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Obama to meet Netanyahu, but not Rohani
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.09.13, 10:49
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1. "As of now"......Get it?
Alan ,   SA   (09.17.13)
2. Obama; Kerry's curse on America
Kerry discovered Obama , in Illinoi and pushed him up the democratic ladder.
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.17.13)
Not only is he Nasi Gog he is the perfect match for the contemptible person that will arise to lead the Kingdom of the North against the Kingdom of the South. When Edom conquers Babylon in the End of Days they become the Kingdom of the North. This has already happened. Obama is the leader of the Kingdom of the North. Woe to America, a very terrifying and painful fall is divinely destined for you...
4. The more attention Obama gives
paulD ,   Jerusalem, ISrael   (09.17.13)
Bibi (Jews) the less he should be trusted. We know what is in the hearts of the emotionally deficient.
5. This is the chance for Netanyahu to
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.17.13)
back up all his talk and not succumb to US pressure for once and when no one else does ! Will "Never again" actually mean "not for the moment, but anytime soon "
6. Iran must fulfill the following four steps
CJK   (09.17.13)
1 iran must cease all enrichment activity; 2 iran must remove all uranium from iran; 3 iran must close the qom facility; 4 iran must halt all plutonium enrichment. to make it perfectly clear, iran must give up in totality its entire nuclear program and all nuclear weapons program. prime minister netanyahu will not allow any pussy footing or other means of dissimulation, prevarication, obfuscation, or general taqiyya.
7. Threat of force must be credible and Obama is simply not.
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (09.17.13)
8. 1* As of now ... Jay Carney.. Obama
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.17.13)
A liar spokesman of the Liar in Chief whose Secretary of State was called a Liar by Putin.. says as of now, with 2 fingers crossed up his behind, can only be lying. Never has a leader before harmed the country he leads as much as Obama has damaged America and interest Double standards in the West bow down to the Kenyan but attack Gadafi
9. 6 there must be a strong credible force behind the demands
CJK   (09.17.13)
neither the prime minister nor the people will accept anything less than the fulfillment of the four steps outlined. in order to make absolutely clear that we are serious, a strong credible force must back up the demands.
10. Nr.3. You are in Error !
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.17.13)
Gog is Japans Military Leader. The Kingdom of the North is Irak. The Kingdom of the South is Saudiarabia. Arn.Sweden.
11. Bibi, it is time...
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (09.17.13)
to take Israel's security out of American control. Barack 'i cannot be trusted' Obama has absolutely no intention of blocking Iran from going Nuclear. His 'handling' of the Syrian matter has exposed his ineptitude. I used to think Obama was a closet anti-semite, now I just think he really is incompetent.
12. Ah... the arrogance!! Dictating to others.
Ramzi Jaber ,   Palestine   (09.17.13)
How about your nuclear weapons? Proceed Mr. Prime Minister.....
13. Net setting terms???
Cameron ,   USA   (09.17.13)
Those who can't do the hard work do not set the agenda. Obama's call the whole way down the line on this one.
14. Iran Should Agree With The Four Steps ....If
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.17.13)
Israel Will Agree To The Following: 1. Sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 2. Open Dimona for inspections. 3. Destroy all chemical and biological weapons stockpiles AND turn all nuclear weapons over to UN. 4. Abide by borders as derived by the UN in 1947. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Right Bibi?
15. And For The Bible Nutters Posting Today
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.17.13)
Quit trying to force Jesus to come back. Besides if he ever decides to come back you are the very people he will send to Hell. Read your own Bible for once. Jesus hated warmongers.
16. Three words:
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.17.13)
17. natanyaho
farrokh ,   Iran,usa   (09.17.13)
After been sure that Hezbalah is not coming he comes out of his rat hole and start barking again.
18. All Nukes & WMD must be handed over to Israel before Peace!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.17.13)
19. Bibi's 4 steps are like his red line a year ago!
Al Quds ,   Al Quds   (09.17.13)
20. Comparing apples and oranges!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.17.13)
First, Israel never threatened another nation of annihilation like Iran did time an again for Israel. Second, Israel is not run by irrational Mullahs who see death and martyrdom as something to aspire for. Third, Israel's nuclear weapons only serve as a deterrent against enemies who want its destruction. Israel's nuclear weapons threatens the world less than Frances, UK's or US's nuclear weapons do. But Nuclear weapons in the hands of crazy mullahs is a danger to the whole world.
21. There is zero chance the US will attack Iran
spyguy ,   seattle   (09.17.13)
Bibi may have spent time in the US, but either his memory is faulty or he never learned about Americans. The American public will NOT let the president attack Iran no matter how much Bibi rants and raves. If any POTUS did attack Iran, the resulting massive problems for America would see the POTUS quickly replaced and the US withdraw. By now Obama knows that he can not use force anywhere on earth unless he want to lose his job. Obama may nod his head at Bibi's rants, but he will do nothing. The REALITY that Israelis need to face is Iran is NOT going to give in to force, Israel has reached the limits of its power. The fact that Obama will not do anything isn't because he doesn't want Iran to stop developing nuclear capabilities but the reality is the US can do nothing about it that would not boomerang on the US.
22. #12 Agree with wise Ramzi
Ramzi is correct, Netanyahu should stop interfering with other countries and world politics. If Iran wants nukes, that is not Israel's concern and in any case Israel can't do anything about it. What does it matter to Israel if Iran uses the nukes to liberate Mecca and Medina from the murderers of Ali? What does Israel care if Iran uses nukes to protect herself from Arab, Turkish or American aggression? The only thing that should concern Netanyahu is Israeli survival. That means friendly relations with Iran's ally Russia. That means credible second strike capability to eliminate Iran in case of attack. That means guaranteeing Israel's population survival by spreading out into Judea and Samaria. That means the end of the idiotic fantasy known as "palestine".
23. If Israel has Nukes, it will need them as
it has barbaric blood thirsty neighbours who decapitate, shield behind women and children, and prefer death to meet the 72 virgins they were promised if they die for Allah Children with retards IQ would not fall for such crap. Hopeless situation, for a people whose only real avance in 2 centuries is their breeding in large numbers
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.17.13)
Add two more points.....................For Iran to also do away with all conventional weapons and further arm its army with swords so that the Zionists have a free hands to do what they like.Netanyahu has lost his head,fellow readers.
25. #14 - World Citizen - Wrong
JtC ,   Nir Eliyahu / Jhb   (09.17.13)
Israel will not abide by these "rules" as they've never threatened another country with its destruction the way Iran has. As Iran has not been threatened with annihilation, it must abide by these 4 rules that Netanyahu has specified. This will only serve to safeguard Iran anyway. And who is talking about borders here anyway? I think you're commenting on the wrong Ynet article?? Israel does not have nuclear, chemical or biological weapons - nothing to turn over to the UN.
26. Obama is a worthless, lazy dog on Syria & Iran
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.17.13)
Bibi is well well within his his rights to lay down the law to him and take matters into his own hands if the mutt doesn't shake his behind.
27. #20 is a response to #14 and #12
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.17.13)
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.17.13)
Nobody said anything about JEEEEEEESUSSSSS.... World wise guy thinks he can make things up and get away with it... JEEEEEESUSSSSS has nothing to do with this....
29. Making statements to no avail
Danny Marcus   (09.17.13)
The PM only makes himself look ridiculous making these absurd demands.
30. Will he draw a new cartoon bomb? Yay!!
cali cal ,   los angeles, usa   (09.17.13)
Bibi's a joke.
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