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Russia: UN report on Syria gas attack 'biased'
Published: 18.09.13, 10:59
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1. Putin is the Tzar. Obamais the Court Jester!
Dee Bee ,   The Galilee, Israel   (09.18.13)
It is quite obvious, even to those in the US Administration, that Russia is going to back Assad even if it means starting World War III. As far as Putin is concerned, Assad can commit genocide as long as he stays in charge. The tragedy is that the high and mighty West will do nothing to stop him. They will watch the slaughter just as they did in World War II. As far President Obama is concerned, he is doing exactly the same as Roosevelt did which, whether we like it or not, is what the American people want. I wonder how many Americans actually know where Syria is or, for that matter, where Israel is! One thing is certain though. Israel is on its own and our Government must do what has to be done! Our survival depends on it.
2. Putin is a genius
Lydia ,   Moscow/Hadera   (09.18.13)
How is it that religious Muslims are honoring Putin and holding signs displaying his head when is anti-religious and there are maybe 10 Muslims in Russia (openly)? There are also maybe 10 Africans total, who are either diplomats or studying at the universities. Russia is not facing a threat to its existence and there are no infiltration a by Arabs or Africans. Putin needs to give Netanyahu a lesson I think.
3. #1
shlomo   (09.18.13)
the survival of Israel is better secured if the Palestinian problem is solved, the defense budget alone is robbing every Israeli citizen of its entitled benefits
4. woah russia gets UN report that disagrees
Clearly a new experience for Russia which Israel can enlighten it on with their history if UN reports. But I'm this case one wonders why evidence from the Assad regime in this instance will be more reliable than the Independent UN chemical weapons inspectors. Very inconvenient for blocking a chapter 7 agreement.
5. #2
Dave ,   Iisrael, USA   (09.18.13)
Only for evil, check your values please!
6. And the Russian report...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.18.13)
Of course, is objective and unbiased... NOT!
7. what is biased?, or was it wrong?
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.19.13)
both are ALMOST the same thing, but only almost! and you putin are full of it! you would say anything!!!
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