2 charged with rape of American stewardess in TA hotel
Gilad Morag
Published: 11.09.13, 13:40
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1. Arabs or Jews?
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.13)
Being from Haifa and behaving like that, unfortunately its probably gonna be Arabs.
2. Low scum
should be castrated.
3. #1 they are jews
adam adam ,   earth planet   (09.11.13)
4. women ! Don' t drink with strangers ! Hang the rapists !
5. #1 Gil: You talkback is disgusting and racist!
Dee Bee ,   The Galilee, Israel   (09.11.13)
What, Jews don't rape? Jews don't abuse their children and rabbis don't sexually assault their Yeshiva students? Ever heard of serial rapist Benny Sela? Maybe you closed you eyes to the attempted rape by and officer in the IDF or are you one of those, like some of our judges, who say that "women want to be raped"? And then let's not forget about the Ex President of the State of Israel who is a Jew, not an Arab, and is in jail for RAPE!
6. #3: So rape is disgusting if by Jews!
David ,   Israel   (09.11.13)
If someone else rapes, by your own statement, its OK?
7. rape
JACK ,   NETANYA   (09.11.13)
8. # 1, big chance you're right (realistically) but..
Yoch ,   Israelll   (09.11.13)
..unfortunately there are also fellow Jews whom commit such horrible crimes. I'm definitely in favor of hanging them and any proven rapist.
9. OK
OneThatCares ,   TA   (09.11.13)
As we can see the paper want to be "politically Correct" and is not saying they were arabs... But never mind this will come out very soon. Raping "white foreign Women" is a sort of sick sport among arabs in Israel. I would even venture to say that over 80% of rape case in Israel are committed by either arabs or the new wave of illegal african border jumpers.
10. it is Jews migrants from former USSR
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg, SA   (09.11.13)
and all over the world who are occupying Palestine let them all go back were they are from. if it was African migrants it could have been a lot o funny comments
11. #5 & #6 I Understand...
Edwin ,   Canada   (09.11.13)
...1 & 2. If a member of my family committed such a hideous crime, I would be more outraged than if done by a stranger with a different cultural and moral background.
12. #1: Try this for size:
David ,   The Galilee   (09.11.13)
"Sex abuse victim driven out of shul" see article on YnetNews today! You remark is similar to those against Jews in Europe for centuries!
13. Israel's rape epidemic
Guy ,   PT, Israel   (09.11.13)
If you look at localities where reported sexual assaults per capita are 0.4% or higher, 4 out of the 11 localities are Jewish Shomron settlements: Immanu'el, Qedumim, Bet El, Geva Binyamin, and Hashmona'im (of which 3 of the 5 are haredic). Kfar Chabad is another religious community on the list, though in the Lod Valley. Of the remaining 5 localities, only 2 are majority Arab (Abu Ghosh and Mazra'a. In other words, Israel's Jewish communities have the most acute sexual-assault rates. You can see this for yourself: meida. org. il obtained the MPS' data per a FOIA request, and Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics provides population data. Immanu'el is particularly terrifying, with a steady rise in both sexual and other assaults from 2006 to 2008 (10 sexual assaults and 23 other assaults in 2008 in a community of fewer than 4,000). But the opportunistic rape cases that Ynet discusses recently are especially worrying, since the circumstances are very clear-cut, and the victims are largely foreigners. This is a national embarrassment.
14. No brains
Sorry about the horrendous outcome. But women who run out of money while getting themselves drunk are not thinking ahead - she put herself in a dependent situation and transferred control and power to others. Unfortunately the other people were bad guys.
15. Thankfully, in Israel, the rapists are prosecuted instead of
Rivkah   (09.11.13)
the woman like in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. A woman needs four witnesses to prosecute a male for rape or she is prosecuted for fornication along with the males, or adultery along with the male or males. At least in Israel, police will take a report when a woman is raped. In the USA, police often refuse to do that, considering a woman who is raped to be a slut not worthy of the criminal justice system's attention. That is how women who are raped at high schools and colleges in the USA are often treated with the police refusing to prosecute the rapists. That is how it is in the US military, too, where rapists are rarely prosecuted. At least in Israel, rapists pay a price if found and charged and convicted. The world should follow that noble example of holding criminals accountable in attacks on women.
16. Moses Mafora 10
You are not the real Moses who took the Jews out of Egypt to the land of milk & Honey which is called ISRAEL. Read the bible the brainless
17. Do these "residents" have names?
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (09.11.13)
18. 16 TBs and the accumulated IQ of all commentators: 160!
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.11.13)
19. #5: Still a valid question: Arabs or Jews?
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (09.11.13)
In the US crimes are reported as committed by whites, blacks, hispanics, orientals, etc. Where is the racism in the question asked by #1?
20. #14 Stop blaming the victim
Kika ,   TA   (09.11.13)
Even if she "put herself in that situation", it doesn't give anyone the right to rape her. They even went as far as taking her to her hotel room, all they had to do was... LEAVE. These monsters had full power and control over their own actions, and they CHOSE to rape her, how is that her fault?
