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Assad: Israel should be first to disarm
Published: 12.09.13, 16:44
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1. And He Spews Yet Another Lie!
Ron ,   Seattle USA   (09.12.13)
2. There are 'man's" lies and there are infantile lies...
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.12.13)
3. What a moron!
Alex   (09.12.13)
4. Assad
Walid ,   Spain   (09.12.13)
This is a slap in the face for Obama and a humiliation to the US. Putin and Assad won and Obama is the pitiful loser. And the lesson is: red lines drawn by the US are like rainbows; you can never reach them. I am sure Iran took a note of this weakness and you can expect soon bold actions on their part to challenge the US.
5. Yeah, what a coincidence lol
6. an other slap to your face
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.12.13)
Obama. Yes we all know Assad is disqualifying the US to make Putin look good. But lets face it, Obama is a wooshy-washy president that can not take international pressure or decisions.
7. And we all believe you Assad!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.12.13)
What an idiot to think that the world will buy his ridiculous lies. In the mean time, shame on Obama for falling into the Putin-Assad trap. What a weak person that is!
8. Daylight is due to light of stars
Bob ,   Canada   (09.12.13)
Also daylight has nothing to do with the sun.
9. Hamas is to blame! NOT Egypt or Israel!
Ilan ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.12.13)
Your leaders are to blame Gaza! Stop whining, stop crying, and take your future into your OWN hands, for once in your miserable lives! Stand up to Hamas!
10. Assad vision.
Lebanese 2 ,   USA   (09.12.13)
Sure Assad going to handover 10 % from his chemical depot , or less what ever make Obama sit back and relax again.
11. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (09.12.13)
Chemical weapons are not legitimate to use on any one. Countries that have Chemical weapons should be disarmed and the Middle East must be free of nuclear weapons.
12. Multipes more Arabs killed by other Arabs than...
SG ,   Teaneck   (09.12.13)
that total Arab casualties in the all the wars that they started with Israel. As far as the U.S. helping to save Arab lives. Incidentally, when it comes to helping Arabs, not good deed goes unpunished. The US liberated Kuwait and gave it back to the Kuwaits; it saved the Bosnian Muslims from the Serbs; it toppled Saddam. Let Arabs kill each and only intervene when our self-interest is at stake.
13. right !
ecr   (09.12.13)
Assad murders his own people and we should disarm. This is modern thinking at it's height !
14. Israel should be the first...maybe...but YOU will be, Bashar
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.12.13)
15. Assad`s "Buddy" makes him talk
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.12.13)
The more Putin wrestles down Obama the more Assad ressucitates and has now his " Preconditions" before he aggrees to anything. Obama, you are now a toothless tiger. Assad pisses on your red lines.
16. Obama
Baruch ,   North israel   (09.12.13)
Obama, despite his "fancy" college education, still has not learned how to deal with the Russians nor with the Arabs. A short course in vegetable commerce at any one of the Arab shuks would be most helpful. I presume that he does not even have to leave the shores of he USA as there must be suitable shuks in Detroit.
17. why not let assad talk the talk
arne ,   chicago usa   (09.12.13)
what difference does it make. He's a paper tiger and that's good. Our concern is our relations with Russia. Let Russia have the headaches with Syria.let's keep Russia as a friend not a foe.
18. We'll be the LAST to disarm.
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (09.12.13)
After Syria, After Hezbollah, After Iran, After the Palestinians, After the Muslim Brotherhood, After Al Queda, After North Korea, After Russia, After Iceland, After Vatican City, After Holland.
19. To Harold # 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.12.13)
If it wasn't for the religion of peace Israel wouldn't need nuclear weapons.
20. Obama s not to blame
Yom Kippur   (09.12.13)
Blame the American people
21. Assad is quite a joker ! A ruthless being if ever there
miri ,   israel   (09.12.13)
was one. This was not the first time chemicals were used against his people. I believe his father eliminated about 3,000 of its citizens (can't remember name of city) several years ago.
22. This what Obama wanted since 1st term
23. Knowing Obama, he probably would agree with the mass...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.12.13)
...murderer and demand of us, Jews, to pay the price of his miss steps regarding this whole matter.
24. a new definition of chutzpah
tom ,   toronto, canada   (09.12.13)
the butcher of damascus would like to dictate his terms. yeah, right!
25. to #20
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.12.13)
You are right. The UN is to be blamed. This organisation is not doing what it was formed for. Applying international laws! Instead It became a real circus lead by parasites living on big salaries, and waiting for th US to clean up.
26. Assad should go after the Rebels
Brod ,   USA   (09.12.13)
Assad is an idiot. He should go after the Islamist-Jihadist Terrorists/Rebels rather than preach to Israel. His tiny minority Alawite is ruling over a vast majority of non-Alawite in Syria by force. He is sitting on top of a volcano that is about to explode. Instead of worrying about it, he is more obsessed in going after Israel. Picking a fight with Israel could expedite his trip to be with his 72 virgins.
27. #11 Very nice of you to remind us, Harold, thank you
A ,   Belgium   (09.12.13)
But do you know what kind of arsenal the US has? A push of a button and your dream of American citizenship is up in smoke. So maybe make a choice: concern yourself with what is happening in your own backyard, or go back to where you came from and be a political analyst from there. But don't stick your ignorant nose where it doesn't belong, the Middle East, for example, you only make even more of a complete fool of yourself.
28. Assad must be stopped
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (09.12.13)
No one wants war but we must not allow the horrible mistake of the lies that led to the unwarranted war with Iraq to cloud our judgement about Syria. Simply getting an agreement to get rid of his chemical weapons is not going to prevent Assad from murdering tens of thousands of his citizens. Hours after President Obama's speech Syrian warplanes were attacking several cities in Syria, not in a targeted attack against rebels but in an attack to murder and demoralize as many innocent men, women, and children as Assad could. While some may celebrate one heinous weapon of war being taken away from Assad the agreement is worthless if he is allowed to continue to murder his citizens with impunity. We are not the world's policeman but the last time America looked inward Adolf Hitler began his final solution against the Jewish people and even after marching thru Europe and bombing cities across England and Europe every day, and despite the pleas from Winston Churchill to Roosevelt, the killing went on and on and by the time Roosevelt finally decided to get involved six million Jews, of which one million were children, were murdered. Churchill cajoled and begged Roosevelt to help England and Europe and the opinion polls from the 1930's and 1940's showed the overwhelming majority of Americans did not want to get involved with a war with Germany. The same opinion polls reflect the American people's feeling today. War must be avoided at all costs. However, if the only way to stop a murderous tyrant from killing thousands of innocent people and the only way to prevent the entire Middle East from becoming engulfed in an inferno may be for America to either destroy the killing machine of Assad or sufficiently arm the moderate rebels to make things difficult for Assad so he will be forced to leave and the killing will end. If we do nothing and the war spills over to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Israel we will rue the day we decided not to take action.
29. Israel should be the ONLY country that should allowed them
k ,   US   (09.12.13)
when the rest of the world has gone what the Jews have gone through then they have the right to talk, if the world is ever putting the Jews and the Israelis in a corner where they are forcing them to disarm , that is when the Jews have to go on a mass suicide and revenge mission
30. Harold at #11
DavidR ,   USA   (09.13.13)
Yes Harold. We all know you are the smartest person to ever comment here and should be the top world diplomat. Just as soon as you learn to tie your shoes and blow your nose.
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