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Iran reduces enriched uranium stockpile
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Published: 14.09.13, 20:51
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1. Mullah's Lap Dog meets Master Hypocrite!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.14.13)
The late Shah of Persia in a sentence made a true point before his departure: "It is a coalition of The Red & Black Forces!" How true!
2. Peaceful research.!. Is world so naive to believe.
Adi ,   Zurich   (09.14.13)
Peaceful research.!. Is world so naive to believe.
3. Iran is on the road to a bunch of bombs
CJK   (09.14.13)
there is no doubt that iran will continue developing nuclear weapons while avoiding a military strike.
4. Either the Iranian leadership is scared or lying...or both.
Jerusalem Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.14.13)
5. Aamazing what Crafty Mullahs hide under their Ropes!!!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.15.13)
6. Iran is not lying
Harri ,   EU   (09.15.13)
There are too much love for war in Israel. You should not think that Iranians are stupid just because you want Iran to be bombed to the stone age. Don't ever underestimate your enemy. Iran is not making nuclear weapons, because Mullahs are much better safe without nuclear weapons than with them. Iran don't need nuclear bomb for deterrence, because wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have destroyed all the enemies from their borders. US would bomb Iran only if they could prove that Iran has nuclear weapons capability and US is the only enemy they are scared of. With civil nuclear power Iran will have the electricity, science and de facto deterrence (dirty bomb and nuclear capability) without risks of being bombed, so that is what they are reaching for.
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