21. she put herself at risk
arne ,   chicago usa   (09.11.13)
she was out alone, drinking and having one hellava of time and was a target for a young guy.she's not Israeli and they probably thought they could get away with this.let's not forget, she asked them to take her home, then took a shower with them in her room--looks as though she was either stupid or looking for trouble.
22. #15, So much stupidity, such grave accusations.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.11.13)
A huge book can be written on what you don't know about your home country. And another one about what you don't know about Israel.
23. probably arab scumbags!
24. iam not saying its rite
DEE ,   Haifa   (09.11.13)
but with all the woman that you see on the streets , half naked ,and nothing to save for the imagination , it is no wonder that rape is a big thing today , the differance between the arab and jewish sector , is that jewish woman give it up easily , while arab men have to hold it in , and thats why arab men get married early , because the whores among them are much less ....
25. 5... oh dear
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.13)
Seems like someone got out on the wrong side of bed this morning...? I said "probably Arabs" then you stick all the rest of the horrible characterisations on me? I am not racist at all even though I accept that my comment could be interpreted as such. Sadly, based on the massive volume of statistics, Arabs treat women far worse than Jews in Israel, sorry but thats a fact of life. Forget rape, do Jews murder their daughters? No! That happens regularly in honour killings. I suggest that you take more care before plastering other people with baseless accusations. If you don't like it then don't take it out on me! ufkkincunt.
26. #19. Jack: You're the joker of the day!
Tom W ,   USA   (09.11.13)
Everybody knows - except you - that if the race of the perpetrator is omitted it's the indicator that the person belongs to a "protected minority" we're prohibited to name. The code word for Arabs in Europe is "youth" ...."youth" burned 100 cars last night.. in the suburb of X. You cannot fool us with your leftist crapola. Americans are well acquainted with the media Orwellian "Newspeak".
27. What's the difference, Arab, Jew, Martian.
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (09.11.13)
Rape cuts across all boundaries...The Rapists should be put to death!
28. #20 Kika
Years ago there was rape case in Florida where a young woman went around in a miniskirt wihout wearing panties. She was raped. The judge threw the case out because he said she created the situation (you know how guys are). The point is you don't swim in the ocean when you see shark's fins cruising around, you don't walk alone at night in some areas, and you don't put yourself at the mercy of strangers and bring them into your hotel room.. You can't control what others will do or how a situation evolves, but you can control a lot of how you can avoid potential problems. Some girls are too naive and idiotic, and they pay, sadly.
29. MIchael, California, USA: Obviously, you do not read the
Rivkah   (09.12.13)
news regarding the rape of women in Muslim nations, the rape of males and females in the US military that is so out of control that the Joint Chiefs of Staff said they did not think the US military can defend the country because of the damage to morale caused by sodomy rape of males and females. There were 26,000 rapes in the US military were reported last year and 14,000 of them were male victims, often gang rape in showers victims. When I was in the US Navy in the 1970's-1980's, a nurse was raped while on duty by an enlisted in a hallway of the hospital and she was blamed for being beaten up and raped! Are military members going to die for each other if they have been raped and the rapist has not been prosecuted? Probably not. In much wisdom ismuch grief and those who increase knowledge increase sorrow, King Solomon said. I wish I did not know as much as I do know. There is a vast amount of knowledge I am not familiar with, but what I say on posts is true to the best of my knowledge or I would not post it.
30. 22 Michael, California, USA: There is a rage at being raped
Rivkah   (09.12.13)
that continues for a lifetime. I can assure you that a military member who is beaten up and raped and finds there is no justice, will not be willing to lay down his/her life for anyone in battle. No, such a person will frag others in revenge, the more likely scenario. A lot of nurses are murderers. They admit it. They say things like, "Pneumonia is the old person's friend" or in California put "T.S." for Total Sedation on a patient's chart which they can do without asking anyone's permission. Then the person is given an overdose of morphine to kill him/her. Ask Olaf Hage of Maine what happened to his wife Elizabeth who was in a liver cancer remission but told to check into the hospital for a day for "observation". She was well when she went in, but by the time Olaf got home, Elizabeth was dead, murdered with morphine by a nurse without Elizabeth's or Olaf's consent. The nurse used to be a realtor and hated the Hage's because they cancelled an escrow on her. So she got her revenge by murdering Elizabeth Hage. The police refused to prosecute anyone since Elizabeth had cancer and would die anyway. Put that on a grander scale of the many thousands and tens of thousands of males and females who are raped in the US military each year. What are they going to do when it is possible to save or kill another? They will get revenge for what was done to them. So the morale in the US military is such that the nation can no longer be defended successfully in the opinion of the Joint Chiefs of Staff because there is so much animosity of troops toward each other because of the rapes of males and females who are going to get even somehow even if it costs the lives of many since they no longer care about the lives of others.
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