Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Putin's desperate attempt to save Assad
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 10.09.13, 09:44
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1. Is Assad beyond saving?
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.10.13)
His recent rants and his general demeanour following the Poison Gas Crisis does seem to suggest that's hes beyond redemption As the world stutters away from the brink,,,indeed as it dawns on the world faced with the prospect of another damaging war that a solution has got to be found...we have the insane solitary voice of Assad spitting threats and more threats - STILL spoiling for a fight with the world like some deranged drunk whatever the cost to his country And whats more I get a sense - if only a sense that when this crisis is over - as a result of US-Russia Leadership - the momentum night lead us to another possible diplomatic solution to the other huge and more dangerous crisis looming on the horizon - Iran
2. Flip flopping
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.13)
Kerry had walked back Obama's 'red line' with a rhetorical proposal, saying if Assad hands over his chemical weapons, the U.S. would not strike. Despite the State Department's saying the idea wasn't serious and a White house official saying it was a 'major goof,' the Russian and Syrian foreign ministers quickly jumped on board. Another national security deputy said on television that the administration 'would have to take a hard look... [but] 'we've been highly skeptical to date' Kerry later told the Russian foreign minister that the comment wasn't meant as a serious proposal
3. Who's side am I on???
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.13)
MY SIDE! MY FAMILIES SIDE! MY SON"S SIDE. I am on the side of good Jews both in Israel and worldwide that know that we are being deliberately put in dangers way by the bastards in Washington and the idiots in our government.
4. Monkey boy needs to prove a point
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.13)
Obitc*a*s is cornered. His shtick is to pretend like he is hesitant to go to war. When infact he is a warmongering puppet under the control of psycopathic fascist authoritarians ruling over him.
5. Don't be fooled
Shmuel ,   Merkaz, Israel   (09.10.13)
1) This is clearly a stalling tactic. 2) The transfer to Hezbolla is obviously already underway.
6. excellent analysis, nothing to add
CJK   (09.10.13)
7. First apply justice, then do the corrective measure.
Roth Beth   (09.10.13)
Assad must first pay the consequences, then as an deterrent reliquinsh the WMD. Just surrendering the WMD aint punishment enough, people died out there.
8. Our mercenary leaders and Goddamn AIPAC
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.13)
Listen you miserable bastards, we are not your property and we are not your sheep. You miserable ass kissing machers better back the hell off. May the Wrath of God fall upon your heads for volunteering Israel to war. May God strike you down where you stand for selling out your own people.
9. It will not work
TC   (09.10.13)
An Arab will always be an Arab, we already saw that with the Iraq case. Pure waste of time.
10. Everyone loves a tyrant, especially dear ol' Charlie Rose
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (09.10.13)
Did you notice the biased inquisitor coaching the ophthalmologist and allowing him a mulligan on chemical WMD's? Of course Tarus is Putin's aim for a pipeline not-to-mention continued arms sales. But, Charlie was able to allow his brother in arms to not only retract his statement on WMD good, he also let his like minded purveyor of completing the final solution to blame IL the occupier for why WMD's are justifiable in the ME.
11. Excellent Analysis to which I will add...
Jew ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (09.10.13)
Putin is a Racist Anti-American Russian who is still smarting from USA intervention back in Afghanistan back in the 1990s. In other words this is more of Putin's weird anti-American payback plan. Ok, so it's not politically correct but it is true!
12. I should have said Russia is in TARTUS to block
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (09.10.13)
the Islamic pipeline, not that it would be theirs. They want to keep Syria from allowing the pipeline that would compete with their own oil/gas interests.
13. Russia and the USA destroyed the nazis
Zechariah   (09.10.13)
Less than seventy Years ago Nazism surrender to the Russians and USA .the Jews especially and many others including Criminally Deluded Deutsland Civilians .Suffered Horrifically .Now Russia and the USA ought find a political solution to the Barbarism in Syria.
14. Kerry Obama have shown they are empty suits..everyone
Al   (09.10.13)
understands that except Aipac and the Israeli government. Your government is pathetic. You PM is a pathetic fool of a man who understands only his own selfish ways. You have no leadership worth a damn. In fact the Jews both in and outside of Israel have no leadership. The American people are smarter than the lot of you. They wouldn't give Kerry and Obama the time of day. The Syrian strike was DOA from day one. Congress as I always predicted would never ever have passed it. Netanyahu has shown himself to be a complete fool. Now he will be ball busted into a false peace with the pals. And Israel will be end up being screwed. Yes you are all that dumb.
