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UN: Syrian clashes in Golan risk entangling Israel
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Published: 17.09.13, 20:04
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1. I agree with Lavrov...
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.17.13)
We have learned from recent wars with islamic terrorist they are lying and using every illegal moves to get the PR and western countries on their side. And they have no problem killing people if they see the opportunities to win sympathy, according to their "book", they are allowed to do these autrocities if it is for the benefit for their faith.... And as we know, a human life means NOTHING for these idiots..
2. Ummmm
Beta ,   IL   (09.17.13)
You reported earlier today that border patrol will be limited if existent at all. What is our government trying to do? Drive everyone to insanity or move out of Israel?
3. No offense (no pun intended)
Avi ,   Israel   (09.17.13)
But I'm more nervous about the Africans running amock on the streets of Tel Aviv than I am about Syria right now.
4. Russians are masters of lies & distortion!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.17.13)
5. So Who Are The Good Guys In Syrian Problem?
emanon ,   USA   (09.17.13)
6. Who done it?
God'sway   (09.17.13)
Whether the devils did or demons did they all the same never divided in committing atrocities to drag the west into it.
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