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Opposition: Assad regime transferred WMDs to Hezbollah
Roi Kais
Published: 16.09.13, 10:39
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1. I think that was Bibi's red line, no?
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (09.16.13)
2. Are you surprised?
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (09.16.13)
Israel watching every move - I put my faith in the hand Israel Security Services - also I put my trust in the hands of elected politicians
3. #1
JtC ,   Nir Eliyahu / Jhb   (09.16.13)
Unlike someone else and his "red line" if and when an Israeli red line is crossed, it won't be strewn across the global media before made to look stupid and lacking in credibility. No, it will be checked, and checked again to make sure it was in fact crossed, and then quietly acted upon. In any event, information coming from the rebels must be treated with extreme caution, as there are many ulterior motives there
4. Pretty slick
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.16.13)
Russia and Hezb'allah get the WMD for free and who's the safer for this? Not US not Israel. BUILD FASTER!!!!!
5. Investigate
I would assume Israeli intelligence can investigate and confirm whether this is true or if the rebels are just looking to instigate a response from the West. Our government has proclaimed over and over that it will not let any weapons of mass destruction reach our enemies and has destroyed several envoys in recent months. Why not now?
6. Did you trust the Russians?
Kolboynik ,   Baltimore   (09.16.13)
Russians do everything with hind thoughts. Its never an honest approach. So Israel should bomb if Israel thinks bombing is necessary. -- Russia disrespects USA. Obama please do what you have to do.
7. The result will be more talk from
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.16.13)
8. #6 respect
Respect is earned, not given for free. What respect has the US under the Obama regime earned? Obama butchered civilians in Afghanistan and Libya for no real reason. He lied to Putin about Libya about "duty to protect" when he meant "bomb them to steal their oil". As long as his Jihadis were winning in Syria, Obama had no problem with keeping the Jihadis well armed and the mounting death toll. Only when his Jihadis started losing did he remember he was against chemical weapons. When the US ejects Obama, you can start talking about respect.
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion.   (09.16.13)
10. Vote the Bums Out
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (09.16.13)
Russia told syria the deal would not weaken its conflict with Israel. Cnsidering WMD are owned by both sides, I dont understan this thinking unless Rssia has a treaty with Syria including Iran. All sides are waiting for Iran to test the bomb, and start production quickly of more bombs to counter Israel's leverage. Tihis is like playing chess and poker, with the Arabs playing chess..they want Israel's queen the country).Assad is still killing his people, using a large well equipped army and Hez. 1400 deat5hs is nothing compared to 110,900 gus. The Muslims know that hitting Israel piecemeal is valueless except for the obvious damage to neves and psychological effect. It has to hit the Jewish state with Sarin, and Kassams to Shahibs..with large WMDs including nukes. 2 nukes over Tel aviv and its all over but the mournig. Syrias use recently was a test, that all, and worked well. It can resonstitute its arsenal quckly or get the warheads back from Russia/Iran which were smuggled out. All of this a a precursor t othe big prize, eliminating Israel as a country, which is the ultimate goal. Israel must: keep reminding its enemies that such a daring strike will result in total devesation to those who attack it. using all of its capabilities. No holds barred and signigicant collateral damage. This is not 48o r 67, this is for all the marbles, with both sides preparing their armies for the worse Obama's hesitancy worked in the short run...but over 20 yers is valueless. In 3 years, the US msut vote in people who would have taken out a few hudred missile sites in Syria, and not played games.Rembember, Iran has missile boats offshore the US whichcan fire missiles laden with Sarin, making small terrorist and successfu acts here (Boston) pale in comparison. And you know where those missiles are aimed.
11. who pays for weapon destruction I hope its Syria Russia Iran
And china...
12. Our I.A.F can sink those Russian ships in seconds...
Shimon ,   Tel Avib   (09.16.13)
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