15. To Hell with all of them
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.13)
There will be no strike on Syria. The Luciferian controllers will fail to start their war this time. You want to go have a party with Iran? fine... Do it as far away from us as humanly possible. The Saudis are the cowardly bastards using Jihadis to do their dirty work, ofcourse with American consent. WWIII will be fought on Saudi and Iranian territory, not ours. Take that to the bank.. that is about to go bankrupt.. LMAO
16. war
munzur ,   istanbul - turkey   (09.10.13)
maybe one day the writer can write about unconventional WMDs of Israel and UNSC protection from US to Israel for years.
17. Huh, Putin/Assad Proposal Bad?!??
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.10.13)
Obama is badly struggling 2get Americans, Congress and international support 2simply bomb inconsequential Syrian sites 4a few days, and most Americans, Congress and allies loudly say no!!! At best, even if Obama is successful, Syria would still have large quantities of chemical weapons. Russia publicly saying Syria should surrender/destroy WMDs and Syria responding "Yes, Thank You" is a bad thing?!?? Now you suggest ignore/reject proposal unless detailed agreement with surprise inspections. Seems you folks only support military "solutions". Not smart ...
18. When Iran has the bomb I propose Pakistan will supervise it!
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.10.13)
19. Putin just gave Obama a respectful retreat
Maroun ,   Lebanon   (09.10.13)
20. Israel must let it known to Syria that...
Jerusalem Jew ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.13)
any attack by Hezbollah on Israel, will be considered as a Syrian attack on Israel, especially pertaining to the use of chemical weapons. Syria should know that Israel will immediately retaliate both, against Hezbollah AND against Syria. The time has come for Israel to improve its deterrence again.
21. International monitoring is a joke
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.10.13)
We've seen how wonderfully it has worked after 2nd Lebanon war in stopping Hezbullah rearming with missiles. You need to destroy their entire WMD stockpiles and factories and then start a monitoring regime.
22. Dror for U.S. Supreme Court!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (09.10.13)
Dror in Haifa - you are refreshingly honest and forthright. I wish we could clone you and put you on our U.S. Supreme Court to set things "right' in this country. May G-d watch over you, your son, and Kol Yisrael. Am Yisrael Chai!
23. Compare Assad and Abbas
USA   (09.10.13)
Assad looks much, better than Abbas. Don't be deluded: Abbas will get chimical and muclear arms as soon as he can. This guy Abbas (with his western dresses) is much worse than Assad. This snake oil seller wants to kill all Jews, and he said it many times.
24. Butcher of Moscow Attempting To Save Butcher of Damacus' Ass
ltrail ,   United States   (09.10.13)
the author of this article is very correct. Putin is a product of the KGB and should not be trusted; ever. The only way that a political proposal would work, is for the chemical weapons, precursors, store piles, and weapons facilities to be immediately dismantled under the UN inspection. I for one, wish that that was done more quickly; using missiles.
25. #24 butchers?
Putin started less wars than Obama. Assad killed fewer people than Obama Who is the butcher?
26. Right on #3, I‘m with you on that!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.10.13)
Putin is showing greater leadership skills in resolving problems than Obama or Netanyahu. All they want is war that could potentially spill over into Israel and kill Israelis.
27. I often read the news from Israel to balance the picture
SAY ,   USA   (09.10.13)
since the Media in the US is often tone-deaf when it comes to understanding the Arab world. Excellent analysis---kudos Mr. Ben-Yishai!
28. Putin Saves Assad
Walid ,   Spain   (09.10.13)
You have the wrong title for your article. It should read: Putin Saves Obama. With his proposal, Putin saved Obama from an inevidable defeat in Congress and from an international embarrassment. Now Obama and his advisers will have enough time to spin again the drama that has been playing for the last few weeks. All the gig talk and flip flops means only that Assad wins and Obama loses.
29. Russian objective
Matt   (09.10.13)
Stop force by removing the catalyst. That is fine but it must be done via the UNSC backed by a resolution that has a sanction regime and done under an UNSCOM. If UNSCOM reports to the SG non compliance there must be sanctions. They must have teeth. Continued non compliance require a chapter 7. Or US unilateral action due to non compliance to the UNSC resolution. No point having a vote on that issue if the US reserves the right to use force. Because the US will veto such resolutions if they are put foward. So Russia is serious about removing the catalyst but not serious about how it is done otherwise they would be fine with UNSCOM. So yeah we support it but not to under cut support for a strike. So if they are serious they have a partner if it is a tactic to shield Assad and not enforce disarmament it achieves nothing. Now they have to veto their own initiative and those who they were lobbying behind the scenes no they were being played for a suckers and being used to allow WMD's to stay in play. Since we are all taking law this days that is joint venture.
30. To #25 {unknown)
ltrail ,   United States   (09.11.13)
My bad. Putin is just a lovable, kind, former KGB operative.
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