State recognizes 2 biological fathers for first time
Omri Efraim
Published: 15.09.13, 20:29
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1. A parent is a parent is a parent is a parent....
2. not two men
murray ,   jerusalem   (09.15.13)
sorry folks........I know the two involved and I still refuse to call them two men. Women like Yuval can have their breasts removed and go through hormonal treatments but as long as they still have all their female genitalia in place and give birth to a baby then it's not two men as biological's a man that is married to a woman who grew a beard and gave birth to a baby.
3. Glad to hear
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.15.13)
4. Sorry it's a woman with a beard
Rachel ,   Jerusalem   (09.15.13)
Two men can't father one baby. She has a womb- she is female who wants to be a gay man. It's one thing for a gay couple of men/ women to create a kind of three person parenting arrangement but this is just beyond the pale.
5. So we are slowly coming out of the
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.15.13)
stone age. That is the good news. That the immigration authority should have been involved, that a lawyer and political protektsia was needed, all that is still old time bad news.
6. Not a biological parent
Dan   (09.16.13)
There's nothing wrong with this couple having a child the way they did and they deserve legal recognition as 'parents'. But if the transgender partner did not contribute either sperm or an ovum, s/he is not a 'biological' parent - that's simply what 'biological' means. A child deserves to know, later in life, who its actual biological parents were - for example so they can track their genetic heritage - so why misinform them from the start? Couples with only one biological parent are increasingly common and perfectly legitimate - why not settle for that, rather than build a lie into the system?
7. A Tad Confusing
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.16.13)
How can we call someone who has the internal female equipment to carry a child a male? Person may outwardly look like a male - but having ovaries and a womb isn't male. Doesn't matter what a person 'feels' like - biology says they are female. Biologically speaking, human males don't have the ability to become pregnant and carry a child. It's very confusing, to say the least, that biology can be dictated to by how a person 'feels' - or how they self-identify. Note: I'm not saying 2 men can't be loving parents - that's a different issue. Just saying that our biological definition of female isn't changed because of how someone 'identifies'.
8. Would you please explain
Asma ,   Saudi Arabia   (09.16.13)
I don't understand how he can give birth to a baby can they do it in transsex I mean how does he have a womb Is it real and where they get the eggs from of females I mean I simply don't know Thanks
9. Yuval
Ora   (09.16.13)
If Yuval thinks of himself as a man then it is not up to anyone else to pass a value judgment. And I am glad that a man finally knows what it is like to go through labor.
10. #2 is right
11. to #8
Yael ,   Israel   (09.16.13)
hi Asma, The way it happened is that one of the men used to be a woman. He underwent a sex change to become male but they did not remove his womb or ovaries (some people who go through sex changes have them removed, some don't). He took hormones and had surgeries to become male but because he still had a womb he could become pregnant.
12. To #9 Ora
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.16.13)
I don't see how it's a value judgement to say that if a person has female reproductive organs the person is the female sex. Saying there is a difference between gender and sex is one thing, but the determination isn't a question of another's value/worth.
13. Adoption by homosexuals
Michael Weizmann. MD ,   Auckland, NZ   (09.16.13)
In my humble medical and moral opinion, Mrs Topper(!)-Erez wants his/her Cake and to be able to eat it too. That is to say, it appears to me that in Court he wears his lady's hat, and in "ordinary" life his gentleman's one and a beard. In this case, the Court has also plainly had to turn itself inside-out, and contradict the Torah, to accommodate the wish of gays to be recognised as conjugal biological and legal parents of the same child. In New Zealand, a statute passed this year has allowed gay couples to "marry" one another. But the issue of whether such "spouses" can adopt children is undecided, and will require an amendment, or almost a scrapping, of our Adoption Act to push it through to give gays the "right" to adopt. One need hardly point out that, in Israel as well as New Zealand, State-allowed adoption is not a human right, but a privilege granted by the State to persons it's adoption agency determines are suitable persons to be granted it. It appears that by this decision the Israeli Court has opened the door, or perhaps floodgate, to a torrent of cases of conflict of both statutory and religious Laws here.
14. A woman is a woman
Grant Thomas ,   Brookfield   (09.16.13)
Why do the liberals lie to us and get away with it? If a person has female reproductive organs it's a woman. NO man has a vagina, uterus, and ovaries! We are smarter than you libtards think we are!
15. Your Opinion
Gary   (09.17.13)
your right - it's your OPINION and not your life or the facts. You may have an MD degree and you can put quote marks all you want around the word marry - it doesn't mean that the marriage of two men or two women is any less than your heterosexual marriage. If adoption isn't a human right, then biological parenting shouldn't be either. We could go on for days or longer documenting all the spousal and child abuse conducted by heterosexuals, couldn't we?
16. Sorry, Rachel, BUT
Gary   (09.17.13)
No one is an "it" - a person is either he or she (unless they identify as gender queer). Referring to Yuval as It is just plain rude and shows your lack of information and education.
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