten Israel and Jewish State!!! Now EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE TO DECIMATE these rogue entities!!! Cut The Head Off The SNAKE (tehran) and the body will die.
5. #3 on the wrong side
Assad is a cruel tyrant, but that doesn't change the fact that Obama, Cameron and the Saudis have ganged up to genocide his people. Assad saw what the British did to Libya, and he is right in trying to defend himself from your aggression.
6. time is now
real vision ,   usa   (09.09.13)
to hang the bastard who thinks of nothing but his own power. What a piece of human garbage. Maybe one of his men will do the world a favor and shoot him in the eyes
7. No. 3 - Tim from Brighton - you gave me idea
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.09.13)
Why not seize his financial accounts - it would squeeze his balls, so to say.
8. #7 Barbera
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (09.09.13)
With you, it is always about the money
9. Assad should volunteer for lie detector test
10. Let this animal in a tailored suit hand over his sarin gas
Let this animal in a tailored suit hand over his sarin gas
11. A Medal for Assad.
Alexis Sitton ,   Middle east   (09.09.13)
Let's be honest guys, He is fighting terrorists. Most likely one rogue Commander decided on his own to gas the sector without permission. Why to get ride of a President who is fighting heartless criminals? A World Peace Prize for Assad.
Striptease perhaps ?
13. Assad has a death wish
CJK   (09.09.13)
like all psychopaths, assad under all the bluster has a death wish.
14. expect everything?
james ,   jerusalem   (09.09.13)
would he dance in a tutu?
15. #11
Suq Madiq ,   Amman   (09.09.13)
Well said
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