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Kerry to Lavrov: US not 'playing games'
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Published: 09.09.13, 23:59
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1. US must keep up the pressure
CJK   (09.09.13)
the us must not allow russia to trap it in a fool's errand. assad must agree immediately and unconditionally to hand over syria's entire chemical weapons stockpile. the us congress needs to authorize the use of force if assad does not agree to hand over syria's chemical weapons stockpile immediately and unconditionally to a third party under un supervision. any attempt by assad to prevaricate or to gain time should lead to immediate us military action.
2. Why?
Jake ,   Haifa   (09.09.13)
Why is this the responsibility of the US? Syria is not even a signatory to a chemical weapons treaty. It is one thing for Israel to bomb Syria, they are in a state of war with us, it is quite another thing for the US. There are no good sides in Syria and the rebels would use these arms if they had any.
3. Israel can now see that USA/EU would do NOTHING if was attac
Alan ,   SA   (09.09.13)
Nato troops/US troops /Wagawaga troops etc on the Jordan or on the Golan, mean absolutely nothing...Israel is on its own. Obama was elected to hand out food stamps and welfare paid for by the middle class and rich, to the downtrodden in America.Not to assert any power.
4. Yes, but under UN supervision?
Dee Bee ,   The Galilee, Israel   (09.09.13)
Isn't that like the fox guarding the chicken coop? The stockpile must be destroyed PUBLICLY! We must never forget that Vladimir Putin was KGB and he studied under the masters of the Dirty Tricks Department and he cannot let Assad fall from power! One thing about Russia, they don't stab their allies in the back. As for the "West" well ask Hosni Mubarak about his backstabbing allies!
5. Syria to give up all Chem Weapons and Iran nuclear Weapons
If USA and Russia can secure removal of all syrian Chemical Weapons and Iranian Nuclear weapons development then it should be pursued. However don't hold your breath on either as these weapons have been built up for decades and more by Syria and Iran , and no progress at all on slowing down let alone stopping development of any weapons of mass destruction has ever been achieved.
6. Chemical weapons
Suq Madiq ,   Amman   (09.09.13)
Maube the US would like tell how many they killed with Agent Orange
7. Who Talked About Red Lines?
Who has presidential power? Who has executive power? Sounds like all that power made b.H.o. Drunk and Can't Make A Decision either Way? He's talks a big show, but when the going gets tuff b.H.o. Folds Like A Card Table? Wow with all at his disposal? Indecisive Inept Twit!!!
8. US Must Figure Out Who The Good Guys Are
emanon ,   USA   (09.09.13)
Before taking sides, you need to know who to support. If both sides are against you, why support either side? Yes, it is a tragedy that those people died, but how / why is that a problem for the US to solve? We are not the world's police force. If we were, Gaza would have been flattened long ago. In the Gaza / Israel situation, it is clear Israel is the good guys and the terrorstinians living in Gaza are the bad guys. Israel supports the US and supports human right. Can that be said for either side in the Syrian conflict? I don't think so!
9. No Russian idea
Fahmi Natour ,   Israel   (09.10.13)
Lavrov presented this idea as his. It was suggested a day earlier by Secretary of State Kerry in a press conference in London. In answer to a question of what could Assad do to avoid a strike he said something to the effect: Get rid of all the chemical weapon within a week. I don't know why the press is branding this as a Russian initiative.
10. Dangerous Obama
Obama did not lift a finger when Ahmadinejad massacred thousands of young Iranians.Why should we believe he will ever attack Iran? the attack with chemical weapons in Syria is very likely a trap created eventually by Obama to attract Israel to war, besides facilitating the blackmailing in Palestinian /Israel peace talks . Obama is a danger and Israel should be very aware of that.
11. ICC
God'sway   (09.10.13)
Long rope of axis of evil landed Assad in ICC - pure evil to gas people he rules and captured to Hague soon as possible.
12. #6 I like your name :D
Lobo ,   USA   (09.10.13)
13. Kerry to Lavrov
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.13)
"The New World Order is not playing games". You sick miserable ghoul, go home, you have been checkmated. You will not get your war. Clamp down at home, for when the economic collapse comes you will need to hide from America and the American people that will want your reptilian blood.
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