South TA: 'High Court judges sold us out'
Gilad Morag
Published: 17.09.13, 21:22
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1. Time to put High Court in its place for good.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.17.13)
The High Court has long endangered Israelis with lunatic decisions which place the convenience of Israel's foes above the welfare of Israelis. Hopefully, this latest asinine decision will motivate the public to put the High Court in its place for good.
stude ham   (09.17.13)
no one in Israel can be or should ever be denied their humanity.
3. hte high court protects olmert but not israel
marcel   (09.17.13)
The high court with its olso mindset protects olmert who belongs in jail in my opinion yet rules against israel at every turn whehter endangering israel by ordering chomesh open to arab habitation and jews out and now infiltration ruling. Israel is plagued by self and israel hating jews like yechaimovitz, livni, ol mert and ramon and the authors like oz, sternhall and burg who hate israel's guts. Knesset should pass some laws that limit the jurisdiction of the court, a pack of good for nothing rotten olmerts.
4. My, my. How slow to learn you are.
Gideon Reader   (09.17.13)
Government is NOT your friend. ANY government. Governs least; governs best. You Dear chavarim are simply a source from which unlimited monies flow, and to whom the slaps are doled out. All governments regardless of the sector or locus need to be closely limited and tightly controlled.
5. Truth of the matter
Ron ,   oc us   (09.17.13)
The courts did sell out not only the residence of So. Tel Aviv but Jewish Israel as well.
6. Time to get more serious
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.17.13)
There should be more say as to who the Judges of Israel should be. The people need to vote in the Judges directly. Real democracy. Israel claims to be a beacon of western democracy instead we are a typical western hypocrisy. WHO THE HELL are these elitist Judges serving? They serve their masters in Ramat Aviv not the people of Israel. These typically subservient shknozers want to protect their image in the eyes of the Euro trash, the same Goddamn Nazis that murdered them by the bushel. They cannot help themselves. They are cowardly and treacherous people. They are suck ups and they are the EREV RAV. Time to get rid of them.
7. Israelis must take law in their hands!
Phoneix ,   Israel   (09.18.13)
Rabbis make a Rabbinic Decreet against the Africans! Nobody to give them house nor work. They must be deported from our land!
8. Racism?! Well, think again!
Moshino ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.18.13)
I know some talk backers have said and will keep saying this protest is of a racist nature, BUT unless you live in South TLV and experience it for yourselves, I recommend you challenge yourselves by visiting Southie at night. It's plain scary. I don't live there and intend to stay away from there as much as possible, but just because I'm a liberal, that doesn't give me the right to turn a blind eye to whats going on there and judge the people who love there. As for what's happening there? Well, just think about it: you put a large group of people with little to no formal education, professional experience and no freaking clue what to do with their lives in one area. All most of them do all day is just wander about aimlessly with no money and barely any food or clothes. What do you think may/might/will or actually does happen? I, for one, know what happens. The Israeli citizens of South Tel Aviv have to pay the price, which is: very high rate of criminal activity, delinquency and an overall feeling of lack of personal safety. Without a proper immigration policy, we are not able to take care of and provide adequate assistance to undocumented migrants. The question is: why should South Tel Aviv residents pay the price???
9. change the law, and change the judges
israel is imitating the lunatics in europe where the population is left undefended.
10. you bunch of racists and pathetic people!
ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.18.13)
These are Human beings we are talking about! what the heck is wrong with you #1,#3,#5,and #6. Yes, i know they are a problem, yes some of them resort to crime. we need to deal with this in a humane way, not by treating all of them like animals soley based on actions of those before them! you should really be ashamed of yourselves. there is a reason they escaped to a non-Muslim country! Muslims would have killed them right away. we are not Muslims! we a Jews! how some of you people forget that so easily.
11. Jews care only about Jews, and are self destructing, again
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.18.13)
12. I agree with 1, 2 and 3.
Israeli 2   (09.18.13)
It is the fault of all Jews in Israel. YES! There are racists among us!!! Real Jews are NOT racist. YES! The government is a mentally sick, inadequate, brainless body for retaining an even sicker Supreme Court. In short, Israel is ruled by SICKOS! ONLY In this case I agree with the Supreme Court's decision. It is NOT these infiltrators' fault and SHOULD NOT be put in prison!!!! They should be caught and DEPORTED within 1 month. Excellent #2...well said!!!
13. maybe the religious and secular have found
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (09.18.13)
something that they agree on. Supreme Court needs change. Maybe a referendum
14. Only if you have power will you have "justice". South TA is
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.18.13)
a powerless, underprivileged bunch. But "dozens" seem like ....nothing compared to the alleged grievances. Maybe it's not so bad? (just joking)
15. Ilan
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.18.13)
Lets move all of the Africans into Ramat Gan for you to love as a Jew. I want to see you preach then. It is getting old.....
16. To Ilan
Mother ,   Tel Aviv   (09.18.13)
Racism would be hating them because they're African. I don't hate them because they're black, I want them out of this country because they are illegal immigrants, because they bring disease, because they pollute our streets and don't respect our country or its people, because they rape and assault, and because they intimidate my daughter when she walks home from school.
17. South Tel Aviv
Ed Codish ,   Pardessiya   (09.18.13)
South Tel Aviv was a pit of drugs, poverty and prostitution before any Africans arrived. The decent residents of the area have real grievances, but should not blame their problems on people even more wretched than they are.
18. #17
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.18.13)
Skewed logic... Life was wretched for them before, add 10s of thousands of wretched Africans and what do you get? Unbearable wretchedness. When it was bad it was bad , when the African "lovely" human beings arrived it became a thousand times worse. Your logic is skewed...
19. We need nationwide protests
Zionist forever   (09.18.13)
The residents of south Tel Aviv alone don't have a very loud voice but this is an issue that could potentially affect everybody because if they get bored with south Tel Aviv they could be coming to a neighborhood near you soon. We need protests on a similar scale to the 2011 social protests because its the only way going to send a message to the far left politicians and judges. If people don't make themselves heard then politicians will say its a problem we need to address and leave it t talk which is what the judges have left it at.
20. "High Court sold out South TA"
William ,   Israel   (09.18.13)
Because none of those in the court live in South TA. Now, move the immigrants to Ramat Aviv, Hertzilya Pituach, and Savion and you'd see how fast those court justices work for a realistic plan.
21. #2 - correct point, wrong title
William ,   Israel   (09.18.13)
This protest is NOT racist in nature. You claim it is simply because they are black Africans but the reason for their detention and this is protest is based solely on their legal status and the crime its brought on this neighborhood. Had the infiltrators been Eastern European whites or even a flood of North Koreans looking for a better life, the outcome would have been the same. A knee jerk reaction to claim racism is intellectually dishonest, lazy, and not far from the depravity the Left exhibits when they rush to judge. But with that said, I agree that keeping them in detention to languish is inhumane and a real policy is of expulsion. It's the same issue Europeans are dealing with in regards to Africans and the US is dealing with in terms of Mexico. And in both cases, it's the Left who cries "racism" in any attempt to sure up sovereign borders and protect the legal citizens of that country. Don't be lazy in your thought Stude Ham....your posts are usually well-thought out and a pleasure to read.
22. move
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (09.18.13)
We don't put people in cages for 3 years without due process, sorry. If it's so bad, then move.
23. PLEASE...
les ,   canada   (09.18.13)
can somebody tell me how many of the good judges LIVE IN SOUTH TEL AVIV?
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