Polio virus discovered in J'lem for first time
Yaron Kelner
Published: 10.09.13, 00:10
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1. More evidence
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.10.13)
in blindly protecting the settlements the Government of Netanyahu is neglecting the rest of Israel. At the moment Israel is going backwards instead of forward, joining Afghanistan and Nigeria as the only countries with Polio. Normal decent Israelis being held hostage by the settlers, and it has to stop
2. So far virus has been found in predominantly Arab areas , so
(09.10.13) guess is that they've probably found the specimen in the sewage of East Jerusalem (keepin' it in the family, y'know).
3. Why did the WHO discontinue LIVE virus vaccination policy?
L ,   Merkaz, Israel   (09.10.13)
Why did the WHO discontinue it's former policy of vaccinating with LIVE polio virus ("two cute little drops!") X-number of years ago? Increased risk of contracting the actual virus itself FROM the vaccine! (From Wikipedia: "Since 2005, The World Health Organization has been tracking vaccine-CAUSED (my emphasis) polio in northern Nigeria caused by a mutation in live oral polio vaccines." "Outbreaks of VAPP [getting the virus from the vaccination itself] occurred independently in Belarus (1965–66), Canada (1966–68), Egypt (1983–1993), Hispaniola (2000–2001), Philippines (2001), Madagascar (2001–2002),[50] and in Haiti (2002)...In 2006 an outbreak of vaccine-derived poliovirus occurred in China.[52] Cases have been reported from Cambodia (2005–2006), Myanmar (2006–2007), Iran (1995, 2005–2007), Syria, Kuwait and Egypt.")] Of COURSE they've found it in the sewage system of Jerusalem recently -- when you dose with the live virus it can be transmitted by fecal contamination and will be found - duh- in the sewage system after a large dosing of the population. Talk about public scare tactics. Who is selling this vaccine again?
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