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Report: Israel manufactured chemical weapons
Published: 10.09.13, 12:24
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1. So what ! We don't gas our own nor
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.10.13)
others. The US, Russia, Iran has them. It is only the Arabs that use them - gassing each other, Syria and Iran
2. So what?
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (09.10.13)
This is the difference that everyone needs to understand. Do we have weapons? Yes Do we talk about our weapons? No Do we threaten other countries? No Do we tell people we will use our weapons against them? No Do we make genocidal comments? No Do we use our military on our own people? No That is what is supposed to happen. The problems that Iran is having right now doesn't come from their development of nuclear technology, it comes from their past of war mongering, internal violence, threats against Israel and the Western countries and more. If they didn't do any of these things they would have no issues (or very few) with developing nuclear technology even if it was with the potential of being turned into weapons.
3. Lets get some things straight.
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.13)
American "advisers" instructed Iraqi soldiers on the use of chemical weapons during the Iran/Iraq war. iraqi soldiers won the war by using chem weapons against the iranians. Saddam used Chem weapons on the Kurds after the war. Assad DID NOT gas his own people... Those were Saudi backed and manned Jihadis who murdered close to 500 people in cold blood. There is more overwhelming evidence that it was these so called "rebels' that commited the atrocity. Naive Israelis really have a hard time beliving this, they are blinded by their subservience to a corrupt government in Washington.
4. What is "little hard evidence"?????
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (09.10.13)
Quote: > > The website reported that little hard > evidence has ever been published.... > What does this mean in the light of a dictator killing his own people with a nerve agent and the world still says, that there is no hard proof. The whole article is vague and in fact says nothing but: There may, but we don't know....... It's the usual palaver.
5. #3 dror
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.10.13)
Ah yes, the children who were killed are Saudi backed and manned Jihadis. You always avoid facts not to your liking. Your post is no different.
6. #3 Show us some facts to back up your
A ,   Belgium   (09.10.13)
"overwhelming evidence". I can counter any of your "facts", with my own imaginary "facts. Actually, it's naive Israelis as yourself who believe that by giving in to "palestinian" blackmail and letting them allow another woslem state to threaten Israel, there will be peace forever in the Middle East.
7. Gas is more effective than nukes
Zionist forever   (09.10.13)
If you reach the last resort of you take us out you also go down through the use of WMDS then gas is much more effective if your enemy is just next door. Would we really want to nuke Syria knowing that we are close enough to be affected by radiation? Gas doesn't kill as many people as a nuke but a well placed missile with a biological weapon on top does the job just fine. If we wanted a second strike beyond our border like Iran a nuke is better but for localized use chemical and biological weapons do the job best and if Israel is going to have WMDS in the form of nukes why not also have WMDS with gas, all has the same basic effect of killing lots of people.
8. #3
joemoer ,   iSreal   (09.10.13)
a little less sugar and more time at the gym...would have dramatic lets get things straight...because you believe something does not make it just means you beleive it....
9. Let's not lose sight of the fact that
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.10.13)
the CIA is more often wrong than it is right.
10. #7 gas is effective
It is.
11. The CIA and Israel
Moe ,   Israel   (09.10.13)
Add this one to a very long list of unsubstantiated CIA and State Department accusations against Israel over decades of harassment. Israeli MIGHT, COULD, POSSIBLY in a PROBABLE, POSSIBLE, UNDETERMINED location be doing SOMETHING we're not exactly sure about, but really, really want to believe they're doing 'cause Jews are, y'know, smart and sneaky. Yawn.
12. #10
jj   (09.10.13)
Gas is effective at killing people, yes. In a strategic military sense, it is not. It is indiscriminate (Im not even talking about the civilians vs combatants, im talking about each side of combatants - it kills combatants from each side just the same, depending on the wind) and ineffective if you want to secure an area. There is no magic smart gas or a huge vacuum to clean a place up after its use. It is a stupid weapon.
13. 9
Zionist forever   (09.10.13)
It's entirely feasible that Bush legitimately did think Saddam Hussain had chemical weapons because CIA got it wrong. A condition of the ceasefire to end Desert Storm in 1991 was Saddam allow UN inspectors to come destroy his chemical weapons. War ended, everybody went home and Saddam expelled the UN inspectors accusing them of being spies. Iraq was a secretive country CIA may well have believed that not all weapons had been destroyed and when Bush junior was thinking about war in Iraq CIA might have tod him they believed Saddam still had his chemical weapons and it wasn't until troops were sent in was it discovered that was bad info.
