A president's word
Baruch Leshem
Published: 16.09.13, 20:00
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1. Lessons from history
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln. USA   (09.16.13)
Obama needs to study Harry Truman's approach. Be a politician, practice political pragmatism, and follow through on promises. His decision to use atomic bombs against Japan is one of many examples. Come to think of it, I wish Harry Truman was the president today. I'm sure most Israelis would feel more assured with him than Obama who is long winded and weak.
2. Americans elected a dangerous & 'empty suite'.
Steve Klein   (09.16.13)
A good plan for Jews and non-Jews alike. Do not place any trust in President Obama's reassuring words, such as "We've got Israel's back." He is not trustworthy.
3. only a brain dead fool would any longer believe obama.
ralph   (09.16.13)
4. Actually, the reverse is true...
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (09.16.13)
By refusing the dictates of the Jewish Lobby, Obama will be remembered honorably all over the world as the president who stood for his people (who oppose this war) and who pushed the Jewish Lobby into the dust bin of history.
5. Israel must destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.13)
Obama, one of the worst U.S. Presidents ever, can't be relied upon to do anything well; in America or elsewhere. Other than give a decent speech while reading a teleprompter. Israel must destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
6. Obama has brought the concept of statesmanship back to...
Persian CAT   (09.16.13)
the US with his deft handling of a crisis which was on its way to become the lastest quagmire for the US. Obama's handling of the Syrian "affair" makes JFK's handling of the Cuban missile crisis a child play. Obama has to play his hand very carefully because he has made a few of US "allies" quite unhappy. Chief among them are the chickeh hawks including Saudi/Qatari tribal chiefs, the Turks, and last but not least the Zionista. Obama gets my vote any time.
7. obama is clueless
david ,   new york   (09.16.13)
now it's saudia arabia that is stepping in to save egypt from fanatic moslems. obama is too busy supporting the moslem brotherhood. he was silent as protesters in iran were being beaten and killed. for the past few years he has pretended that syria didnt exist, and at the same time totally ignored all the reports of repeated gasing there. then when 1500 are killed he scrambles unprepared for weeks to try and figure out what to do. he is a combination of a left wing islamophile and a stuffed suit that can speak with great resonant intonation but has nothing to him.
8. # 6 Obama painted himself...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.16.13)
into a corner. Putin saved him. Obama's bumbling makes him look more like JFK's Bay Of Pigs. Obama is more of an inept clown than Jimmy Carter was so if you want to vote the clown ticket I guess you are on track.
9. A President's word
Casey Brown-Myers ,   TEXAS-USA   (09.16.13)
The write says the American public still trusts Obama, but this is totally incorrect. Leftists liberals still trust Obama to a certain degree, but most Americans do not trust Obama. Close to 60% of Americans no longer approval of Obama and that number goes higher depending on the question being asked. I don't know if the writer just doesn't read American news or the writer is simply in the tank for Obama, either way this article is misleading at best.
10. Quoting Abe Lincoln. Anyone can borrow words. What the indiv
Adi ,   Zurich   (09.16.13)
Quoting Abe Lincoln. Anyone can borrow words. What the individual thinks n believes is the importance...... So far. No one knows this man and thus far the mid east is in flames from bad policy. Terrorists. Anarchy. The problems can not be blamed on Israel. Lets hope Obama still has time to realise who his greatest friend is......
11. Remember Zhou and the French Revolution
Claude ,   London, UK   (09.16.13)
In 1972 President Zhou said it was still too early to assess the implications of the French Revolution. Just a week after the Obama Putin deal is certainly too early to assess the impact. Expectations of the eventual demise of Israel, are a little premature and I suggest that our Persian CAT is a little too hasty and not very wise. Don't base your predictions on your own prejudices, it's sure to end in disappointment. The so called deal does little to give Assad more chance of regaining full control over his territory. Iran's economy is floundering and Russia itself is likely to suffer itselffrom more political turmoil as Putins henchmen and mafia operators crack down on opponents Maybe a trip in the Iranian spaceship would give the CAT a better world purr perspective.
12. CAT
Casey Brown Myers ,   Texas-USA   (09.16.13)
I wish CAT and all those like CAT would undertake a trip on an Iranian spaceship.
13. the race is not to the trash can
tom ,   toronto, canada   (09.16.13)
the root of the problem is "ego": barack hussein obama thinks that he can walk on water. after all, who else received a nobel prize before they even got started? his policy of "engagement" with the moslem world has been no more successful than george w's in defeating al-qaeda, has it? if anything, it has accelerated iran's nuclear weapons programme, but yet he perseveres, not because he's getting anywhere, but because his ego will neither let him stop, nor will it accept advice from qualified experts. that's also why he has sidestepped the congressional nomination process for key cabinet positions, because his nominees weren't top-calibre professionals, who might have brought other viewpoints, or even criticisms, to the table. he doesn't see himself as heading for the trash can, but into the history books as the first president to walk on water. let's just hope the rest of us survive the mess that he leaves behind.
14. "Trash can" is a step up
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (09.16.13)
from the toilet.
