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Putin 'alarmed' by US policy of military intervention
Published: 12.09.13, 08:48
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We ,including Mr .Putin ,are all "alarmed" by the totally amateur leadership demonstrated by the U.S .Amateur hour...and then some.Even Putin is incredulous.
3. Britain just vetoed UNSC resolution against Beslan terror.
Miron ,   USA   (09.12.13)
With all the evidence presented and verifiable about people murdered 137 children ages 5 to 14 at elementary - middle school. West has gone amok.
4. Putin's deadly threats against Israel
CJK   (09.12.13)
The only real and relevant part of Putin's rant is his claim that: "Reports that militants are preparing another attack--this time against Israel--cannot be ignored." This claim was repeated on Russian RT news cast, specifying that the attack against Israel will be a false flag attack from Assad held ground by opposition forces. Putin is a KGB thug who would not hesitate for one instant letting his client Assad send missiles with chemical weapons into Israel to punish the United States.
5. Worst Game Players
Gregg Bowman ,   Parksville, Canada   (09.12.13)
Both Obama and Putin are such pathetic pathetic game players. I have no respect for either of them and I think the world would be a far better place to live if they were both replaced with leaders with brains and some wisdom. warm regards, Gregg Bowman
6. 2 never side with that thug
CJK   (09.12.13)
keep in mind that even a very foolish american president is much preferable to a kgb thug.
7. But...
Logical ,   Israel   (09.12.13)
To all....and don't get me wrong I LOVE the USA...and I LOVE what it stands for but unfortunately Putin seems to be the more logical leader than his US counterpart .. make no mistake as soon as al-Qaeda and other extremists take down the Assad thugs they're gonna attack Israel 100% , it’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of WHEN. I ain't partial to Alawites but whatever keeps things calm at our border is the main thing to concentrate on...because when that day comes Israel won’t be just fighting some rebels groups IN Syria Israel will be fighting all kinds of Arabs flowing into Syria from all over the world..coming to destroy will become a pilgrimage for these folk and they won’t give a crap about Syria’s well-being. it’s sad but true.
8. As russian speaking I say Putin is
David ,   Rishon   (09.12.13)
2 faced politic man. He can write an article in NYT right opposite opinion. He declares only what in his interests NOW.
9. Mr Putin. You behave like statesman. U make every other lead
Adi ,   Zurich   (09.12.13)
Mr Putin. You behave like statesman. U make every other leader look insignificant. Please do not give arms of mass destruction to regimes like Assad. U hv chance to hv blessing for yr country. Please dont waste it.
10. #4 Putin
Putin could not care less about Israel at this stage, his job is to protect Russian interests. And don't forget: it was Obama who started this war. Without Obama, Assad would never have a reason to use nerve has against Israel or give nerve gas to Hezbolla. Worse, what do you think Obama's Jihadis would do with the nerve gas if they win?
12. What about Georgia & Chechnya Mr Putin???
Brett L ,   JHB South Africa   (09.12.13)
I hope someone points this out to him. Very quick to point out the wars the americans have intervened in, but the west is slow to point out the russians use of brute force!!! LEts see if it is ever mentioned but i doubt it!!
13. America is no longer king of the hill
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.12.13)
NO ONE IS!!! This is the Time of Mashiach Ben David. No nation on Earth will have the Kingdom. It is for the Son of David to have all to Himself.....
14. Obama was saved
ky   (09.12.13)
by the UK parliament. If he had gone ahead it would have been his end. I think a president and administration that is so out of touch with reality is a danger to the world. There are two issues which stand out. Was it idealism overruling the practical reality of stating a bombing campaign however limited leading to a much worse situation or was it something else which we do not know about ?. Whatever the answer is it seriously exposes this administration as being worse than amateurs.
15. Putin is a hypocrite!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.12.13)
Only 5 countries have veto powers, Russia being one of the five! These 5 countries impose their own wills and agenda based on their own interests! This is what Putin says: "It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation," Putin asserted. "God created us equal." This reminds me of George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm! ALL ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS!!!
16. stop stupid manipulation
CJK   (09.12.13)
obama did not start any war in syria. so your logic is that if it were not for obama, assad would not use chemical weapons on Israel and would not give chemical weapons to israel. so in fact you agree with me that putin would unleash assad on israel to punish the us. so putin's interest, according to you, is to launch chemical weapons missiles into israel. that would teach the yanks and their black messiah to behave. putin is owed a huge drubbing.
17. Son of Cyrus that's funny considering Putin is a communist
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.12.13)
they usually don't believe in G-d. If they did they'd realize that Russia has brutalized the Chosen People more than any one but the Muslims and Nazis. Russia is beginning to pay for her sins. Putin is a bandaid on a mortal wound, that wound is obama who, if America survives him, will be gone from office in just over 3 years. Neither obama or putin will be remembered in ten years. BUILD the third temple.!!!!