14. Most chemicals are lethal when mixed
benjy   (09.10.13)
with other substancies, how lethal depends...I am no scientist. Biological substances are used in cancer treatments, and I would suppose if used very aggressively with another chemical, it could do a lot of damage to folks. I guess Israel like most other countries does have chemicals etc., the only difference is Israel doesnt use it or threaten to use it to its aggressors or anyone for that. I am sure we have everything the USA has, but as for what the CIA says they say a lot, and much of it is hogwash.
15. if it's justifiable why not!
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (09.10.13)
America used atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is so justifiable. Japanese then were very religious and obsessed with their DIVINE calling from their emperor and military to invade. From nowhere they evilly went into rampage 20,000,000 Chinese massacre in 5yrs because Japanese consider Chinese were inferior. Islam in the koran call for the killing of Jews and kafir Christian. Imagine if USA is Turkish and Islamic? Israeli, Jews and Christians will be extinct from the face of this world. Israel and Jews is only fighting to survive and under all these threats she deserve all rights to possessed at least 10,000 nuclear weapons to maintain peace. So what is the big deal if Israel possessed chemical weapons when the world want to eliminate their race? God bless Israel.
16. Why is this being leaked now? Is "likely" fact?
17. Israel has Chemical Weapons
Harold ,   USA   (09.10.13)
Does John Kerry knows about this finding and what will be his action if the report is real.
18. Strategic psychology?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.10.13)
As israel doesn't reveal her military largess, why should she do so now? Any 'report' that claims Israel has massive weapons of any means necessary to combat Islamic terrorism is justifiable. The fact that runs parallel is that only Muslim nations have used them on their own people. Just the facts Mam. WHEN YA GOONNA BUILD THAT THIRD TEMPLE???
19. Israel should sit quietly
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (09.10.13)
while her enemies not only stockpile their nuclear toys, but threaten, on a daily basis for decades, the demise of Am Yisrael? NEVER AGAIN!
20. #7
Soq madiq ,   Amman   (09.10.13)
Indeed Jews can confirm that. Gas is much more effective. Great post. Where did you get the idea?
21. #17- Harold
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.10.13)
Even if Israel has chemical weapons, it has NEVER used them on ANYONE! If John Kerry is after Syria, it is because they used it on their people! You don't even have basic logic to compare things!
22. And Israel has evidence that the US has chemical weapons
Zvi   (09.10.13)
But neither Israel nor the US has ever used these weapons to massacre civilians.
23. Maybe Israel should release a report on America's WMD's
Jake   (09.10.13)
Everything in American intelligence is "secret", except when it comes to Israel. What's good for the goose...
24. #6, "A", Whom are you talking to?
Jake   (09.10.13)
Have you actually read any of Dror's posts before? Has he ever indicated or even hinted support for a palestinian state?? Looks like you're changing the subject and diverting attention to fiction to avoid facing facts.
25. 12
zionist forever   (09.10.13)
I agree with you that as a strategic battlefield weapon gas is ineffective but if you want second strike capability which is what Israel wants WMDS for and your going to attack a country thats right on your border like Syria are you better off using nukes which might not have the destructive power of a nuke can still kill plenty of your enemies. Even in a modern tactical nuclear weapon the radiation takes longer to disperse into the atmosphere than regular gas does. If you wanted to hit Iran which is far from Israel then the destructive power of a nuke is the best thing for the job but for on the border then nukes are not the best choice.
26. so what
Israel, like Syria, is under no legal obligation to avoid having or using chemical weapons. This article is a Leftist attempt to focus attention on Israel. In any case, chemical weapons are dangerous, expensive to maintain, and almost useless for military purposes, so it is unlikely Israel has any significant amounts, if any at all. Syria needed chemical weapons as a second strike capability against Turkey and Israel.
27. You are right, you gas Palestinians and Lebanese
TBNYC ,   NYC   (09.10.13)
Not your own people...
28. # 17
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.10.13)
Hopefully he will sit down and shut up.
29. Under Obama CIA always release documents on Israel
30. #28
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.10.13)
I wish...but I doubt it very much...
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