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Obama on 9/11 anniversary: Force alone cannot build world we seek
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Published: 11.09.13, 17:46
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1. US bombings
Walid ,   Spain   (09.11.13)
The list of countries that were bombed by the United States under the pretext of establishing democracy since the end of World War II: 1. China 1945-1946 2. Korea 1950-1953 3. China 1950-1953 4. Guatemala 1954 5. Indonesia 1958 6. Cuba 1959-1960 7. Guatemala 1960 8. Belgian Congo 1964 9. Guatemala 1964 10. Dominican Republic 1965-1966 11. Peru 1965 12. Laos 1964-1973 13. Vietnam 1961-1973 14. Cambodia 1969-1970 15. Guatemala 1967-1969 16. Lebanon 1982-1984 17. Grenada 1983-1984 18. Libya 1986 19. El Salvador 1981-1992 20. Nicaragua 1981-1990 21. Iran 1987-1988 22. Libya 1989 23. Panama 1989-1990 24. Iraq 1991 25. Kuwait 1991 26. Somalia 1992-1994 27. Bosnia 1995 28. Iran, 1998 29. Sudan, 1998 30. Afghanistan, 1998 31. Serbia 1999 32. Afghanistan, 2001 33. Iraq in 2003 34. Libya 2011 35. ??? the result was zero... big ‘0’ ZERO - none of those countries established democracy till now!
2. #1 Walid we will destroy terrorists whenever they hide
Besalel ,   Great Neck, NY   (09.11.13)
Your list of locations where our country sliced the heads off the terrorists will grow until the last terrorist is destroyed and all the Walids, Mohammeds, Adbuls and Kalims who believe Allah sent them on a mission to kill the infidels are utterly and completely wiped off the face of this Earth. God bless America for fighting against the terrorists in every corner of the Earth where the terrorists may believe they can outrun the American arm of justice. As they have learned, America will not stand by silently and allow the terrorists to drive the world into the dark ages.
3. #2, America is no longer the world's policeman
Jake   (09.11.13)
And under the rule of the "Manchurian Candidate", the decline of the American empire is proceeding at an accelerated pace. What political gain has there been for America from any of these wars? Just to remind you, relying on the use of force and the threat of force is how the mafia operates. Obama can spin it any way he wants, but America's power remains based on the premise that "Might makes right". Like the mob. And for a while it works, but in the end there is always a downfall. All the mob bosses either end up in the can or in the graveyard.
4. Save your Crocodile tears Omonkeyboy
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.11.13)
Obama is the most insincere two faced shmock in politics alive today. Monkey boy and Lurch from the Munsters are just a disgrace. There is absolutely nothing they can do to save America from the collapse. All they can do is try to cover it up with war.... What a pathetic display of how far America has fallen. BOMBS AWAY!!!!!! WOOOOO!!! We is gonna go bankrupt. MAY AS WELL BLOW UP THE WORLD WHILE WE ARE AT IT.... WOOOO!!!
5. I don't have an achy breaky heart
Soq Maddiq ,   Amman   (09.11.13)
My heart doesn't ache at all. In fact I'm handing out candy at this moment.
6. #5
Alain ,   Sao Paulo Brazil   (09.11.13)
May these candies poison those who eat them
7. #1
Alain ,   Sao Paulo Brazil   (09.11.13)
May be the US should bomb them again.
8. 9/11 was not a terror attack, no planes.
JMK ,   NYC   (09.11.13)
9. JMK #8, uhhh, lay off the shrooms
Jake   (09.11.13)
I and everyone else with me on that day had our eyes glued to the TV screens in the minutes following the attack on first tower. We all saw the plane hit the second tower. There was some confusion about what happened after the 1st tower was hit, but after the 2nd tower was hit, not a single person doubted it was a terror attack. If you also want to believe that the Earth is flat, there is a society of whackjobs dedicated to that belief. I am sure they will be more than receptive to your views on 9/11.
10. Obama seeks the same world as Reverend Wright.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.11.13)
When Obama talks about changing the world, he means changing it to be more like the world sought by the likes of Reverend Wright and his radical S.D.S. friends.
11. 5.
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.12.13)
Hope you choke on your candy.
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