15. #12. What's your point...
Persian CAT   (09.17.13)
if any?!
16. Politicians can always spring a face saving trick
Alan ,   Canada   (09.17.13)
Some of the reasons which led Obama to let several Red Lines pass on the Syrian question also apply to his lack of resolve regarding Iran. In addition, taking on Iran is a bigger & more dangerous task. So just as Syria has made a concession without a UN chapter 7 clause to prevent violations, the Iranians are likely to help Obama present a modest Iranian compromise as a diplomatic victory of the economic sanctions, a victory which the American people will take favourably as a way to avoid a new war which the majority do not want.. If such a scenario takes place, the stature of Obama will not be diminished in the medium term. But given that it is unlikely that the fanatical Iranian leadership will abandon its hegemonic ambitions, the resurgence of the Iranian threat over the longer term is likely to tarnish Obama's reputation. The big mistake here, is for a democracy to believe it can find a reliable accomodation with a despotic regime which calls the democracy the "Great Satan".
17. He's already in the trash bin
Shep Fargotstein ,   United States   (09.17.13)
18. Lots of the usual Israeli Obama bashing
spyguy ,   seattle   (09.17.13)
The POTUS, regardless who is in the office, does what they think is BEST for America and if that means walking away from a worthless fight, so be it. The POTUS is allowed (and even encouraged) to change their mind as situations change, so expecting a POTUS to keep every "promise" is ridiculous. The REALITY that Israelis can not seem to grasp is the US is NOT going to participate in any more wars for probably at least a decade (or more). If you want to have a war, go for it, but do not be "shocked" when the US stands back and simply watches. "Fun fact" - over the last 200+ years, the US has turned its back on each and every of its so-called "friends" and has broken just about every treaty and agreement it has ever made- that is just what countries do consistently. Expecting the US to be Israel's BFF is a foolish delusion. If you don't like that then welcome to the real world. BTW - it is unlikely that there will be a republican POTUS for at least ten years and probably longer, so maybe Israelis should quit with the POTUS bashing.
19. Not by power or might...
God'sway   (09.17.13)
Peace is gentle and powerful than war and aggression as those that gave Obama Nobel Peace Prize may be tossing their cheers because he’s delivering on their agenda of peace and justice as Rohani offering to dismantle Iran nuclear to avoid isolation and join league of peaceful men.
20. #6 Persion Cat
Madeleine ,   Israel   (09.17.13)
Actually it was Putin wo 'deftly handled' the syrian crisis and in doing so got Obama down off the very high tree up which he'd climbed. It was Putin who got Assad to agree to reveal and destroy his chemical weapons because Putin had so many russian interests to protect in and with Syria and Iran, Syria's masters. obama just came across, yet again, as a bumbling wimp who can't follow through.
21. Much, much too late...
Gideon Reader   (09.17.13)
The useless wanker is already snuggled in; all toasty and comfortable amongst the rest of the socialist effluvia and leftoid flotsom.
22. Wrong. Americans DON"T trust him, just stuck with him.
Sifter ,   USA   (09.17.13)
23. Media Will Protect Obama No Matter What
karl ,   co usa   (09.17.13)
If Obama backtracks on Iran the media will say that it is a myth that Obama ever had a red line and that anyone who tells this myth is a liar.
24. Force without wisdom falls of its own weight. - Horace
Devorah   (09.17.13)
25. Factually Challenged
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (09.17.13)
Obama never promised anybody a US war with Syria under any circumstance. Obama never once promised a US war with Iran, either. To think that Obama would order a Pearl Harbor-style sneak attack on Iran is delusional. Not even Bush did those. US Presidents who start wars based on lies and made up speculation are not well thought of. Evidence Johnson and Nixon and Bush the Younger.
26. Some armchair generals rule US President... already...
Miron ,   USA   (09.17.13)
27. Has BHO kept *one* of his promises?
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.17.13)
28. #25 Bush vs Obama
You are right that Obama will never attack Iran, but the rest of your post makes no sense. Johnson, Clinton and Obama started wars based on lies. Nixon ended Vietnam, which war did he start? As for Bush, he spent a year getting UN approval and a coalition of 40 nations to attack Iraq. He received congressional authorization to attack Saddam for more than 20 different reasons, one which turned out to be inaccurate. Obama illegally started the Libyan war by ignoring congress, lying to the UN and a "coalition" of his loyal allies. Obama made the Syrian war thousands of times worse by illegally supplying the "rebels" with aid and arms, leading to a humanitarian tragedy.
29. Just a word
Madeleine ,   Israel   (09.17.13)
America has never had to defend its shores against outside attack. In view of the way a lockdown was imposed on a whole town when looking for the marathon bomber, I'd hate to think of the panic that would envelop ordinary Americans in the event of even the threat of the kind we live with daily in Israel. We in Israel are perfectly capable of dealing with Arab threats. America goes to war when it perceives its oil interests threatened, thousands of miles from its own shores.
30. david#7-you got it right !!!!
miriam ,   eilat   (09.17.13)
the basic formula is: ohb=moslem brotherhood.
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