18. # 7 yes but
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.12.13)
I love America too it's my home however, it seems that this never ending Muslim war scenario is conducted from a Higher Source, as if the Muslims weren't at war with one another, they could just as easily united against Israel. It occurred to me also, better they war amongst one another than united against Israel. The real news here is that no one really cares for their welfare. Maybe it's all that shouting "Death to Israel' "Death to America"? G-d reacts in force. G-D BLESS ISRAEL AND G-D HELP AMERICA. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!!!
19. #16 you are wrong
Obama and his allies Erdogan and Saud took advantage of the original anti-Assad protests and flooded Syria with weapons, supplies, training, intelligence and tactical planning for armed rebels, and did their best to convince Assad officers to abandon Syria. There is evidence that Western forces (likely SAS or French Foreign Legion) did many of the early successful attacks like car bombs in Damascus, toppling helicopters, assasination of generals and destruction of the T-62 divisions. You are aware that ambassador Stevens was doing "Fast and Furious" Syria style, right? When Assad held out (thanks to Hezbolla, Iran and Putin) Obama, Erdogan and Saud flooded Syria with Sunni Jihadis from Iraq and Chechnya. Face it: Putin is not a nice guy, but on the balance he is the good guy and leader of the free world. Obama is not.
20. Please come back George, all is forgiven!
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (09.12.13)
21. #19 I like your style...
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.12.13)
Telling the truth never hurts those that fear no lies.. Israel was, is, and will be the land of the Jewish people now and forever.. See....
22. Sir Winston Churchill warned that the socialists consider
Rivkah   (09.12.13)
the workers and the shirkers to be equal. Margaret Thatcher said socialism works as long as other people's money doesn't run out. The UN is a communist front organization that needs to be disbanded. Its charter is word for word the old Soviet constitution.
23. The UN is the biggest genocide machine in the world,
Rivkah   (09.12.13)
killing untold numbers with its World Health Organization vaccines tainted with human chorionic gonadotropin (tetanus vaccine) to cause miscarriages, cancer virus (in polio vaccines), HIV (in smallpox and hepatitis-B vaccines), and other outrages. Watch the documentary film Katanga to see how the UN murders people in prosperous nations to bring them down to poverty. The UN is hell bent on putting violent immoral Blacks into White nations to corrupt the DNA pool and afflict the White peoples. Blacks, who DNA tests show are not entirely human (not all Blacks are not entirely human, but many tribes are). That means the 100,000 White South Africans who are suffering a murderous genocide by Blacks there cannot migrate to the USA, but murderous Islamic and Black thugs, can. Shut down the U.N. It is unimaginably evil and is destroying the West.
24. BHO works for Putin behind the scenes, turning the USA
Rivkah   (09.12.13)
into a socialist Amerika, so naturally Putin would come to BHO's rescue.
25. 19, nonsense
CJK   (09.12.13)
you agree that the original revolt was by peaceful demonstrators against assad's brutal oppressive regime. the rebels did not get help for the first year at all, while russia, iran were flooding syria with war planes, tanks, missiles, and other advanced weapons. when the rebels, through sheer numbers and many defections were beginning to win, iran flooded syria with al quds forces and with hezbollah terrorists. saudi then started arming the rebels, but the arms do not match even remotely what assad has and can procure from russia and iran. thus far obama has refused to give substantial arms to the rebels. I know that you are a liar from your claim that western forces, like sas or French legion were part of anti-assad forces and did "many of the early successful attacks like car bombs in damascus, toppling generals..." you are very obviously an agent for putin's fsb.
26. Putin maybe King of Russia but not America.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.12.13)
Putin thinks he's Peter the Great, his borders are now including America. He would have US believe that the Syrian rebels used the nerve gas, meanwhile the it's being reported that the UN is reporting exactly the opposite, Assad DID use the nerve gas on his people. Would you buy a used car from Putin? BUILD THE THIRD TEMPLE !!!
27. #7
mark ,   ca   (09.12.13)
28. Putin is above the UN Security Council!
Dee Bee ,   The Galilee, Israel   (09.12.13)
He INVADED a sovereign state, Georgia, in defiance of, his words, "International Law"! That was an "aggression", Mr. Putin. In Syria you are an accessory tp Mass Murder! With you help. you weapons and UN Veto Assad has killed more than 110,000 people including at least 7,000 children! That makes you an accessory, before, during and after the fact to murder! You have the cheek to talk about terrorism while YOU, Mr. Putin, are. , with your ally Assad, committing acts of terror in Syria and and with your Hitler Youth called "Nashe", in YOUR OWN country! Putin will go down in History at "Putrid Putin" a man of Evil!
29. #8
mark ,   ca   (09.12.13)
Show me one politician who in NOT two faced. And what it have to do with speaking Russian? Are you the only one? Ebeshh mozgi bez dela..
30. #26.
mark ,   ca   (09.12.13)
Putin may think that he is Peter the Great but big O think that he a king of the world. So far big O behaving like dictator of the US. No US president issued near as many executive orders like O.
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