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Holocaust memorial to be built in Budapest
Graham Sigurdson
Published: 20.09.13, 07:48
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1. I am sure it will be vandalized on a weekly basis
k ,   US   (09.20.13)
Hungarians are known for their unapologetic anti-semitism
2. #1 nevertheless, at least they are making an effort
Zvi   (09.20.13)
PutsignwhereUseeIt! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.20.13)
IF they are really serious about Holocaust memorials they should first move the sign near the Danube River with its famous Holocaust Memorial in the form of bronze shoes resembling those of Jews shot there and thrown into the Danube It is visited by thousands who do not know what it is and think it is "cute" to try and put your feet in a shoe as the story of the events are on a small plaque on a back wall which goes totally unnoticed when I pointed this out to tourists there they were shocked as they thought it was just a" fun" tourist sculpture
4. #3 How to turn a memorial into a joke
Sick ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.23.13)
First you build the memorial the shoes then you hide the information about what it represents and the memorial of the shoes of the dead Jews of Budapest becomes a "fun place" this must have been proposed by Hungarian Anti Semites in the government who must be having a good laugh as they look down at it from their nearby Parliament windows
5. 4 actually it was turned to joke when Clinton bombed Belgrad
Miron ,   USA   (09.29.13)
people ignorance is normal, bombs on saviors of Osventzim is the trouble, and Israel's support of it is totally another "shoe"...
6. Holy cow, Cook has a statue on Pascha island, too.
Miron ,   USA   (09.29.13)
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